Boy, did I get thrown for a loop!

The day looked like it's be stellar from  weather standpoint, however... it's a tad cooler. That has me in the kitchen.. (duh!) roasting some veggies for some near future salads.
It tuber season ya know!

So with the house a comfy 68 degrees inside, I'm finishing up my chores before I head over to Warren to drop off my compost materials for Sally's garden. Rumor has it she has some extra green corn tamales.. which even though I'm pretty sure they are made with lard.. they are hard to resist. I need to grab some nore tomatos as I forgot a bunch of cilantro I had in the fridge and it is best served in some salsa at this point.

Speaking of salsa. I hunted down that Costa Rican table sauce. Lizano is what it's called. I will pursue the procurement options..

Day of Halloweenus and Terrifying Experiences!

                                                                       photo link

Ok... so ... Halloweenus.

Last night was the biggie here in Bisbee. A street party up by the Copper Queen and my buddy Jason playing some uber fun music. He's a good DJ! I sat outside all the hulaballoo... too many seriously drunk tourists up there. It's probably a lot like NYE in NYC. A skabillion tourists.. all out of their minds etc.

Plus, I had just worked a shift at Roka and totally was wiped out! I don't think I ever really bounced back fully from my back going completely out in May. There will be a whole bunch more stretching going on in my world.  I sure did have fun though!  I like the folks at that place. In fact, some of my fave peeps in Bisbee work there.

The "Terrifying Experience" portion of the blog post comes from an email I received from my pal Eleanor. She never emails me! And... she still never does! It was a scam email saying something about need money... stuck in the UK... blah... blah... blah... I hope that it doesn't infect my computer with whatever address stealing thing it is. That would suck.

If you get an email from me asking for money.. or help in any way... it's NOT from me.

A. I rarely ask for help.
B. I am too broke to travel.
C. You really aren't that gullible.

So there!

Oh, for the record...
My pal KK.. .who is a true goddess of The Halloweenus Festivities is actually NOT dressing up in a costume thought out months in advance that took forever to construct!

The Horror!

She just returned home from her globetrotting goodness and I do believe she will just be attending a choice shindig instead of throwing the blowout bash or masterminding something over the top. And to all that I say

Good for you!

Time to go bask in the glorious morning that is unfolding in Bisbee. I love my front porch!


The Killer Tomato.

Off I go in search of The Killer Tomato. It's time for the Farmer's Market and that's really all I need for my salad today. I'm thinking somebody will have just the perfect tomato there.

I had the greatest chat with my pal KK last night.. she is fresh in from her "tune-up" session in SF and she is all fired up! I love experiencing that! I need to make sure I get out and about here in Bisbee instead of over focusing on all the things here at the wee casita that need to be done.


And yesterday yielded drunken chili/faux cheese wentons.. baked.. not fried. I need the perfect dipping sauce for that. I think it might need to be that uber delish Costa Rican table sauce I used to get all the time... hmm.


Who's The Boss?

Some would say Bruce Springsteen is The Boss.
As his music pumps through the speakers this morning on WFUV (NYC) I am reminded of how I am seriously NOT a fan.
Not one iota.
You can have Bob Seeger too..

Dave, if you are checking in today, I hope that doesn't offend you.

The truth is here in Bisbee this morning... I Am The Boss!  I will watch as many dumb movies on my kitchen vcr (from the kitchen chaise no less!) as I want... and experiment with cooking till the sun goes down. Because I'm the boss!  Mostly because I don't have the right shade of green paint to do the rest of the exterior sprucing over the caulk/primer that has been done over the last couple days.
 Definitely the wrong shade of green... Damn!

I guess I could clean off portions of the front porch and prime those areas and I just might. That would be the perfect mid day project. Paint will dry fast... and then it'll look spiffy! 
I also got ahold of a set of cd's by The Dalai Lama... ( actually HE is The Boss in a bunch of ways!) and I do believe I will delve there as well. I can't just pump my brain full of mindless comedies and quirky films...
Or can I?


Dawn Of The Ted!

Halloweenus is just around the corner!
video courtesy of neatorama

Bisbee Weather Report!

