Tropical storm.

We got rain. That tropical storm is dumping for the next 24 hourson the Nashville area. It's pouring on and off.

But it should clear for Saturday. Scaffolding still goes up in the rain..

Blackberry Jam time is happening.



I hate hot weather.

It used to be I could say I was more accustomed to the mid 70's to low 80's as this was the temperature of my youth in California. Nowadays high temps are the norm in Southern California, and even here in Bisbee, it's getting to be seriously hot with this heat wave that is happening. Not cancel your flight hot like in Phoenix. And I sure hope I am not screwed on my flight on Wednesday. But it's hot enough to leave the swamp cooler on all night, in hopes of keeping the house comfy.

The possibilities of unreasonably high temperatures in AZ are frightening. Is it really going to hit 120 in Phoenix? I always feel like being in Nashville in late June is pretty tough with temps in the high 90's and deadly humidity. So I guess I'll have some gratitude for getting away from AZ for a brief moment to go do my Blackberry Jam gig. And am I most likely driving to The Baked Pueblo as it's 115 degrees? Quite possibly.





By all accounts we nearly hit 100 today. It's nice and comfy in the house thankfully. The is little going on besides some Tylenol and some stretches for my back. Once again my body reacted rather unfavorably to something I had been putting off dealing with.


When will I learn?

I haven't had a back issue this bad for a couple of years.  The timing is tough.

The good news is that I am not laid flat out. And nothing important has suffered. Just me with a little bit of suffering.

The hot weather outside makes it easy to not do anything out there till the sun goes down. I haven't killed the grapevines that I planted yet and they are the only outside chore that definitely need tending to. Apparently deep watering them is required. I will never have a green thumb. And I hold out hope that they will survive.


At a glance...

So if you quickly glance at this...

You might chuckle and think to yourself," Einstein's nipples? WTF?"

I did that.

Or, you might be getting ready to do dishes and see this..

Holy Fuck! I am not dealing with a spider that big!! No way!

But it's just rice noodles from the leftover Pho.


At a glance, things are different that what they really are. I tend to get little startles like this often. Closer examination sets me straight.

The weekend was a bit of a bust with me getting disenchanted with projects.

The posts are in at least.

And these will get put in the ground this week.

I just gave up and came inside and gave my brain a break from everything including the outside world. I hunkered down and watched back to back episodes of Breaking Bad instead. Feet up, swamp cooled comfort.

And at a glance, I guess that's what my weekend looked like.


The ol' turn and burn.

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind.

Leaving for The Baked Pueblo early am and then getting home around 6:30 pm. Nothing but the essentials on this run. The Mother Unit being the #1 priority as always. But there was a 2-hour stall to get some suspension work done on the Scion and just enough time to get to Costco and then get stuff refrigerated before picking up The Mother Unit and going to the dentist to address her denture dilemma. Hopefully, that works a whole bunch better for her. She couldn't even eat a green bean with the new choppers! That sucks!

Summer is looming. I gotta get more shit done before it's really uncomfortable to be in non-cooled or outdoor spaces.  Trying to get my bestie to do a hang to cheer her up in the next few days... she started a new job and they were totally shitty to her so she quit. Her spirits are low. I know I can't fix it, but laughter is always good medicine.

Looking forward to the weekend. I gotta get some supplies in Searing Blister (Sierra Vista) on Saturday after I get new tires on the Scion that morning. My tires got wonky because of the suspension issue and because I drive about 300 miles a week getting to Tucson to help the Mother Unit and do errands plus my own driving stuff in Cochise County.   I am looking forward to getting 2 grape vines planted, trees trimmed, stuff boxed up, a start on the landscapy fence idea where I park my car and then getting the turntable fired up so I can play some vinyl. I should also address the overflow from the swampy cooler. I hate wasting water.  All kinds of dumb stuff on the docket.



Seven years is a long time.

Did you know that supposedly every 7 years your body kinda has a fresh batch of stuff? I dunno where I heard that, but that's where the "supposedly" comes in.

Seven years ago this happened:

This is a time in my past that I now refer to as "My Boating Accident".

