The good side of getting that REALLY LATE 1099.

At least now I can write off all those damn expenses that fateful turbulent tour last summer cost me... I lost a bunch a money on that. Know what I learned? I am no longer willing to do the job at any cost. I will be getting a fair wage for my services, or I'll sit it out. I finally believe in myself as a tour manager. If I believe in my value, then others will too. If they don't, we are not like minded enough to work together. And with that I am off to meet my accountant here in Bisbee and then I am going to Poco for brunch.


Seasonal Shoe Swapout. Away goes Sorel and Baffin. In comes Sanuk, Keen, and flip flops.

Make Festival at Central School!

New wheels arrive at the wee beach haus.

The little toaster has arrived in Tiny Town.
I am quite pleased with the new ride! I feel like there is a full circle dream come true on this one. Of course, I still have visions of my vintage Porsche 911 for my golden years, but this Xb will definitely be a damn fine car for me for years to come. It's nothing short of stunning here this morning, and I was glad to flee the onslaught of 90+ temperatures that are descending on Tucson. The Mother Unit was doing fine after her procedure on Thursday so I got to scoot home yesterday afternoon. Now I have a couple days to be here, clean, launder, listen to music, sit on the porch, and then pack and leave. Life feels good..


Reel it n.

There was a flurry of car activity the last couple days and now it's time to gather all the good energy towards The Mother Unit.

She is having a procedure today and though we are both nervous/stressed/apprehensive, it's not a major thing, more of a getting ready for dialysis thing.

Deep breaths, and I just wanna be the love.

Be. The Love.


Yeah.. That happened.

We went and saw The Wrecking Crew movie ( great yet heartbreaking) and Elizabeth tries the "Snacknado" flavored ice cream which had everything from pretzels to potato chips in it.. was there chorizo in it too? The day was tiring but worth the efforts. The Scion is mine and I'm heading back up on the AZ Shuttle to get it.

Got a brief visit with my dear friend Char too..

So , my heart is full, and I am excited about the new car. Seriously.. 11 years is a long time to want one of these "Toasters" but this must be the right time.

The Mother Unit pitched in half the amount, making it all possible. So grateful. Thanks Mom!



Mom and her tai chi posse. I gotta say, her higher energy level is refreshing and I am really proud of her doing all the things she is supposed to do so right.

What's in the future?

There could be a Scion.

I am once again off in search of a different car to give my Acura a needed rest from schlepping me to and from.. from.. well, everywhere.

I am gonna bust ass to get up there and back before getting traffucked.. Or, I'll grab a bite for dinner and wait it out. You never know how it's gonna go down, but 2 cars actually showed up in my search yesterday which I have been looking at for months in anticipation of needing to rest the trusty, crusty old Integra.

I'm excited. I love cars. And this particular is something I wanted badly when they first came out in 2004 and I drove to California to get one with 14K cash in hand... and they didn't have my color. I bought a Mini Cooper shortly after that to console myself.

 I have been online researching these cars even more in depth since last night. I see nothing but good.. I'll deal with higher insurance, (Boo!) but a more comfortable and most likely a more reliable ride (100K less miles..)

Wish me luck.... gonna be a looooooooong day.


Mid 80's in The Baked Pueblo already.

Screw that! I wanna get back to Bisbee! And I will.

There are some errands to run, and possibly a BFF to see, but Bisbee is the plan by tonight. The temps are gonna go up to the 90's in Tucson for the weekend.

All I can say is, " Already??"

Get me outta here!


How early do you have to get up to leave Austin TX and be in Phoenix by 6:30 am??

I did not get enough coffee in my gullet for sure. Which always leads to confusion and stupidity. But all was fine with turning rental car in, and getting through security with moments to gather thoughts. And there ya have it.

Another SXSW under the belt.



Last gig at SXSW. Threadgill's which truly has the best listening audience of the whole town.