Outside at 6:45 am?  A brisk 42 degrees. Inside since having the floor insulated? A balmy 62!  WOW!! Normally it would be 42 out and 43 or 44 inside!

Insulation kids! It's the way to go! Still hoping to get a portion of the ceiling insulated.. that'd be sweet but the coffer$ need to be juiced up before that happens.

It's going to be a stunner of a day here in Bisbee.

And I affixed a lil' sumpin' to the house yesterday...
Yup... a damn near 10 foot vintage Morey Pope surfboard!
This is my way of "nesting" I guess. Bolting crap to my beach shack in AZ.

Good times!


I wonder...

Does affixing all these things to the house and adorning my gargantuan fake palm tree with lights qualify me as a Junior Exterior Designer?

See what this is like?

The key word there is "see" and this post is about wearing bifocals for the first time.

I am befuddled at the wee space they give you to see the world. And if I were a voracious reader, I could understand why the bottom part seemed so big. It's all cattywampus. It'll be a big adjustment.

But it's seriously official... Welcome To Getting Older!

I had a great meeting yesterday morning with a woman I have known since I was 19. And she at various points in our friendship was a co-worker of mine, and eventually about 8 years into my real estate career, she became the broker at my office and hence my boss. She was the best broker that office ever had. Now she's doing some cool stuff and I might be getting the chance to try and help out a bit. She's putting on seminars geared towards the goodness in melding work with a balanced life. You know I love the feel of that.

And she's someone I know and trust to be her word. Impeccably.

I left our lengthy meeting energized and grinning from ear to ear. My need to make some money is pretty much in my face so I will be investigating this opportunity further. And I have hope around all that which is always good!

I won't launch into the rant I was going to blog about  regarding the hour-long traffuck jam I hit just outside of Tucson.. what was comforting was the fact that I called The Mom Unit and said, I might swing back and crash there.. and she was all about it! Yay Mom! It cleared up about 10 minutes later... so I pushed onward. Finding the gratitude.  Yes please.



Having enough gas money to get to Tucson...


There are those days..

Those days when you blow a gasket over something that is but a small part of the big picture. I had that day yesterday afternoon. And what did I get from that? A sense of regret at blowing up at someone I love, and a sense of how much further I need to go to get to my happy balance back. I took my argument to the source and we shall see if there is a reasonable outcome.. but the real issue is balance. And I don't quite have it. Funny how some things just bring the journey that much more into focus. I wonder how much effect dreams have during the day? Do the crazy stories linger? One of the craziest things about coming home has been that I'm remembering more dreams... and most have to do with touring and people involved in that. And I think it's making me realize even more how much I love that job. And at the same time making me sad that I'm not out there getting to do it. My journey is a twisty one.

For shits and giggles I hung LED string lights on my gargantuan fake palm tree last night, and spent the better part of the evening going through boxes and throwing stuff out. Today, more boxes. And maybe a trip to Tucson if my pal calls me and tells me she can meet with me regarding some work.

No crazy food experiments today.. I think I'll be juicing and having salad. Oh, and kale chips...


verdict is in...

Pot Pie Experiment #1 Results:

Not bad.. missed the mark on gauging how much lemon juice to put in.. it's a bit tart... not alot, and it may actually be better as it's not disgustingly rich. I am trying to be open minded about this. There is no heavy cream or anything like that to make it creamy and uber fatty tasting so it may actually be a good thing. The consistency is pretty good, but I think it could be better. Crustwise I did 6 with reg. pie crust on the bottom and phyllo on top. And the 2 that had tempeh got pie crust top and bottom. I haven't tried that yet... but I will say that the "wentons" with the pot pie filling were excellent! I did those this morning.

Froze the wentons uncooked. Pot pies will go up to Tucson for dinner with the mother unit.

I swapped time slots and cooked first.. now I will go out and be The Queen Of Caulk!

Food Brain?

Who has fun food on the brain?  ME!!!!

This gem is a Mummy Meatloaf! Yay! Fun!

