Let's hope it is out...

After I got home, I slapped some shots on twitter. I sent a tweet to KBRP our local radio station and to the Sierra Vista Herald.  And who responded? That would be KVOA and an exec producer named Stefanie Boe. They asked to use the pics and then immediately after I said yes, the did a breaking news thingy reporting the fire on twitter. As I am stretching and giving myself some balance time all I can think of is how that fire is about 6 miles from my house and it's windy out. 

No bueno.

Oh shit! Fire in the mtns just outside of Bisbee... Not good. Only a couple miles above the tunnel.  No firefighters on scene as I drove past. 


Streaming some new music from my pal Rachael Sage this morning... damn that woman has some fine production!  Getting ready to head out the door to work the farmer's mkt in Sierra Vista today.  Tomorrow is another long day after work I head over to Sonoita to go see my friends The Railers.

Be good to see their faces.

And what cute damn faces!!!


Ok job... Whatchoo got?

How about THEM apples?

Morning light coming into the wee kitchen..
There is some serious coffee consumption going on this morning. I have a super long work day ahead of me. The rest of the week is gonna be a bit of a blur. A high point being my pals The Railers (formerly Tin Cup Gypsy) are playing in Sonoita Friday and I am gonna pop over for that. After that it's just a matter of getting enough rest and stretching. I managed to keep this Friday on my work schedule, but I am losing that as a regular day after that.

 My email to attempt to shift my paths is still being crafted. And my fears of economic insecurity are very in my face. But I will give myself props for staying true to what really works in my tiny little world and processing through my not so gray areas.

I sound like a total head case. And a very real human being.

 Last night I made it out to meet a small-ish group of folks who gathered for a delicious meal out under the stars. A fantastic meal, good conversation, and a bunch of laughter was just perfect. Getting to reconnect with some key fellow Bisbee denizens lessened the distance in my heart from my sweet little hub of awesomeness.


Crafting an email and time with my pal Rod.

I am gently crafting an email. It's an important email for me asking for a leg up. It may not land on ears that can hear the request, but if I don't try, I may as well give up.  All I can do is try to set things in motion. Then do my best to let go of the outcome and keep my eyes open and be grateful for not tucking tail and hiding in a corner.

Time spent with my pal Rod this morning gave me my first chance to really connect with any pals here in Tiny Town. Maybe a little more friend time tonight with a small dinner thing at 7 to send off an artist who has been visiting from NYC for a couple weeks. 

Time to be present and ask for what I want.


Let's shake some stuff loose already.

I gotta make some stuff happen.

Things here feel a little tight. And it's not just financially. I am crafting a letter to that tour manager I met to see if she is interested in possibly helping me get a leg up. I know she may not be even remotely interested in that.. but I have to try. I have nothing to lose at this point. My work schedule is getting messed with a bit. And perhaps it's my having taken time off to do music stuff that has me losing some ground? I dunno.. but I am losing one of my regular days over there.

So, what is a girl to do but try and get something else to fill the voids?

Oh, the teeter todder of emotion...



I don't volunteer at organizations often. From the looks of my checking account, all I do is volunteer. But truth be told, I really am not one to give my efforts to non-profity stuff unless I am really moved by it.

Tidewater Arts Outreach in Norfolk VA is one of very few organizations that I see working for the benefit of so many.  That's why I volunteer my time with them. It doesn't hurt that it's all music related either.

Yes. My time in VA was all volunteer labor. As is my time in Franklin for my beloved Blackberry Jam.  Maybe someday it will look good on a resume... and maybe it's just a kickass way to give back working with people I truly love. Either way, my heart is full this morning.

I am working hard to fill my cup from many different sources.

My cup is half full this morning instead of half empty thanks to A.A. reminding me to be grateful.



Home is where the miso is.


Aaaaaand... They wouldn't let us on the plane because it had pulled away from the jetway already. It is a rather unpleasant feeling to see the plane you'd like to be on knowing you are fucked. U.S Airways may now be part of American.. But they don't have the service of their new Mothership. I'm peeved. I told the gate agent guy in San Diego they might wanna hold the plane because it was gonna be too close. And that was before I deplaned and saw that instead of the flight being 2 gates over, it was now in a different terminal. One and done for US Airways for me. Never again.

It's a lovely phone screen but really what I am going for here is the time. My connecting flight started boarding 12 minutes ago and it leaves in 18 minutes. I am still taxiing on the runway in Phoenix.. I'd say I have a 50/50 chance of making my flight.

Sometimes it's just how ya feel...

And sometimes it's just the cover of the San Diego Reader.

 Last night was a really sweet evening.. taking one of my besties to Dog Beach, Robertos, walking the Ocean Beach Pier, and just a good all around hang. So good to catch up with KK. I am so lucky to have her, Lizzy and Jeffrey as my super longtime pals. All at least 20 years. with Jeffrey and K.K. being in the 30 years of friendship circle. Crazy long time.

The post-Roberto's food coma gave way to conversation and laughter on the beach... This beach was one of my first fave beaches. Although I have to say West St Beach in Laguna is my soulmate beach.

Other people's bonfires added to the sights and smells of the evening. Feeling grateful and not so desolate in my skinbag. Finding my balance after my meeting-the-ultimate-tour-manager experience. I am left with a sense that,"I can do that." I may never get the chance to, but I will choose to not give up.


Me and KK at (where else)Dog Beach.