I literally found this in a tool box that I had purchased in Hilton Head when I got The S.S. Smelly Cat. This lady (name purposely not redacted) ripped me off on this shitty boat. But I should have known better. I was trying to give my pal in Hilton Head some space as I had been living on her couch and was helping her start a business.

I learned a lot during that time in the sweaty climate of South Carolina.  Mostly how I can't live somewhere I don't love. The situation had the makings of greatness like a beach, water everywhere, living on a boat (was on the bucket list) etc.

I can't be somewhere I don't feel like I fit in. I NEVER fit in there. It was a rough time in so many ways. Kinda like spending too much time in a touring vehicle with people... you gotta have space. This was also the beginning of the end of my full-time touring career and the beginning of needing employment that would let me tour when I got offers.  Now that has morphed into a couple of stage mgr gigs and no touring. And I think I am learning to be ok with that.

Last night after a bunch of organizing, de-boxing, art hanging, and cleaning I settled into a corner of the couch with my feet propped up and some cucumber chunks to watch Moonrise Kingdon.

The perfect evening to just chill out. And this morning I have had some James Bond movies on in the background while I do a few things before going to work for a couple hours. A nice late start...

A few pinball games played and the green things outside watered have capped off a super relaxed start to this holiday. My pal Robert comes down later this afternoon for an overnighter/taco run/pinball tuneup.

It's also the day of The K.K.! It's her birthday! Somewhere in the world, this amazing woman is making another trip around the sun!

Happy Birthday, K.K.!

Good times!


Holiday Schmoliday.

The upcoming holiday weekend is not really going to be easy down here in Tiny Town.

Main street is being closed Fri-Sun and all non-pay parking lots are unavailable for parking except by permit. In anticipation of that I'll be walking to work and will walk my one delivery up to it's destination. I'll get my miles in walking to stuff and it'll make life easier and let's face it I need the exercise.

There is a feeling of disdain for the how the city manager has piled a bunch of events into one weekend, and not really taken the local merchants into consideration. Several of my business owning friends are quite skeptical about the weekend. Actually, maybe all of them.

I am not rooting for the weekend to be a failure though I know some people are. I am just gonna go about it in a way that works for me. Should make for a few extra hours with less distractions to work on things at the house. Today had me moving 3 of the last few heavy things to the new place with a pal after work. Dunno where one thing is gonna go, but if it doesn't fit, I'll get rid of it.

It's getting down to what I want to live with and what just doesn't work anymore. There is only so much you can do with small houses and bigger pieces of furniture that may no longer serve a purpose.


I said it.



Playing a little Scout this morning.

Yes, they were a short-lived band from NYC, but fantastic! I wouldn't have found them if I hadn't met the singer for the band, Ashen Keilyn in NYC in my early tour managing days. Great soundtrack for the morning.

The days are getting hotter here in Tiny Town. Fired up my swanky new swamp cooler yesterday and thanked my lucky stars I got that done when I did. I thanked my pal Ben too.

There is a bunch of coffee that will be waiting for me to get bagged today at the shop. I know an early start will make a big difference today. And I think I may just continue my Scout Fest at OBR.

Everything is snail's pace still, but I can see progress.

But there are still piles of things in boxes all over this place. So this snail better get crackin'.



Whoo !

Big old fancy dinner at Cafe Roka last night! I had one of the Edible Baja staffers down here and we needed to get her a delicious dinner at the only 4-star dining establishment in the county.

But the meal was huge, and since I walked down to meet my friend at the restaurant, that meant walking back with half a rack of lamb in a box uphill to get home. I gotta say, I do like being a little closer into town. I need to walk more nd tonight, rack in hand... I trudged uphill and made it home in 12 minutes. That is so doable. It needs to be done way more often.  The lamb and the walk.

Here's to walking home with leftovers all the time!


When you feel like you aren't doing it fast enough...

Snail's pace on my transition from one place to another.

That's how it feels anyhow.  Truth is I am making progress and it's all the right things in the right direction for me. It's just not happening at anything but this super slow pace. I guess need to make peace with that. With plenty on my plate, I need reminders of important things to do.