I'm streaming WFUV radio station out of NYC. It's providing a cool soundtrack to the morning coffee shuffle that I am smack dab in the middle of. Getting the caulk out... primer....paint.  I'll bust this house project out early and then I have my pot pies to play with.

I guess Halloweenus is pretty soon... the fun food pics are all over the interwebs!

Hats off to my pal KK who went off and did a big ol' good for ya weekend in SF! She did a quick seminar to get a wee tuneup on life. I'm pretty damn envious that she got to go... and I love that we chatted about how it was going and that she is a shining beacon of fun and possibility right now!  Actually.. she's pretty much always that beacon but right now she's pretty sharp!

Yay for KK!!


Pot Pie Experiment Begins.

It won't be vegan just yet. Before I delve into that I need to see how it all works. I said yes to tempeh as a protein, but I am slightly afraid of the vegan chicken flavored substitute so I opted to flavor with some chicken stock. I pussed out... I made the veggie mix and am letting it sit overnight just to see how it thickens up. I think I can get over my fear of the vegan chicken flavor stuff... but I guess this'll be a process. Kinda like the kale chips. Which I have continued to make better and better.

I chopped and cooked to Breakfast at Tiffany's screening in the background. And hell, now it's nearly 8:30 and I should have a bit of dinner before I toddle off to the boudoir and finish off the Vanity Fair magazine I got a month ago. It was the most beautiful day here! I bolted lobster pot bouys to the house, and drilled holes in the tree stumps and poured bleach inside them to hopefully kill the damn cancer trees.I'll paint the stumps as well.. Almost grabbed my tiara as The Queen of Caulk today... but opted not to do "The Caulk Project" till tomorrow. I have a feeling it'll be another beauty of a day and since this involves caulking, priming  and painting the exterior where the vent for the water heater is as well as an old dryer vent that I made a foamy monster of... I may as well start fresh in the morning..

Tomorrow is supposed to be grilled cheese extravaganza night. Hope that pans out.

Let's give a big, "Oh Hells Yes!" to the word NO!

I love the word no today! It's not often I can say that with such jubilant fervor. No is often met with a sense of disappointment.

I can hear the word no. I can even totally accept the word no.  And I can move on from a no... (sometimes quickly..sometimes slowly..)

But this morning?

Something special indeed. Before the coffee was even made, before the sun came into view.. I called the jury duty phone line to see if I would have to slog into jury duty in Tucson Federal Court on Tuesday morning.

And that is where the magical sounds of no came into my ears.

I feel so relieved! It's been clogging up my non-schedule all week!  I've had to tell people," I'd love to but..." when out and about. That only enhances the sense of dread for sure.  Now all of my communications will be a firm yes! I have some footwork to do to reaffirm my need for employment ths coming week. I will put myself in front of a few folks who I have told previously of my search.

Perhaps I should work as a professional yard sailer?  My gawd we had fun yesterday! And I will say that the majority of stuff not only got sold, but that the majority of crap went as well. Left basically with mismatched glasses and useless kitchen knick knacks, a pile of wires and outdated computer parts along with some womens clothes... the remains are off to needy folks in Mexico.

We hit the Screaming Banshee for dinner afterwards and really got caught up on life since Dana and Butch left Bisbee. I invited them to my mom's for the annual " Let's Order Takeout FEAST Meals" and they said they did that last year too! How perfect! It'll be lively conversation and lots of laughing I think. And as they are both in their 60's, it's not like the time I brought my pal the Swedish nanny to the house as she happened to be around for that particular holiday with nowhere to go.. not like that at all!

Mom... we have company for Thanksgiving. And you'll have a blast with these two!

Alrighty then.. time for more coffee (duh!) and the shopping list needs fine tuning for the Pot Pie Project.

When in doubt...fill the house with music and the smells of wonderful food.  (Mom... that means you are a guinea pig...)


Yard Sailing.

Intentional typo there.

I'm making an extra pot of jolene to take over to my pal Dana's house this morning and help her with her big yard sale. They also are having an open house so there should be tons of people. I wanted to be out and about so here is my chance. I got caught up in making plans for the vegan pot pie.. and in a flurry of fun music including Kate Bush and Letters To Cleo.


