Jones the barn cat looking out over the berry fields. Most of the tents got broken down and carted away yesterday. Very little remnants out there from The Jam now. It was a helluva time!


One more rainshower and we should be done. Setting up stalled out a little, but we are thrown a big party in about 2 hours.


Last planned trip.

Summer travel. Usually a staple of my life. 
And now I am taking at the last summer trip on the calendar today.  

Blackberry Jam 2015 is the last work thing on my calendar. 

So weird. 

Flight is oversold, but I am not bumping. I'd bump on the way back tho. Things feel a little surreal.. All around. Might be that the cleanse is winding down and I am a little low on the caloric scale an I might just be loopy. 

Off to Nashville. 


Movie with a pal nite.. And Nashville tomorrow.


This just happened...


Salad with the mail guy.

In Bisbee, I associate folks sometimes with what they do..
Post Office Dan worked at the Old Bisbee post office for years, then got shipped over to the San Jose post office about 6 or so miles away. Occasionally he shows up to cover when someone is on vacation.

Today, Dan was in Old Bisbee as I went to get mail and he and I decided to go up and have some salads at High Desert... this guy is a happy good dude who was a nice friendly face to go get your mail with. Since he left, the trip to get mail is often just utilitarian. But today it brought community, laughter and fun. Plus, Dan bought my greens! How nice!

Still hardcore on the cleanse..  salad is not anywhere near as fun with just lemon. Booooring!

The Baked Pueblo and a sunset n the rear view and monsoon clouds towards Bisbee yesterday.


Day 7.

Doing a turn and burn to The Baked Pueblo today for an airport run for my friend Lynette.. a quick stop off at The Mother Unit's then back to Tiny Town. It's just the right amount of task for the day. I would venture to guess that my caloric intake for the last 6 plus days has been about 4000 calories. No lie.  The sludge shakes have the effect of turning me off to food like nobody's business.

The Suja Juices from Costco has been a saving grace in general.

And the best part? I am doing ok. 

Not driving myself crazy, not worrying.

Embrace the reset...


Venus De Mars getting ready for her show..


May look like a cluster fuck, but..

This is a reconfigured kitchen area for me.. It took me the better part of the afternoon to move things (including the stove) and different rolling cabinet thingies. For a small house I have a remarkable amount of large things on wheels. I feel good about where things are and I have a couple more hours of stuff to do to get things put back and tidy. I washed everything including all the pots, and plates as well as the walls. I was a slow moving tornado of "make it different" today. I do like to deep clean after I get back from a longer away time. This project was the perfect thing for today. Now after this I am gonna do some tackling of bathroom beautification on the shoestring budget. The need for a new toilet has me wanting to do more than just the minimum. I have done nothing in there since I moved in.  I have a week and a half before I pop over to Nashville for The Blackberry Jam.

Day 4 of the cleanse... I am still standing. 

Looks like I am cleaning my house and my gizzards at the same time.


My swamp cooler is making my house cold!

It's summer. 

In Arizona. 

My swamp cooler works too good!

Said nobody. Ever.  Till now. 

No.. It's true. The exact opposite of my old house in Tucson. In the summer it would be 95 degrees inside with the cooler on! Granted, Bisbee is cooler than those other AZ cities, but it's downright cold in here tonight!


In it.. This cleanse is something you gotta do something every 2 hours or so. Shakes, supplements, some clean food, repeat. All the way through bedtime.

The time off is appreciated so I an do this thing with all my heart. I got my cooler up and running with only one trip to the hardware store and about 2 hours total tinker time. The wee house went from 80 degrees inside to about 68 degrees in about an hour. And rebuilt/adjusted the side gate to close better to boot!

Patting myself on the back.

Gotta de-spider the front porch today and pull all of the cold weather clothing from the drawers/closets and maybe just get rid of a bunch of stuff while I'm at it. Fat or not as fat, there are plenty of clothes I don't wear. It's time.

Spring cleaning while it's still Spring! How about that?


Bursting with green.

The desert is green! Wow! In the short time I was gone, all the trees filled out, and the desert is happy. I rolled into Tiny Town around 12 noon and promptly parked the car and walked to the post office. I got in a visit with my bank ladies, and my pal Colleen before running into Venus De Mars who was driving Gretchen's Hillary car (she is in town for Bisbee Pride Next week) so it's the usual small town re-immersion... lots of hello's, and then haul back up the hill.

 I will tackle getting my swamp cooler up and running tomorrow, along with starting a cleanse. Gawd help me... 14 days of hardcore cleanse. But I need the reset of my mind and body badly. It puts me in Franklin TN for the Blackberry Jam the day after the cleanse is over. A dangerous place to be as far as eating clean goes. But I gotta do it... enough is enough. backing off of social media and just doing what is in front of my... the house as usual is in need of attention so I am gonna be a good girl and do a week's worth of stuff for myself for a change.

And I might paint my bathroom.. sounds like a good plan all around.