And so... my first real non-working pleasure trip kinda for the year. Back to the east coast for Hedwig on Broadway. Kinda surreal actually. Cashing in miles was something I am not easily convinced to do, but I should probably do it more often as thing the overall message from the psychic were about having more fun and thriving.

So off I go into this rainy AZ morning with my dear friend Tania to get some Hedwig in my world. Trip should be pretty epic. The super bonus is getting to see Tania's mom Roxy who was an instant heart connect when we met 10 or so years ago.

 Planes, trains and automobiles.. and no shitty weather till the day we fly out.

 Bring it!


Maybe there IS a Santa Claus??? Big Red Bag back at Costco!!!! Yes!!!!

Rollin' with the woo woo.


Hood Xmas Party.

Last Day.


Last leisurely morning coffee sitting here next to my pal Jaysus.  We have enjoyed our time together here in his house that I am de-cluttering for his wife. She flew in late last night and will awaken in about a half hour to go over things with me. I figure I have till about 1pm to get stuff straightened out for her. Then it's off to Kelly's for her annual Hood Xmas shindig that will once again have all of my favorite people in VA in one place.

And my cat... he'll be there too.

Good stuff, and I do feel fairly accomplished around here.


All roads lead to full trash and recycling bins.

It's. Daunting.
 I have a day and a half left to finish this project. and my brain is overloaded and I just hope I can pull it all together. That giant t.v. isn't going anywhere..

 I head back at the crack Monday a.m..

My fave trashy horoscope for today:
 "There is a task you would like to forget about but the powers that be won’t let you, so you might as well get on with it and get it over with. Make a good job of it though or they may make you do it all over again!

Seems somewhat fitting... especially the have to do it again part.


Jaysus and The Flaming Sausage.


Working it.

I am about to start trying to wrap up the projects by what floor they are located on.. 3 days left to work all out, and 3 floors. Another large truckload hauled away to Goodwill, and I am working to get that damn tv outta here.. but still, I dunno if I'll get that done. I'm ok with that if that is the only thing I don't accomplish. Dinner out tonight with my pal Jaysus, and he hit the sweet spot with a killer Indian food place called Monsoon. Delish! It's all gonna go kinda fast from here out. Here is to lots of coffee and good focus tomorrow.


This is definitely all about today.

One of the folks who live in the house to be de-cluttered came home as planned today.
I noticed less willingness to just tear thru stuff, but at the same time, he can help with letting me know what else can go. The solution is to work on the garage and organizing that and then getting all the exercise equipment out and over to Play It Again Sports. And the rest to the dump. The gigantic t.v. on the third floor will be something that may or may not leave the house, but I cleared a safe path for it's exit. Meaning I am both willing it to happen and ready at a moments notice if one of the feelers I have put out comes through. I will don headphones and pump some Led Zeppelin into my ears this morning. I am 3.5 cups in and ready to go.



Not even done.

Shredder needs a break. It's overheating.

Who knew?

Where will it all go??

Oh my...

3 story house..
2 people..
virtually no storage..

Where will it go?

And did you know you can't even give away exercise equipment?  No takers..


Taking a gentle moment now with coffee and a healthy bfast before jumping back into the chaos. Giving away a dishwasher this morning, but nobody wants a bowflex.. Bummer. I'll enjoy this view of The Chesapeake Bay while Barry White tells me how it really is from my ipod in the kitchen.


Herding cats... in my mind.

This project I have undertaken is going to be a challenge.  Not being attached to the stuff I need to go through and get rid of is actually kind of easy, but damn... there is a lot of it!

I am here alone without any people (who's stuff it is I am getting rid of) in the house.. just me, and my music. And a crap ton of clutter. I wonder how I will feel about my own masses of stuff I have yet to get rid of from when I had 2 houses and actually made money?

Should be interesting to say the least.

Cannot believe I am in the same town as my cat and I haven't seen him! So weird!

I want ice cream..