I miss being in it. I got some sads this morning about that. I'm still not at a point where things are pulled together to where I can get my resume put together and get it out there to the music people. But I'm working on it. Storage units need emptying.. and I need to build up some savings. Having a job would help that tremendously. Nothing yet... still poking around here for something. I can't do something where I'll be miserable. So I have only approached folks/businesses I have a good feeling about.

Trim the sails! Prepare to tack!

Time to YARD SAIL !

I might love music more than I do coffee.. I need both to survive for sure.


Here's a question for you.

Who doesn't love pot pie?

I adore a good pot pie. One time my pal Charles and I spent 6 hours from shopping for ingredients to serving the meal fresh out of the oven at the dinner table making Martha Stewart's recipe for pot pie. The actual prep and cooking took several hours as absolutely everything was from scratch. It was kinda crazy but we took it on and laughed our way through. The meal was incredible.

I am having a huge love affair with cooking right now. I guess it's just an extreme appreciation for having a kitchen to make what I want. Kale chips are still the big deal in this wee little house. I'm gonna bust out a batch with a tweeked recipe today and I am hopeful.

But back to pot pie.

I saw this and it made me soooo happy! I wonder if there is a fun way to make pot pie with no meat? I have some uber delish local tempeh and I bet it could be fashioned into some sort of pot pie-ish dealio.

I couldn't muster up the energy to go to the big fire laden shindig out at Cochise College last night... I wasn't prepared for it felt like it was a waste to drive out alone, and I had a bunch of ideas of what needed to get started around here in the form of putting the house together even more. I spent the evening putting some art on the walls and with the Jonsi concert on in the background I pondered placement of furniture, art, and light. This house is still kinda unfamiliar to me in a lot of ways. It has my stuff in it and I'm still waiting for inspiration on how to move forward. I have a fun idea for the kitchen decor, and would still love to get the ceiling insulated.. and I think some decorating of the wee front yard is coming too. Even though I had a dream that my neighbors came over and complained about the fake tree I put up yesterday.

Two things about that... I can't believe I care what they think.. and I can't believe I actually remembered a dream! Meh.

Mmmm....pot pie. That's what matters.

And coffee.


Let's talk storage units.

Aside from the fact that I have no job right now, I have a mountain of stuff to do. I have 2 storage units that need to be emptied and most of the contents in Tucson are sale-able and most in Bisbee... well... I dunno. This morning I'm finally going to be able to get into the storage unit in Tucson. I'm fabulously fueled by Old Bisbee Roasters Nicaraguan coffee, and am hopeful for a nice lunch with my mother unit before I head back to Tiny Town.

I am picking up the largest fake palm tree (that will NEVER fit in the van properly...) for putting in front of the wee beach house... (thanks Lizzy!) That should make the drive home interesting! But since the front of the house is soooo barren I figured maybe a tiki garden of some sort and some fake non- indigenous trees would be kinda fun. And I'm sure my neighbors across the street that are less than fans of mine will do nothing short of stick pins in a voodoo doll with my name on it in a silent retort to my landscaping prowess.


The Most Beautiful Thing.

Holy Crap!

Here I thought I was meant to stay overnight in Tucson again so I could chat about some work stuff and deal with the storage unit.

Now the real truth has been revealed.

I was meant to have a steady reliable internet connection so I could watch the Jonsi concert at The Wiltern in L.A.!! It took my breath away! And tonight is the last night to see it!
GO HERE!!!!!! http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=130567101

That I pussed on getting a ticket in Phoenix is now a true travesty.

I weep.

But my gawd, I feel so fortunate to have gotten to see the show online at least!

I get spoiled...

Know what? It's hot in Tucson! The climate in Bisbee is much more agreeable right now! I'm here in Tucson all day while I spend the last few hours with my pal KK. We get to do lunch somewhere, and then I think we get to just hang. The visit was too short, and it may be a while before we get to hang again. Then again... maybe I can drag her into the Lower 48 in April.

I've got a plan to make an early dinner for the mom unit then head back to Bisbee. After this day... I have NOTHING on my agenda.


