Internet and time to use it!

I do miss having the internet in Bisbee. I may or may not be getting re-hooked up tomorrow. We shall see. If I do get re-hooked up, then CenturyLink has some explaining to do after initially telling me they did not provide service to my new address. Because I called the new customer hotline and got real customer service and even though it's gonna cost a small fortune (again) at least it's not the $50.00 per mo Cable One service that everyone complains about.

Tomorrow will be interesting.

Today has me accompanying The Mother Unit to a doctor appointment to see what is going on with her gut. She continues to have no appetite and she is now using a wheelchair for all outings. My hope is that we get her gut figured out and get her some physical therapy to get her stronger so she is not going backward with her strength and ultimately her overall attitude.

She worries it's her heart.

She's probably right.

We have a good team around us. We will walk through all this care home stuff one day at a time. With the help of The Starfishies and some medical MJ, and a Xanax here and there to keep her anxiety at bay.

I am gonna treat myself to some Candace at Frank's this morning. I need to see my friend and watch her do her thing as one of the legendary breakfast waitresses in The Baked Pueblo. When I am stressed or anxious around my mom and her health stuff, Candace is the perfect person to get fed comfort food by, get a hug from, get entertained by watching her give shit to customers, and overall her just plain "Candace-ness".

Off to breakfast.



Well hell.

I had to do something. Something drastic.  Some good ol' upheaval. Truth is I have been so busy and focused on everything but doing some key things for myself that I had to actually go join up at the local gym so I could address how unfit I am.


I now have to be accountable for showing up to the gym 4 days a week. It had to be done. Not unloading trucks or hauling gear has left me weak and fat. Well at least I can take steps to change that. I'll make some ipod mixes. And give up my Taco Tuesday hang with my bestie. Shit.


Early in

Weird day at work yesterday with the guy who roasts not getting to work till almost 11 am. I started the day with next to zero coffee and basically did evwrything I could then left and knew I'd need to go in auper early to make up rhe differwnce.

It's coming up on 7 am and I'm gonna be out the door in a few. Gonna walk to work, and go kick some ass in there. One more cup to go.


Oh look! Internet!

I have not had the internet since decamping from the wee beach house.

I have my phone, but that's just for basics. So being up in The Baked Pueblo has the real deal.

It feels like things are moving forward at a snail's pace, and the list of to-dos gets longer and longer. I may have someone who wants a place to crash in Bisbee for 3-4 weeks and I might consider trading if he is up for some fixing/painting kind of stuff. I need help. I just hate asking for it. I also need a few longer weekends so I can focus and get things done.

Staying in the new house has been a good journey so far. I am bonding with the morning light orientation and starting to make peace with the shady side of the canyon.

The late night painting was a little chaotic.

And then there was that 11 pm hasty exit from my old house due to a barking/wailing/howling dog directly across the street.

But I knew I was going to move the giant bed frame on Saturday so it was only a day early.

Then I got my pal Laura to come do some energy work in the house...

And then the next morning after the bed was built and the energy bettered, I sat there and took in the light of the morning.

Not sure of the paneling project is really gonna happen... but I do still want texture and contrast on a wall here and there.

But really, it's moving forward. It just feels slow.


Slow start! Coffee 911! Run the red light!

I just realized I have barely enough water to make the morning brew!  All the water is at the other house. I am purposely not restocking over here in an effort to move semi-gracefully forward.

I woke this morning wondering if I would be able to get my bed disassembled and hauled over to the new house this weekend? I will be getting the house smudged on Saturday after the Bisbee Farmers Market. I have all of Saturday to get ready for the bed move. I may be waking up in the new place as of Sunday.

It's a beautiful morning.

I do have enough water and coffee beans for the ritual.

It a seems like the makings of goodness.

Blah... blah... blah...

Really, I'm just basking in this:

My highest score ever on my High Speed pinball machine yesterday afternoon!

Mother of God!
It was epic! I could go over all of the high points and feats of superior pinball wizardry (in my own mind), but it wouldn't make any sense to someone who doesn't play the machine. My sweet little pinball machine gave me an opportunity to beat my previous high score by 3 million points.

Did I want to hit 10 million?

Hells yes I did!

Not this time. Someday though.

I hope.

And yesterday was Susie Werner's birthday. The Layton Family Birthday Song was sung. She can officially tack on another trip around the sun. Gonna send her some coffee... what a perfect gift!


Being someone.

The reality of being someone.

I totally got a hit of being a good daughter yesterday when The Mother Unit and I chatted about our Wednesdays together. I think she sees that I have a lot on my plate and she offered up the option to have me do every other Wednesday to give me some time.

But her offer to give me time was sweet. And what I immediately realized is that I love getting to hang with her and laugh and help her. She echoed the same. Safe to say, we are a small but mighty family unit these days. We are both evolving as we move through this journey. I have a bunch of gratitude for where we are at.

Maybe I am bitching too much about not getting this move together? I haven't had the concentrated time, but I also need to organize strong helpers to get a few more heavy things over there. And I have to get the lighting situation in the house plotted out. That is going to be key. And so much more to do and get handled... it's best left to me shutting the fuck up and just getting it done already.

I am not going anywhere for a while, so the rubber hits the damn pot-holed road starting now.


Sea Level epilogue.

The Sea Level Festival went great!

Good for it to wind down on a heartfelt family-centric note.

This event has been a great joy for me to be a part of it all these years. And while I am sad to see it go, there is a door closing and another one opening as usual. New chapters for all of us.

I am down to one stage managing gig a year now and a very occasional tour managing gig so it's safe to say, my music biz career stuff is winding itself down. It'll be non-existent before long, but the memories will keep me smiling till the end of time.

