Doyle and Debbie.

I gathered a gaggle of gals together and went out to see Doyle and Debbie last night. Laughed till I cried.. repeatedly. It's just that good. Said goodbye to my pal Tania who went back to Bowling Green after bfast and now am just killing anlittle time while I wait to go to dinner with Kathy and Andy from The Andy T. Band. 

A nap is in order and some preliminary packing/gathering. Easy day.. Hope the travel day tomorrow is easy too. 


All is damn near quiet.

On the breakfast table this morning were Fritos. 

In fact, not your ordinary Fritos, but smoked Fritos. Yes. Smoked. They are delicious. 

We kept it all pretty low key around the farm today because we  were all wiped out from yesterday. It was horrible hot and a day that went from 7:00 am till midnight for us. 

I did little to help  this afternoon to break down the last tables tents and chairs as I scheduled a lunch date and missed the bulk of the schlep. And now I have friend dates thru the day I leave. Yay!

And a damn fine time was had..


Working from a different locale.

I  am soooo working from thempool today! Watching for a trailer to be delivered.. Hard work!

Prior to that was brekkie at Country boy with Sherry, Carol, and Mama June.


Double fisted Cholula style!

The bestie last weekend. Good times in the summer secret places in Bisbee.. Soon the pics from my jaunt to TN will be spalshed all over the wee blog. 


Where did all of my free time go?

From unemployed to where the hell is my downtime?

I have been going 100 miles an hour, and today requires me to go faster and longer. I have to flier for an event at Cafe Roka, have brekkie with Marshall Shore, The Hip Historian, finish cleaning my house, sell tickets and t-shirts, come greet Kurt for his overnight visit, ride in the Porsche, clean up and then have dinner, then I am working the door for the Harrison Fjord show down in town. I think we will be going till 1am easy.. then Sunday, it's the brunch event I am put up fliers for at 10... and I think I am helping Rod with whatever he needs. A big gay brunch is needed!

With it being Bisbee Pride Weekend, it all seems fairly spot on.

Somewhere in there I need to pack for Nashville... I have a feeling I am not gonna be driving up to The Baked Pueblo till very late Sunday night or way too early Monday.

I will be ready to exhale for sure. I have a day and a half to get acclimated to the super humid and hot weather on the farm.. then it's festival setup time. Somewhere in there I hope to see a few friends from the area. We shall see..

And I may be wondering where my free time went, but in reality I am really pleased to be busy. I worked a decent amount of hours at the new job, and made a couple bucks. I am not totally freaked out about money anymore.

I am gonna stay afloat. My boobs alone would keep me afloat, but a gal has got bills and needs to pay up.


She's going the distance...

Driving the car till the gas gauge is near empty..

Running early till late..

Getting all the ducks in a row..

And all while it's hot out. There are silly steak grilling events that need to happen in the middle of the day.  Too hot to be grilling really, but I promised The Mother Unit and one of her pals at the care home that I would have delish steaks for them for dinner.

I did this to myself. I want her to be happy and feel special. I have one day a week to do nice things to show I am a good, present daughter.

Had to get steaks, charcoal, wire brush, lighter fluid, and a potato as well as butter and sour cream. 3 stops to procure.. 20 miles driven and I hadn't even left central Tucson. And when I finally get to roll out of town almost 50 miles driven, and way too many store stops. But, the steak dinner went over well, and The Mother Unit was happy.

It was a good day.


Swamp Cooler Shout Out.

It's summer here in AZ.
 It's not bad in Bisbee. In fact, you get real clear how much better it is down here when you have to drive to places like Tucson or Phoenix. And you can totally live with just a swamp cooler... which is kind of a bad idea in those other towns. 

With my swamp cooler drama now far behind me, I am also grateful that it not only cools the shit out of my tiny house, but it provides the perfect white noise to drown out my loud as fuck neighbor directly across the street. She is really sweet, and they are good people, but she is so fucking loud as she is partying on her front patio... which is essentially 35 feet from my single pane bedroom window.