Well... except I might have jury duty next week in Federal Court in Tucson.. cricket... cricket...


Oh well..I'll just shut up and wait and see... I prolly not a good juror candidate. In the meantime I'll be planning on emptying out storage units and getting rid of stuff. It's a melding of nesting and purging that feels very right. It's a process.. and since I have some time, best to chip away at what needs to be done.

I need a creative outlet... I wonder what I'll take on in that arena? 


Let's do this!

We are off and running... first to the Cafe Roka to see a painting KK wants to buy (of Gretchen's) and then back up to the freshly manicured confines of the Bisbee Beach House to get showered and then go to Tucson. KK is flying out tomorrow and had a couple projects to handle in The Baked Pueblo and well... we need to have dinner at Feast so up we go!

I've got my kale chips packed and ready..


Coffee preparation and breast pumps?

There we were... having coffee. Old Bisbee Roasters Nicaraguan.

KK says," That Aero Press looks like a breast pump." Not having ever seen a breast pump... I dunno one way or the other. What I do know is the coffee was off the hook this morning! It was uber delish and super aromatic.

We have an 11 am meeting with Ms. Gretchen Baer at High Desert then perhaps a trip out to The Boneyard because KK wants to see it. Landscaping comes later in the day and we hope to de-tree a bunch of the front speck of a yard that belongs to the wee house. While the trees are uber tropical looking they are nicknamed cancer trees as they just spread and are invasive. Then we shall see what the rest of the day entails. It's roasted veggies and salad night here.. Good fresh stuff that is meant to be shared. And of course... kale chips for snacking! Tonight's movie will be Fargo. I have been inundating KK with silly movies. Poor thing... it's stupid movie overload I'm sure! But well... that's how I roll!


Extreme Porching, Kale Chips and delicious music wafting thru the house.

We have been vegging on the porch.

After a festive birthday bfast with pals Lizzy and Bryant we grabbed some of Seth's Nicaraguan Coffee...(drive up service I might add... and then we stopped at High Desert for some of that kickass goat cheese... then we started the afternoon of Extreme Porching.

I am currently getting the kale chips going... so I'll be on and off that warm and sweet porch for the next few hours. I'm pretty sure KK is glued to it for the duration.


ok then!

Any form of live blogging did not happen... obviously.

What transpired?

 Well... hilarity. And debauchery....  And goodness.

Like this... my fave of all the folks that stopped to have a snap taken....

A wee baby head poking out thru this just lights up my cold dark heart! Yay for wee baby heads!

The Bisbee 1000.

Skabillions of stairs...

Oodles of tourists, atheletes, and onlookers... it's the Bisbee 1000! 
For full info click here  Crazy Event here!

KK and Kurt have left after only 1 cuppa jolene... I fear for their safety! It can't possibly be pretty!

I will drag my netbook out onto the streeat and do some live blogging as we have also set up the  Photo Op for shits and giggles...

You'll see...


KK in the house!

Ok... no internet all day... wow... that's different! Our buddy Kurt is on his way down to Bisbee to have dinner with us at 8:15, and there should be some mega goodness to ensue.

'pologize for not posting earlier...


Just to clarify.

Old Bisbee Roasters is THE BEST ROASTER OF COFFEE !!!

Dave, you are good to seek clarity on that. Being a bit of a broke ass these days has me supplementing the uber good with "others" but, his current Nicaragua coffee is AMAZING! I'm sad it can't be ALL Seth's coffee, and I drink it when I can.

And I build a shrine to that roaster man... every day in my mind.

Let the short Countdown To KK begin!

Fun and Frivolity!
Crazy Clothes!
Big Smiles!
Disco Breakfast!
And one of the best friends I have ever had...

Ladies, Gentlemen... It's KK Time!!!

My pal lands tomorrow around 3 pm, and while I feel like we should stop in at Feast, I also feel better about just coming back to Bisbee toot sweet. Not a safe road to travel after dark..

I'm excited to just have face time with this wonderful woman who has supported me tremendously in every sense of the word over the last year and a half. She went above and beyond in helping me out when I was losing my freakin' mind...

