Savoring friendship.

Had a friend visiting this weekend.

The motel across the street has truly become the best guest room I could have fashioned. I live in small houses. People don't wanna be in each other's space that much. Maybe it's me that just wants to be able to get up early and drink coffee at 5:30 or 6 a.m. without worrying about waking someone up? Meh... whatever.

The weekend was full of good food, conversation (mostly about aging parents and how we as the children are better people for stepping up), and a couple little road trips to just look and see.

This three-day visit has me keenly aware of how I miss hanging with my pal who moved to Bisbee but has been doing her thang in Warren and rarely wants to meet up in Old Bisbee to hang. But the truth is, I still honor and cherish that friendship while learning to let it have its space.

Nothing like having pals come from far away after not seeing them for years to give me gratitude for the pal I have right here. Funny how that worked.

An easy weekend for me now it's crunch time from here out to get my mom's house organized/cleaned out and sold. A daunting task for sure, but it has to happen soon.

I cooked turkey last night till 10:30 pm. It came out nice. The trek up to The Baked Pueblo on Thursday will have my little car smelling of all things delicious and hopefully, I can get back to Tiny Town early enough to get a few hours in at work to make sure I'm not buried on Friday.

It's coffee season...

Speaking of which, where is my cup?


What the shell is for.

There are times when being a Cancerian is tough to deal with.

Every once in a while I completely retreat into my shell and just exist. In these shell-filled times, I often get very productive on the homefront, but perhaps a little too introverted for my liking.

I more or less had a weekend like that but I did drag myself out to hear some music for Sidepony Fest. And as soon as the sets I wanted to hear were done, I went back home and back in my shell.

I think it's a feeling of being vulnerable that has me retreating. I am not 100 % with my knee having gotten tweaked at pickleball. Nothing like grappling with a body that is refusing to do what you want it to bring out all the feels.

There is usually a soundtrack to this kind of mood.

This last weekend it was a band called The American Dollar.  It's all instrumental, has some Sigur Ros type elements, and it just flows nicely in the background. Not morose, not pop music. I gotta get outta my shell though. Work is busy, the weekly trip to The Baked Pueblo waits for no one, and I have shit to do around here that requires a little more human interaction.

Six days in a shell... I live in this Shangri-La called Bisbee for a reason. I can shell it or shuck it. And this town just lets me be true to whatever the fuck I need to be.

This is a sample of what the soundtrack in and outta my head has been...


27 Different Things.


Lots of ‘em.

I did dumb little projects all weekend. Things like cutting to size then putting filter material in floor vents, firing up the heated mattress pad since it was laundry day and that makes it easy. Getting down comforters and blankets out from the depths of the house, and hitting the hardware store for materials to hang some lights outside. Those were the notable things. There was unpacking too..

And that made way for putting things up, putting things away, and putting things in a box to give away.

A couple of good things set in motion for a future project, and by the end of the year I should have a huge shift in the enegy here in the house. And architectural element measuring 79x48 will add a great deal of awesome to the place. At least I think it will..

I marched in the kazoo band for the BRATS Parade as my main outing for the weekend. Fun, silly,, and very Bisbee. Good times! There is always a chance to participate. It’s just a matter of doing it.


Cloven hooves.

Well, it finally happened.

The javelina pack came to visit my trash can last night.

There have been a handful of times that I was awakened at the old house by the sound of cloven hooves on the porch. This time they came down concrete steps, tipped the can, at the rotten carrots, nibbled some empty containers that had contained vegan curry, and did their best to spread trash to the widest ratio they could muster.

Of course, I didn't discover this till leaving for work.

Well... poop.

But I knew it was the javelinas. Dogs wouldn't have torn thru the carrots. Later at work, a neighbor who came in for a bag of coffee confirmed we had both been on the path of destruction of The Quality Hill Javelinas.

Time to get my gate situation together. I gotta do that anyhow to start thinking about dog-proofing the yard. So much to do. And grateful to have the chance to pull this place together in a way that it fits me.



A lovely crisp morning here in Tiny Town.

Slippers, long sleeve shirt, and pondering something other than short... though I haven't made that commitment yet. I'm off to work in an hour so the bare legs will prolly power through.

Work has been busy. Lot's of folks reigniting the love of the jitter juice. I dunno what I'd do without coffee. I hope my body never pulls a fast one on me to have me give it up.

I put a different (and new to me) couch in my living room over the weekend. It has completely transformed the space and I truly scored the perfect couch, not only for me... but for this new space I live in.

As usual, it was a 1/16th of an inch of leeway to get it in the door. Wait, I had to pop the door off its hinges and remove the feet from the said couch... but dammit... we got it in! Nowhere near as traumatic as moving the stackable washer/dryer in.

Little things happening each week, helping to pull this place together. Still, plenty to paint/caulk, put away etc. I have to honor what this place wants me to do, and what really fits in way of feng shui and functionality. It's a weird dance for me. And I still have too much stuff. Now it's time to save up for the next construction project where I open up the wall behind the sofa (to breakfast bar height) to let in more light. That's most likely on the project list. As soon as I get a real estimate of cost. If it's too much then I'll scrap it. With any luck, I can sell the other couch to fund a portion of this.

But while all this and so much more is in my head, I can take comfort in knowing my new couch is a nap waiting to happen that doesn't take over the whole footprint of the tiny living room.


Is there a hum?


On one of the social media platforms regarding goings-on in Bisbee, there has been some talk of a hum in the town. Some say it's the vent from the Queen Mine, some say cell tower...

Perhaps it's the music that usually starts at my house around 5:30 or 6 a.m.?

