Miles of this...

Great Basin Highway snow-capped mountains. Looks chilly.

Breakfast of White Trash Champions!

Good morning Boise! It was a good night's sleep. Even though I am battling a cold, I went right out. The goal today is to get to Las Vegas. Long drive, but doable. Speeding towards The Mother Unit.


Andy was actually aware of my getting ready to take this.. He posed perfectly. We are a couple miles outside of Pendleton Oregon and changing drivers and getting some dinner. Gotta be in Tucson Thu nite now as The Mother Unit is having a procedure and needs overnight monitoring. The band graciously agreed to haul ass to make it so I could be there for the overnight. I do love these guys..


Who knew Tacoma was so hip?

Feeling a tad spoiled by the landscape... And my wonderful coffee.


Third World Problem...

This hot tub is DEFINITELY not heating up fast enough!


The band did a killer show in Tacoma today, and we have another here in Tacoma tomorrow as well. None of my Seattle pals are around or available so I will take in the luxury of our accommodations.  This means a hot tub. And a waterfront view..

We are staying at The Wurlizter Manor in Gig Harbor. And by all accounts so far it's grand. And we haven't even seen the Wurlitzer yet! That's tomorrow..

I was a total hammer today. Making the guys get up early, rolling breakfast, and getting into town a full hour early. I wanted time to decompress. I dragged myself away from Cathryn and we got into Tacoma for the show at Blues Vespers with loads of room to relax, and load in and with a little traffuck to boot.  Good day.

Now if only that hot tub would heat up..

Roadside perfection in Tacoma! Thank you Olga and Veronica!!

Sunbanks Festival.. Goodness all around. Did my heart a ton of good to see my pal Cathryn.


Big open spaces n our way to Electric City. The bonus to today is I get to see my friend Cathryn who lives a mere 150 miles from the festival.


Cour de'Alene Idaho.

3:04 am and just about 816 miles to go. The Electric City Sardine Tour is cruising through Wyoming...


Foggy South Dakota. But at least we are rolling.

In a rental van packed with gear and 3 rows of seats taken out.