That deserves a bottomless cup of coffee!

Speaking of coffee.. and you know I do..  I went out on a limb and tried another bean this morning.

Two words.. BIG MISTAKE!

I'm back to my Sumatra French Roast tomorrow. 

Anyhow, for the next few days I think there will be some quality porch time and maybe KK has some ideas on what the hell I can do to make the wee landscaping a little more purdy.


long and distracting road...

There is so much to do here... stuff to go through...get rid of...clean... and then clean some more.
Judas Priest! It seem very never ending. Gretchen stopped by this evening at the hope of grabbing a kale chip or two... and I hadn't made them because I tore into trying to get the bedroom more situated.

I am a lackluster friend.

Guess I'll have to make the killer batch tomorrow morning. My goal is to head to The Baked Pueblo for a 2 pm arrival time. It may get pushed to 3... depends on my motivation level around all of the projects here. I have to get my shite together for KK's visit! I'm hopeful for the kind of energetic push that happens when you have completely run out of time...

That, or I hope to have cleared enough room to throw everything else in a closet!

and then...

Loafer wearin'.
Loaf of bread eating.
Loafing around in between projects.
All this and so much more. But I do believe this is the first time I have worn a pair of loafers in many years... Cole Haan hand stitched in Italy black loafers...

GB, ya satisfied?


Day 2 of the toxic pool paint!

Woohoo!!!! This must be what it's like to huff paint!

Mother of Gawd!!!!! It's super stinky toxic in here! And it has been all day. It's easier to deal with in the kitchen as it's the farthest room from the bathroom. Cooking made it even better, so I did a bit of that in between coats of paint. I think the situation is definitely tricky in that it's a 2x4 foot shower maximum... so having my head buried in that confined space has left me woozy and a little off.. well, I was a little off before so..

And, it's become apparent that I'll need to scrape and sand for better prep and do it right after KK has completed her visit. I don't have time to start over and get it done before her arrival. I gotta air this place out!

I'm uber happy to report that Sunday night's Art Car Fest was fantabulous! There was kickass live music, and the headliners, The Mission Creeps were awesome! Gretchen arranged for some of the local belly dancing goddesses to dance behind The Mission Creeps on the street just about the stage... it was SO COOL!!!!!

And so fabulously Bisbee!  I had to steal this photo from Gretchen as my camera has been M.I.A. for weeks..
There were a few technical difficulties with showing the movie "Auto Morphosis" that Harrod Blank had put together so Gretchen and I toodled down to Douglas last night for the full screening in the historic Gadsden Hotel. Quite a good flick! Took him many years to get this film finished. It's worth seeking out and viewing! The movie can be purchased for a mere 20.00. And while it's not yet in the online store at www.automorphosis.com  it will be available there eventually and I'm sure you can contact Harrod Blank at that website and ask how to get a copy. All 3 of you who read this and don't live in Bisbee... try and get a copy... support a good film that has been a labor of love!


Lovely Day.

The day is spectacularly beautiful. The Cilch Sisters have departed back to San Diego, And I have just discovered that the waterproof paint I was intending to use on the shower floor is not going to be appropriate as it is in fact BLACK! Off I go to see how I can procure some affordable waterproof painty substance. Bummer!

But I need the shower functional for the Kof K's visit. That is for sure! Off to the hardware store I go...


Secret Words Of The Day.

Shadow Mortons.

Fun stuff last night as a merry band of musicians made rock and roll sounds in celebration of Jenna and Larry. Danceable, head bop-able, and smile inducing. All Portland and Seattle based folks. And apparently from some pretty known bands. I just thought it was fun as hell! And now... as I work my way to the bottom of the pot of coffee I have a pot of kapama on the stove to try to get some made up to feed to The Cilch Sisters. I had an absolute blast with them yesterday! Life is better with some Cilch in it! Today won't be any different! I am meeting up with them at a wee bit before 11 am and we shall head off the the brunch gathering at Jenna and Larry's.  Those two are gonna be dead tired! All this celebration... all of these people in from all over the country.. and super late nights are totally gonna wear them out! But they we super happy last night and surrounded by som many great people.. so wonderful to celebrate people! 