Sea Level introduced me to several amazing artists, a shero here and there, and got me firmly entrenched in a music community that has made a huge difference in my life. Kelly is one of my besties, and time with her is always good.

And there is my cat.. a text exchange about time here went like this:

I know my time left on this planet with this little guy is so precious.

So I just love everything he does... including sleeping on his face.

There was a Danish Fest for the breakfast gathering. We ate cherry and cheese danish and slammed a bunch of OBR coffee. Then it was chill, visit and we will get together with my pal Robin for dinner. Flying out tomorrow at a respectable hour, so I can stay up late and visit.

Good festival. Good friends. Dunno when I'll get back here, but damn, I love these people.

And my cat...



As we get ready to do the last Sea Level Singer-Songwriter Festival..

We have Susan Werner playing.

She was the first headliner. I was there.

Ten years have gone by, and the friendships and community that has built is a legacy in and of itself. I know Tidewater Arts Outreach will find new and fun ways to fundraise. I happy I got to be a part of it for as many years as I did.

Susan's "May I Suggest"playing... right now on Spotify.

Gratitude. All around.


Limp wristed.

Oh boy.

I am not used to having a full night in Tucson. 

There was nothing on the schedule after I left The Mother Unit at Planet Starfishy, so I headed to D and D Pinball with my bag of quarters and I played a shit-ton of pinball. 

The new Rob Zombie machine was there as hoped and it was a serious challenge and a near seizure inducing multi-ball with 7 balls at once and some great music. 

It's Rob Zombie forfuckssake!

You can't even come close to mastering a machine like this unless you are a total pinball geek. The best I can hope for is to know a few of the different modes and to try and hone my aim a bit. It was designed for true pinball players.


I love pinball.. and I don't totally suck at it. But I am a novice and this machine lets me know just where I stand. 

It has an adult mode that lets the F-bombs fly too!

And I played so much pinball my wrists hurt. And it was good.




A little thunderstorm rolled through Tiny Town at about 5 am.

Woke me up, but it was quick and gentle. I immediately worried about the open windows at the new house. See how I am? So much to do there. I'll need a good week (or four) focusing on that when I get back from doing Sea Level this weekend.

I took my 5-gallon water dispenser over there yesterday. Doing all I can to entice myself into making the move. My days here at the other house are numbered with water being over there. Brain overloaded, but it's a good problem to have. No better way to embrace change than to have to make changes.


Bonding time.

It was suggested to me that perhaps my house needed to be smudged and cleared before I move in.

Of course!

I hope to have a pal coming over after work today to do just this. I spent time over there doing a load of laundry and moving boxes to different places. I didn't really unpack anything yet. There are still too many things missing. I still have to bring over 2 chests of drawers and the last set of lockers. The bulk of everything in the boxes is clothes and DVD's/cd's and then there is all the kitchen stuff. There is gonna be a thinning of the heard there too...

Wrapping my head around it all last night, I decided to plug in the tv and watch a Sigur Ros music documentary. That seems like a gentle and good thing.

The sweet other-worldness of Jonsi is soothing for sure.

I plugged in the lava lamp earlier. They take hours to heat up and start to glop around the liquid appropriately.

Then I sat on half of the couch I brought over Saturday and listened to the sounds of the new neighborhood, Sigur Ros, and took it all in.

It's a process. And I am outta town the bulk of the week/weekend for the Sea Level Fest in VA. So another week not moving but a great weekend for music and music community. That's a fair trade-off.


The great cover up.

Making a house mine takes time.

I love a weathered barnboard look. I pondered getting actual lumber, but holy shit, it'd be way too expensive. I stumbled upon this paneling online while trying to figure out how to personalize the new digs.

So, I am prolly gonna do this to the bedroom:

And then to the living room:

I have used reed fencing in the wee beach haus to give a couple walls more texture and drama. And I came across this weird paneling that should provide the depth of "different" that I desire.

An early evening trip to Searing Blister (Sierra Vista) to a big chain hardware store got me 4 panels of this stuff to start. It was, shall we say, interesting to get all of these panels inside the house while it's dark outside and I've got stairs/twists/turns/small spaces to deal with. Plus, these are pretty easily damaged (yes, I bashed one pretty good).

I have to cut it, and glue it to the wall.. oh goody... more projects. But I think it will get me moving in the right direction. I also feel like I need to lighten up the color of the ceiling in the living room. I walk through the rooms of the house and just try to get a sense of what is going to make it mine. There is no big budget for these silly little things. I have a hundred or so to throw at it every couple weeks. I just need more time. Tomorrow might be "lighten the ceiling day."

One more cup of coffee and a little bite of brekkie then I am off to get ready for the MAKE Festival. After MAKE I have a strong friend helping me move a set of lockers over to the house. Then I'll only have one more set of lockers to get in and then my gigantic Pottery Barn bed will be next. It seems neverending. But I am making progress.


Do you go out of your way?

I had an occasion to see how accommodating I am.

I am fairly accommodating.

I definitely do not go out of my way to take on extra work for folks who are just lazy. I used to do anything, anytime for people to try and be helpful. And in tour managing, that was both good and bad. And that is where I started learning that lesson.

Doing too much for others, is, more often than not a thankless thing.

I am totally committed to helping The Mother Unit and semi-moderately committed to getting my own stuff done in this present moment. I don't have enough time to get my own stuff done in my life right now. So I choose very carefully how to volunteer.

And while I don't actually have an entire free day, the annual MAKE Festival at Central School is happening tomorrow and I will, in fact, be giving my day to be of service. Kids from all over southern AZ come to Bisbee to make art with the artists that have studios at Central School. A day of inspired kids, cool crafts, community at it's best, and weiners... I am selling the weiners. My 4th year cranking out the best hot dogs and veggie dogs we have in Old Bisbee at a charitable event.

It's the little things.