The fact that starting the day with music always makes for a better day is proven. Just like a good cup of coffee, it's good to the core. When my focus is on keeping it super simple, it's amazing how better the days are.

Do the next right thing.
Be a big ball of love.
Do things you enjoy.
Stay connected.

Fueled by coffee and music.

I think Lonnie Gordon would be shocked at how a gazillion years after first hearing "I'm Gonna Catch You" I still have absolute joy in my heart.

And while this video from the early 90's is not much more than a jukebox to play the song and a testament that she is a beautiful woman... this is the song currently playing at 6:15 in the morning in my house.

Is that a hum?

Not exactly.


Time off.

I ditched any and all projects for this weekend. There is a bit of a nagging pain in my back and I chose stretching and no lifting or pickleball so I could see if I can get it worked out.

My back has been pretty good for a while so I can’t complain too much.

I did see the poodles yesterday. That’s the high point of the weekend. Down time is deserved and needed, I guess.

There are plenty of days to get stuff done. Giving myself  little leeway is a good thing. Not my usual but there is always room for change.


One of many.

Oh... The disillusioned.

I'm one of 'em.

That ever-present sinking feeling damn near every day related to the sad state of the world. I do live in my fairly easy, Shangri-la, tiny town that is a pretty sweet existence. There is still snippets of news everywhere touting the horrors of everyday life. I guess the only way to avoid that is getting off the internet.

That's not likely to happen... but you never know.

My focus is on being a decent human each day and doing most of the things I am supposed to do with a few extra project thrown in on weekends.

I am living semi-selfishly these days with The Mother Unit being the only other person I am giving my all for. But the one thing I am doing is taking more of an interest in my self-care day to day.

Eating better, eating less, walking to work, playing as much pickleball as I can and staying as positive about each day as I can fathom.

I don't want that heaviness in any sense to overtake me.

I know the world is in turmoil... pretty much always has been. So all I can do is show up and do the best I can.

I dunno how others are dealing with this but I do know that being angry on social media is not my answer.


Who does that?



It's just past sunset.
I'm putting away groceries.
Feeling good about all the healthy food I bought.
Jammin' out to Saint Motel.
Using headphones.

Look up and see someone right outside my window!
Then realize it's my pals Ken and Inez (The Exbats) stopping by to see if I wanna grab a beverage. Of course, I totally wanna go!


Heart racing moments of surprise. But totally worth it when the music would either have all the neighbors coming over for a badass dance party or you'd be having the cops to your house because you needed it way too loud.

An odd evening here but somehow it feels just right.

Lots of painting tomorrow on the exterior. That'll have to get worked in here and there. I got a lunch date with poodles at noon and I think there is pickleball in the morning.

Back in the headphones here just before 8pm... it's loud and it's upbeat.

Not a Sigur Ros kind of day/night. I'm totally up for a shift toward happy dance music. Maybe that's all my heart and soul needs about now. I know I'm  late to the game on most music but when I hear stuff I like, it sticks hard.

Music still moves me like nothing else.


95 degrees and outta my head.

The a/c is not working.

I wanna cry.

I'll watch this instead.


Instant Pot.

Pressure cooking joy

I finally made some beans in my Instant Pot. Took 35 or so minutes from a dried bean to mealtime. Impressive. I am trying to make more nutritious foods with less crap in them. Comfort food isn't really helping these days. I just gotta eat smarter and healthier. This cooking device is gonna make things more interesting and easy.

Two hours of pickleball this morning was fun and now time for projects and then a sunset
walk to take in just how beautiful Bisbee is this time of year. I live in paradise.



had the Andy T Band in town last night for a show.

Holy crap it was under attended!


I might need to give up on tryinh to bring music thru Tiny Town. I don't have enough capital to finance shows that cost hundreds of dollars before the show even starts. Andy was sweet and handed me a check to co er some of the loss.. he's a sweetheart like that. But I'm still out of pocket and I may have to admit that I may not be cut out for show promoter status.

I am never thrilled to admit something is not really working out. Being the dreamer I am I just wanna create all kinds of musical goodness. And maybe that needs to just be thru creating mix tapes.

The good news is I got to see Andy and the guys and he had my pal Anson with him so that was a
Real treat. I put Anson up as my first houseguest in the place. We stayed up late talking and drank good cooffe in the morning  with a little home cooked breakfast thrown in for good measure.

Quick visit but packed full of love.

Time with friends is precious.


Sixteen Candles.

I am a complete sucker for ANY John Hughes movie.

I decided that a couple of those teen angst movies would be the perfect companion to clean and organize here at the house today. I am actually still unpacking and putting this place together in between loads of stuff going out of the old house. I never really feel like doing this after work. I lost the whole day of productivity yesterday while up in The Baked Pueblo.

It was yet another gorgeous day here in Tiny Town, but honestly, I was indoors for 98% of it. The yard is still a mess, but I spend more time looking at the chaos inside than out so that is my first priority.

Hooked up the lava lamp and actually brought my fave antique table down and it kinda fits perfectly here in this odd little house. I unpacked and set things up and set things out. A little more art on the walls, more tools, and paint gear put away. I now have a stack of empty boxes to deal with and I am also going to try and get some durable stuff put under the house.

My simple life gives way to a few friends passing thru Bisbee this week... and I have to set up sound and a fix up a room for a show all day Wednesday.  I am so fortunate The Mother Unit is starting to bounce back from all her recent hospital stays and all of the maladies that put her there.

The soundtracks to these John Hughes movies are largely the soundtrack to a bunch of my own youth. I'll probably still be watching these damn things in 10 years still.