Why do I have a blog?

Why does it matter? Why do you care?

To be honest, this blog was started to keep a couple of folks informed of my well being while I was out tour managing. Over time it has hosted many fun videos of live music performance, dumb revelations I'm learning as I fumble through my tiny life, and some rants about coffee.

I am not touring as much at this moment, not that I don't want to.. but my phone is not ringing. Damn Economy. But in the meantime I live in this delicious little town called Bisbee Arizona that has such an incredible vibe, I almost can't stand it! It's a town that welcomes musicians with open arms. And the artists that come through here pick up on the incredible energy here immediately. This town loves creativity and talent. Most of the folks here are vibrant souls and some of the most beautiful people inside and out, you could ever meet. It's not a bustling economy down here either, but I'll be damned if we don't have great things going on every week.

And I get to bring some smaller shows here. Usually friends and former musicians I have worked with who are close enough to get through here to do a show. I'm fortunate that I can get a space to do that in. And it helps ease the pain of not touring consistently right now.