I turned on the cooler, put in earplugs and her loud, drunken voice disappeared. Whew! Sanity with a swamp cooler... who knew that a cooler could be so therapeutic?



A damn good week.

I put in a couple hours with my coffee roaster buddy and that seems to be a good fit for now. A couple bucks in my pocket, some free coffee (holy shit, YES!) and some time out of the house. Winning! Volunteer work on deck for tomorrow. Bestie time in the afternoon.. the mood is good down here all around. Me, my pals, the town. And did I mention free coffee? Yeah.. DAMN GOOD WEEK!


Game of Thrones.

Love my GoT time with The Mother Unit. Also loved grabbing a burger with her after dialysis. Good day. Hot as balls, but good. 

Hotter than Hell!

Ugh! The Baked Pueblo is baking in it's summer splendor. I don't even know how hot it is here.. it's just hot. Damn hot. And it's early. Good thing my love for The Mother Unit runs seriously deep.. Maybe K.K. had the right idea when she moved to Alaska? It's been a few days of adjusting to a Mon/Tue worky thing.. with appointments to talk to folks about Edible Baja in between. Part of that is just tracking business owners down. But I have time. It's been a good couple of weeks. I can deal with this heat... I don't have to live in it.


Dance that mess around.

Oh... and dance they did.

Me and the bestie at the shindig. The Montessori Fundraiser was well attended. Loads of Bowie and Prince was danced to.. and the good times were apparent. This is Elizabeth's first summer here in Tiny Town. And she was inundated with one of the standout truths to this time of year down here... The pungent smell of hippy B.O... I had a fan blowing right under my DJ rig, away from me and even I had the hair on my nostrils singed.. My BFF fled the shindig citing that the smell was too much. So far this has been the only thing I have seen her not like about Bisbee. And while there was at least one seriously ripe human in that room, we all had fun and the dancing was pretty continuous throughout the evening. I had one beyond awesome interaction with a young lady who was the first one dancing.. she told me that this night was the first one since she got MS she felt like dancing. She danced the shit outta that floor and the joy on her face made me well up with tears. We are all doing the best we can down here in Tiny Town.. and we never know what the other denizens are up against. My heart got super filled up for all the right reasons on Saturday night. The fact that my cooler didn't get finished being setup during this heatwave until yesterday at 4 pm is really just a side note. It was a pain.. and way more work and hassle (and $$) than I had planned, but it's done and I am happy to report that it's a delicious 70 degrees inside the wee house.


Let's Dance.

I am getting ready to pull gear out of the closet to load into Central School for the Bowie/Prince dance party/fundraiser for the local Montessori crew. The party is tomorrow from 7-10.

The load-in will be in the morning.. and tonight I may spin a few tunes for myself, because I can.. here in the wee house.  Not at hideous levels of loudness.. probably more in headphones that thru speakers. The speakers are quite large, loud and fabulous. And, total overkill for a 551 sq ft house sound system. That is why they live in a closet waiting for an event. Who needs a closet for clothes? Not me (yes I do... but.. whatever!).

Yesterday had good conversations about ads for Edible Baja... I have 2 definite maybes.. and the rest of the town has yet to be really developed. My being local is a big plus.. and my enthusispasm for Tiny Town is of great benefit as well. We shall see how it shakes out. I like interacting with the folks in my town.

It's warming up a bit down here... 80 degrees before 10 am. I should finish the cooler setup/repair. I think the need for air will be happening in the next 24 hours.



Me and the bestie at The Bisbee Women's Club End of Year Potluck. 

Her name tag says "Wendy's BFF Elizabeth". After tonight though, she is an official member of the club... dues paid, and already getting on committees.  Fun!

I didn't get near enough done today due to Women's Club stuff.. tomorrow better be an ass-kicker, or I am gonna be pissed off at myself.

A one cortadito day.. tomorrow will be at least two of those.