Mother of God... It's here.


Elizabeth and I in the Dip'n Dot snow.

Dunno if I woulda changed much other than save money and bought a bigger house.

Otherwise, it's actually been a damn fine run..

Yup.. It's broken alright.


The weather switchup down here in Tiny Town was drastic as predicted. Yesterday was perfect and sunny. This morning is sideways sleet/snow and total blech out there. I have a broken fake palm tree to deal with sooner than later, as the wind is wreaking havoc with it. 
After coffee chore for sure. 

The kitchen is in mid-pack to disassemble the big rolling work bench that has been my desk/dining surface. I still need to work this all out in my head.. Ugh. 

With the weather being so shitty, that should make for a good day to make more headway. I am not distracted by needing to be outside. I took an hour to sit on the porch with some music on the ipod just before the sun went behind the mountain. That is kinda my special time. It feels like such a sweet moment that I am allowing myself to have. 

So much stuff logistically to figure out. My home is in need of spiritual/spacial shifting. And I am feeling resistance to the change. I guess I could just have the pinball at The Mother Unit's house. I definitely wouldn't give myself carpal tunnel as quickly ... 

Lots to work out right now. 


Two times eleven.

Long days. 

Basically up at the crack then home after dark and tired. Two consecutie days of 11 plus hours. Doing my job and fixing a few dumb things over that time. 

To be perfectly honest, it really was pretty good over there.  So instead of my usual week or two getting it shaped up, it's prolly only tese two days. Only have a theee day work week upcoming. This may be my window to get to San Diego. Gotta call the boys and see. And I gotta borrow Rod's truck. Hmmm...

No word from that band. I am gonna be ok though. Maybe I am finally growing up and getting a little balance? 



Yeah.. So, this is the first time in about a month and a half that I have shaved my legs. It took forever. But, with a 72 degree day on deck you gotta know I am in shorts.

There is some interesting possibility swirling around. I had contacted a band about a month ago (I was in Canadia Land) when I got word they were looking for a tour manager. A few emails flew back and forth. I figured they had found someone already as I had not heard from them. And then a call comes in and it's the dude from the band. Apparently, I am the most experienced TM they are considering. How about that? Getting old and refusing to completely give up pays off in weird ways. I dunno if I am really gonna get it but I do know it kinda feels like my last chance to get out and be with the one job that is my calling. And iffin it doesn't come through, I have a good life over here that I can keep plugging away at. The main detractor is time away from The Mother Unit. I gotta figure that out. Prolly means more flying for me if it is a go. All I know is the band has energy.. Something
that has been missing from much of the scant touring I have done over the last couple years.


And on the first full day back in Tiny Town, we tried to muster some tennis.


And really.. It all boils down to friendship.


Last airport. ATL to TUS. Longest time gone not working. I gotta get in gear. Look out Tiny Town.

Last morning in Hampton.

Kelly. Fucking. Murphy.
She up and got married in a blizzard. The worst blizzard Smithfield had seen in 30 years. And about 280 people showed up and had a love fest around her and her now husband Steve. So many exceptional examples of the kind of people we should all want to be.

This is a very rare community of people. Bisbee comes close. But these folks over here are really held/brought together so often as a result of...
Guess who?

Kelly. Fucking. Murphy.

She is a force! She is a great role model. And best of all.. She is one of my dearest and best friends.

I have pretty much seen all of the women who I hold nearest and dearest to my heart since mid November. I have spent time in various cities to get this to happen and it has been the best couple of months I could have asked for in finishing and starting 2015/2016.

I feel renewed and gratitude is flowing through me. There is no doubt that I am possibly one of the luckiest human beings on the planet given the depth of friendship I have gotten to experience in my lifetime. And now I head back to Tiny Town to my bestest Mother Unit and the BFF Elizabeth. I got stuff to do before I take off again in Feb. I gotta get rid of the food baby I am carrying.. And there is some things to move out of my tiny house. And there is a oinball machine to get in my kitchen.

Ok let's go!


Out of the cowboy boots and into the winter boots.

Kelly's ring..

Waling back feom the wedding tracks.

The Burnt Uvula Smithfield Satellite Location in full swing! All the Nashville locals were there!

Those kids know where to get the real rocket fuel ..

And hanging with bronze dudes in the anow on the most beautiful post blizzard day.

But still no swimming pool. Winter on the east coast is tough.

Such a great wedding in such hideous weather conditions. The event had to end by 7 which was 5 hours earlier than planned. So we just dropped back punted and won the wedding game surrounded by a community of people who love this couple to the greatest degree. Life changing amounts of love.


Breakfast was Wawa meatballs in a cup.

And then?


Worst. Wedding. Blizzard. Ever.

This last pic is the ice on the windshield this morning. Snow is gone and everything is a slick icy mess. But it is indeed wedding day!