Makes me smile just thinking about it!


Slackerina. The Musical.

I had to get up and tidy, clead, organize squirrel away and generally try and make the house bearable for guests. The Cilch Sisters were here at 9 on the button as planned for soy chorizo and eggs with kickass coffee... From there, off to the farmers market and then up to meet Gretchen and have the sisters see GB's new studio. After that we were off to The Boneyard. Where a St. David funeral home/cremation guy was illegally duping human remains for the last 5 years.. they were supposed to have been fully cremated and handled appropriately, but there are HUGE pieces of human bones in 2 separate pits. It is quite disturbing on several levels. Now it's time to rest up and recharge for dinner and live music till whenever.

My cold is fighting the good fight to try to take hold again. Me and my neti pot are attempting to keep it at bay. I dunno how that battle is gonna go. I hope I win. Tomorrow is a delicious brunch at Jenna and Larry's and then the big art car gathering is at 5:30. Full days. Beautiful weather and good friends! Heart happy.. brain happy..


Oh America.

There it was, plain as day.

"Sister Golden Hair" (surprise!) on the Pandora this morning.Not only America, but Bread, Steely Dan and so much more of the sounds of my yoot!  I am obviously having a sickening love affair with the 70's as I attempt to get this house pulled together.

And while my lung goo is coming back... (from working in the damp shower perhaps?) That can't stop me today. I will be diligent in getting the pathway cleared in the boudoir so it's less of a slalom course and more of a straight shot.

I still have a bunch of stuff to throw out I guess. So that'll be going on too. 

Cheesy music and good coffee. These are the kind of simple  things I missed doing while I was without a residence. Lounging around in a ratty t-shirt and boxer shorts..music playing.. with a perfect cup as my trusty friend right here beside me. You can't just fire up music any old place when you are living on someone's couch or spare bedroom. And The S.S. Smelly Cat had a very uncomfy couch... and very little, if any internet so it was me and my ipod. And I didn't feel at home in Hilton Head.
Sweet little moment... now time for more coffee.


what a day!

Washed dryer for the most part installed..
 Lunch with Gretchen with a tasty salad here at the house of chaos.
Got down and dirty... gave good cock... I mean, "good caulk" to the shower in an attempt to make it and me happier.
Really and truly ate a pot pie for dinner (thank you Trader Joe's)

And now...Todd Rundgren on the Pandora radio station.

I ingested a fair amount of fumes and dust today and gotta say..my lungs are not happy. I am on deck nice and early with some killer sumatra french roast... the red bags of coffee were at Costco... and it really is one of the best coffees I have ever had, so I bought a couple. I have to have enough jitter juice around for when K.K. comes for her visit!  And it's really hitting me how not only do I not have room for anything in here, but I still have a bunch to offload...  Good Lord!

Gotta pull the bedroom together to a degree... can't be stepping over so much stuff. It's a trip and a fall away from messing my back up. I am trying to see what the house wants from me... I think it wants less stuff and more fun. Bring on the themed album covers for the super secret project...

I'll say this.. Gretchen loved the "kitchen chaise" which is the daybed I put in the kitchen. It serves many a purpose..but it's especially good for movie watching on the tiny tv on the fridge. And a must for being slothful when you feel crappy...and for friends to stretch out on while I chop chop chop the uber salad!

Scarred for life.

As I was looking over Gretchen's amazing blog this morning and her account of painting The Hill Car gold, she posted a pic of her in that shiny gold shirt she had me pose in when I first got back.to Bisbee. She looks great in it.
I on the other hand... not only looked hideous in it... like some old lady who wanted to relive the bad times at Studio 54... but with a golden bowl placed atop of my head at GB's request, I aided in scarring myself for life with this shirt... and that bowl.
There is a happy ending of sorts to this though. The Hill Car looks fantastic! Just in time for the big Art Car shindig this weekend! So... while I am a puss for bowl wearing and never one to look good in gold, I can appreciate art. I will bask in the golden glory that is the newly spiffed Hill Car!
Mom... what do you think of your old Toyota now?


