Foodie Pressure!


Literally with cob webs on my fingers from just having reached behind a speaker to jiggle a wire, I am here to tell you that the pie was a decent little morsel.  The rest of the meal I had only time crunch stress over.

I made it to The Mother Unit's a wee bit later than planned, and our meal was tasty but the time for visiting was limited.  I got the ultimate compliment from her mid-meal which is,"Good." My heart was happy.  As soon as I finished the dishes and sat down, I looked at my phone and there was a text from my next stop asking what my e.t.a was.

Shit. No rest for the overbooked.

I arrived to see my dear friend Ashley home for the holiday from Bowling Green KY, her wife (my massage therapist) Tania, who is so happy to have Ashley home.. and a house full of gorgeous gay men!


But there is also foodie pressure if those guys are cooking. You know what I'm taking about. It's gonna look good... and taste faaaaabulous! I agonized over how I should have made my own crust for my pie like substance. I guess I do not like to fail. As much as I tell myself I will learn from these things, the truth is I want to do it right. Whatever it is.

I nibbled a couple dinner type things but no full plate for me as I had just eaten. Then we all took a nice long walk which was great! As the group wandered back for pie time, I tried not to worry about my shortcomings as a non-baker. And everyone I had just met was now my new fave guy, and it was all going so well.

But that fucking pie! It had me worried! I made one last disclaimer... and they all dug in. I waited. And they all said it was terrific!

Whaaaaat? Even with a crust from Food City?

I am not gonna go all pie crazy and start trying to make the perfect crust etc. But I was up against gay boy sweet potato pies as well as gay boy homemade pumpkin. I held my own.. and was home and cleaning the house till 11:30.

Good day.


Rainy Bisbee morning walk...


She's my cherry pie.

She is a can of dark sweet cherries.

She is a can of hope surrounded by extreme doubt and very little actual baking ability.

It'll be what it'll be... maybe a pie? A crumble? A tart type thing?

It's gonna be red-ish, and sweet. It'll have some sort of dough or perhaps carb-laden, crunchy, something on top. I don't think I can bring myself to agonize over the perfect pie crust. I have a shit ton of cooking to do. That's all I know. The bird is gonna take 4 hours. So this pie (or not pie) thing has to happen tomorrow. I had to do some house cleaning after the film festival's ass-kicker of a schedule that had me not putting things away, dragging gear out, and just throwing stuff on flat surfaces as I came and went.

Wow... I can really mess this place up quickly! (years of practice..)

I had to stop and drink some water and get a list together of what I need to cook/do for the day of gorging. And I think I have company coming Friday afternoon... so that means more housekeeping than just my usual standard.

And, I like it busy. Back to the reg work sched too.. so busy is just a fact this week.


Bisbee door.

This is on the backside of the Kilimanjaro... and it's delicious.

Last day of The Bisbee Film Festival. It's been great to be a part of a good team of people committed to bringing great films and film makers as well as producers and subjects to Tiny Town to engage in truly inspiring conversations. The feedback from everyone has been that of gratitude and that this has been fantastic for the community and several locals said how proud they were of Bisbee to have something like this here.

That is pretty damn special.

I feel grateful myself to have been a part of it. This last day has me emotionally preparing to kickass for this one last day. I get back to real duties as of tomorrow... and I think I am on the schedule at the co-op this next week (I should probably check tho just in case I am not..) and then of course there is a bunch of cooking for The Mother Unit for the day of gorging. 

I am waiting for word on a possible last minute trip up to the northern wilds... but until I have word from the receiving parties, I am basically just settling in and ready to make some money to refill the coffers. I have things that need to be fixed around the house, and I have  essentially the whole month of January where I am not earning a cent in actual dollars but getting paid in gazillions in love and community. 

To get myself in the mood for all that lies ahead I am watching Brene Brown videos on the interwebs to give myself the shove I need to believe in myself and just move forward for all the right reasons. 

No... I don't do life very conventionally.
Yes... I make mistakes. 
I'm just gonna follow my gut feeling and take full responsibility for what happens next.


Off and on now off.

And as is standard procedure for me... I have signed off of some social media. I get oogie about it more often than not. And as I am not actively promoting and big shows, I have so much less need for it. Of course I will miss a few birthday notices... but aside from that, it's really only my pal Elizabeth that will truly razz me about it. But now even that may not be as apt to happen since we live in the same town? I have an ass-kicker of a day ahead with Bisbee Film Fest duties and.. I have to provide sound for a band that I got a slot at The Grand for.. dammit. Never again. Bring your own, or pay me to do sound. Too much on my plate and the lesson is officially learned. All of the sound guys in town will be at the Doug Stanhope show tonight so that's where it all fell apart. Like I said... lesson learned. Ok then! Time to pull it all together and get sound gear out and into the Xb. I have no time to dawdle.

A dark screening room filled to capacity at The Bisbee Film Festival! "This Ain't No Mouse Music" sold out and fantastic!


Full house at The Bisbee Mining Museum for Hippie Family Values work in progress. Film festival is definitely on!


Sound balancing/setting the room. And we are now ready to roll.


Sun and fun.

That headline says it all... or does it? I started some more skin cancer treatment yesterday after hearing what I already knew from the KK. I need to get the not so good spots off my face STAT! I knew it was prolly not good stuff, but I am slightly reckless when it comes to all the sun damage I have on my body. So, at KK's urging I grabbed some liquid chemo in Mexico yesterday and am once again getting ready to turn my face into a scabby mess to make it better. Good times! My new haircut might actually hide a fair bit of the disgustingness that is bound to ensue. I should just slather my entire face to be safe... And then I can just say I was going for a "Walking Dead" look.
Signs... they are everywhere! Did we pay attention? Looks like it.
And the whole holiday thing was all over Sierra Vista as Elizabeth and I did a last run to flyer for the Bisbee Film Festival that starts tomorrow... At least it was The Grinch. But it's still holiday so it got the double finger!
And last night surveying the temperature split between Tiny Town and the far reaches of Alaska... We were not that far apart till our weather went back to kinda normal and Auke Bay well... it stayed kinda normal too. Brrrr!


Welcome home. To the snow and freezing temps that were totally unexpected!!! Fuuuuck!


This sunlight pouring in through the terminal window on a beauty of a day in Chicago. The sunlight is little consolation for KK and I having to depart from different terminals and basically being ripped apart. Damn... Fanfucking tastic trip though!

Preparing to leave Chicago.