Like this:

I had to pony up a wad of cash for my pal Ben for the swamp cooler install. He worked hard, did a good job and I love him dearly. No matter how traumatic it was for me to watch a hole get cut on the side of the house, and no matter how much work I still have to do for this cooler thing to tidy it up and weatherproof it etc... it's ready to use just in time for the hot weather this weekend.

I am basically doing one project a week on house stuff. It's not enough but it's what I am doing.

My new mantra:
I am a snail in this process. And I will embrace my snail nature and get my snail on with the best of them.


So worth it!

Oh man...

I'm a bit pooped. But lemme just say, the turn and burn to The Baked Pueblo to celebrate Mothers Day with my one and only Mother Unit was totally worth it!

I BBQ'd the best rib eyes, I made the Brussels Sprouts, I did the half baked potato (there was no sour cream...) and there was coconut ice cream for dessert! All I need is for her to look up and tell me she is enjoying it. And that totally happened.

Worth the nearly 4 hours of driving, and everything else that needed to happen to make it a go. I gotta grab a bite for dinner then I need to clean up around here. The swamp cooler job goes to a third day... poor Ben. But I'll have cooling eventually. There is construction dust all over the bedroom and Sunday is laundry day in these parts.Time to pop out the contacts from my tired eyes and get crackin'!

Damn good day...

Swampy McSwamperson.

Good Lord!

I am NOT a religious woman as you know. But I was hopin' like hell that this was a good idea as the massive hole was cut in the side of the house...

My pal Ben undertaking the task even though he really didn't want to because this is a pricey job and he doesn't like to charge me his rates. But the humor and fun will help take the sting out of it.

The trauma and the humor were abundant. Especially at the moment when Ben had the Sawzall cutting the square and he looks over and says," Is this in the right place?"


This also showed me that yet again, I am in a house with no insulation.

Oh, Bisbee...

This project really was way more involved than just shoving a swampy in a window. I wish I'd had a window to shove that in, but it wasn't an option. But I am a swamp girl and a/c is waaay too dry and super expensive to run and it's overkill for the Bisbee climate mostly. This was the right choice, but shit!

Took all day to get it to this point. Going from 10:00 - 5:30.

It's not done.

Pic was taken last night

the next morning

Being a bit of a bug-o-phobe, the blue tape was my attempt at curbing any attempts at a migration into the house. I also did a big old pest-be-gone spray with my bug spray. I live in a damn buggy town and I cannot make peace with that. Some of the critters are downright nasty. Mostly I worry about scorpions. I am just about the only person in town that hasn't been stung. In fact, just Friday I saw my Frenchie Bulldog pal, Pig and he had just come from the vet from getting stung in his adorable face by a scorpion!

Screw that!

Ben has probably a full day here today without me (and then maybe tomorrow as well...) as I am off to cook The Mother Unit a rib eye for Mother Unit Day! I took a moment the other day to thank her for sticking around for another one of these. I hope that doesn't seem like the wrong thing to say. I truly am grateful for my time with her. All of it.

And today I will celebrate that the way Cancerians do... with food.

Happy Mothers Day!


Cuppa Jolene and a little Log Lady.

I am watching Twin Peaks from the beginning. About 7 episodes in, Agent Cooper and his local law folk meet with the Log Lady. One of the best kooky characters on tv ever.

They meet over tea and cookies.

No tea happening here. Just coffee. I put Twin Peaks on instead of music because I was really enjoying it last night after putting a shelving  unit together that will eventually hold some records. I have many projects and promised myself a solid 36 hours of productivity between after work today and Sunday morning.

Having been de-poodled yesterday I also vacuumed and moved things back to where they were pre-poodle. I did find one dog toy under the bed. Which of course made me smile. Those poodles were fun and sweet. I will inch towards dog ownership eventually. So not ready right now, but I see the benefit. A big part of that was seeing The Mother Unit light up when she got some poodle time.

You know... I watched Twin Peaks with a group of friends in my early sobriety. We called it Family Dinner Night. My pal Cathryn would cook and it was always fun and delicious. It was short lived like the series. But it was a magical time showing me what was possible in the realm of  community without alcohol. Kinda sweet to have all of that in my head and heart while watching this fabulously odd show.

I hope the new Showtime reboot is just as odd.