Let's take it nice and easy..

The Mother Unit is home.

It's gonna take a little time before she is really up and running. Slower, not really tracking, and in general not totally with it, but happy and aware she is not 100%. My heart is heavy with her condition.. but I have nothing but hope she will have her head healing up and will get back to her usuals.

Oh man...


Room with a view. I'm supposed to be on a flight to Nashville.

Not happening. The Mother Unit is tired and achy but doing ok all things considered. She'll be happy when she can cone home...


Oh.. There's more to this than meets the eye.


Looooong 36 hours.

Left for Phoenix yesterday around 10:00 am.. spent the day up there doing things like going to IKEA, having delicious vegan lunch, going to a "Little People Bar" (where there were no little people), going to a biker bar, and then going to the Sleater Kinney show. Sounds like a lot, right?

Let's add the phone call at about 5pm from the Mother Unit... that said she had passed out and was gonna get a ride to the ER. 


She's still there. I may or may not get to make my trip to Nashville on Sat. I am ok with that. But just in case, I hightailed it over to Bisbee on a mega turn and burn to pack and hope I got it all, just in case I do get to go. I have a feeling if anything it's just gonna delay my departure...(costing me money for the non refundable flight....  fuuuuuuuck).

I am really tired.. I need a nap. Maybe right about now.


Pre Sleater Kinney....


First time for everything.

As I went over to Mexico yesterday I had my first actual look at U.S. Customs guys disemboweling a car and pulling bricks of weed out of it. How did I know? There was a shopping cart with weed bricks in it and the sound of power tools was loud as they unscrewed, cut and ripped up the interior of the vehicle. I'll be that makes for a good day at work if you work on the border.

A first time for everything indeed..



All I know is this.

The Mother Unit calls this morning and she has messed around with HBOGO enough (after my failed chat to try and get her up and running) that she is officially watching Game of Thrones from the beginning.


Now, The Mother Unit is no stranger to binge watching. Oh no. But, I doubt she has really watched a series in this fashion. Her usual binge watch is Cops or Judge Whoever. But she figured it out and can no longer say she is that computer illiterate. She totally did it! Years ago she started googling things. I was so proud.

But this! This is a shining achievement!

Beaming over here in Bisbee for sure... and she is pretty damn proud of herself as well as she should be!


The Road Home.

The road home is always a beautiful drive.

The wee house was 65 degrees and welcoming. 

Good to be home.


Businessmen and croissants.

Here's the thing..guys love a croissant.
And for brekkie? Hells yes! But... they are messy when done on the run.

Here is my pal Layne showing the world how it's done.


The drive thru to heaven.





Deck time after sunset.. San Diego is lovely.

So was Dog Beach.