Off to The Baked Pueblo.

I am about an hour from heading to Tucson for at least the day if not overnight. I am hoping to pick up the washer dryer I got... and see what is in the storage unit as well as important things like spending some quality time with the mother unit.

It's gonna be a beauty of a day.. I feel better... less goo in the lungs. Must be that ton of garlic I ate... I mean.. really.. how much does it take to know something's outta your body? I ingested almost an entire bulb in the last few days. And copious amounts of vitamin c.  So there can't possibly be much else bad in my gizzards.

Got my last bit of cash from Trina. Should cover the cell phone bill for the phone I don't get any service on in Bisbee. I'm grateful that it came in when it did. Along with a summons for jury duty... blech!

Alrighty then... gather up the goods and get ready to roll!


How will YOU vote in November?

Gee... lemme think about this one..

the wait is over.

For a very boring blog post denoting that my lungs are full of goo but I feel much better. I'm up and about and have a bunch of catching up to do on getting this place pulled together.

Watching a James Bond flick... Goldfinger. And thinking I might need to walk down to the post office in a bit. I think I have some $$ waiting there from bookings I secured for a gig that just happened over Labor Day. The blessings of money when you need it...

Gotta pull this place somewhat together... The Cilch Sisters are going to be in town! And really... it's going to be a weekend of Jenna and Larry frivolity with Art Car Mania all over the place. It's gonna be a helluva time this weekend in the little town of Bisbee! I gotta get crackin'! And coughing...


Cough up a lung, win a prize!

I am at least up and about. I have a raspy throat and my belly muscles  feel like they did 20 pilates classes in a row... what a workout coughing all night is!  I think I'll be resorting to some form of cough syrup so I can actually sleep..Enough about me.. how about you?

Here in Bisbee:

Gretchen is busy getting ready for the Art Car Gathering this weekend.
Jenna and Larry are gearing up for thier post-wedding weekend.
The Cilch Sisters are rolling in from San Diego in a few days.
Kate P is back from her long journey to the east coast.
Juliette is baking bread.

I moved a daybed into the kitchen. Since I don't yet have my corner booth, it's the next best thing. I can make a cuppa coffee and then take a nap if needed! My energy is pretty low.. can you tell? I move a few things... vacuum a bit.. and then lay down. I am still pretty jacked up.But I'm trying to figure out how to configure the wee living room.Keeping in mind that I'll have to pop out my front window to get my couch in here, I'm looking at possibilities.

I have Sixteen Candles on in the kitchen... one of my fave movies.

I think a hot cup of tea is in order (it's a vessel for gobs of honey...) I need a break. And maybe a nap.


The common cold... affecting me greatly. No baby shower attendance for me today... no trip to Tucson. It's me and a bunch of sleep.

That's all I know.

Poor me.. miserable sick person. Blech.



The cold is in full force. Dammit!
Day off except for going over to the farmer's market. Maybe if I ingest some expired cold meds and rest I'll be better for the trek to Tucson tomorrow? I hope so..

Needless to say, I'm disappointed in having gotten a cold.

Sleeping is on deck sooner than later.


Oh... and ROBOTS RULE!

Herb Alpert, Burt Bacharach and more..

I have on a Herb Alpert station on Pandora...

It's delicious! I feel like I'm living inside a happy elevator! Except.. I'm in the wee house in Bisbee attempting to turn it into the beach shack it needs to be. Every single corner of the house needs to be disassembled and cleaned deeply. And then I have to figure out where things really need to go. I'm catching a damn cold and attempting to head it off with the neti pot and lots of vitamins c.

I cut into my lucky pineapple for brunch today too... a symbol of good luck, and very good for your joints... it was perhaps the most wonderful pineapple I've ever had in the state of AZ. I am covered in dirt from moving things around.. but that doesn't matter as I am only going to pop down to the High Desert Mkt for a quick half and half pickup and I need the exercise.

The gas is on, although the gas man determined perhaps it was not too wise to use the furnaces.

Does the name Vitas Gerulaitis mean anything to you?