A little thunderstorm rolled through Tiny Town at about 5 am.

Woke me up, but it was quick and gentle. I immediately worried about the open windows at the new house. See how I am? So much to do there. I'll need a good week (or four) focusing on that when I get back from doing Sea Level this weekend.

I took my 5-gallon water dispenser over there yesterday. Doing all I can to entice myself into making the move. My days here at the other house are numbered with water being over there. Brain overloaded, but it's a good problem to have. No better way to embrace change than to have to make changes.


Bonding time.

It was suggested to me that perhaps my house needed to be smudged and cleared before I move in.

Of course!

I hope to have a pal coming over after work today to do just this. I spent time over there doing a load of laundry and moving boxes to different places. I didn't really unpack anything yet. There are still too many things missing. I still have to bring over 2 chests of drawers and the last set of lockers. The bulk of everything in the boxes is clothes and DVD's/cd's and then there is all the kitchen stuff. There is gonna be a thinning of the heard there too...

Wrapping my head around it all last night, I decided to plug in the tv and watch a Sigur Ros music documentary. That seems like a gentle and good thing.

The sweet other-worldness of Jonsi is soothing for sure.

I plugged in the lava lamp earlier. They take hours to heat up and start to glop around the liquid appropriately.

Then I sat on half of the couch I brought over Saturday and listened to the sounds of the new neighborhood, Sigur Ros, and took it all in.

It's a process. And I am outta town the bulk of the week/weekend for the Sea Level Fest in VA. So another week not moving but a great weekend for music and music community. That's a fair trade-off.


The great cover up.

Making a house mine takes time.

I love a weathered barnboard look. I pondered getting actual lumber, but holy shit, it'd be way too expensive. I stumbled upon this paneling online while trying to figure out how to personalize the new digs.

So, I am prolly gonna do this to the bedroom:

And then to the living room:

I have used reed fencing in the wee beach haus to give a couple walls more texture and drama. And I came across this weird paneling that should provide the depth of "different" that I desire.

An early evening trip to Searing Blister (Sierra Vista) to a big chain hardware store got me 4 panels of this stuff to start. It was, shall we say, interesting to get all of these panels inside the house while it's dark outside and I've got stairs/twists/turns/small spaces to deal with. Plus, these are pretty easily damaged (yes, I bashed one pretty good).

I have to cut it, and glue it to the wall.. oh goody... more projects. But I think it will get me moving in the right direction. I also feel like I need to lighten up the color of the ceiling in the living room. I walk through the rooms of the house and just try to get a sense of what is going to make it mine. There is no big budget for these silly little things. I have a hundred or so to throw at it every couple weeks. I just need more time. Tomorrow might be "lighten the ceiling day."

One more cup of coffee and a little bite of brekkie then I am off to get ready for the MAKE Festival. After MAKE I have a strong friend helping me move a set of lockers over to the house. Then I'll only have one more set of lockers to get in and then my gigantic Pottery Barn bed will be next. It seems neverending. But I am making progress.


Do you go out of your way?

I had an occasion to see how accommodating I am.

I am fairly accommodating.

I definitely do not go out of my way to take on extra work for folks who are just lazy. I used to do anything, anytime for people to try and be helpful. And in tour managing, that was both good and bad. And that is where I started learning that lesson.

Doing too much for others, is, more often than not a thankless thing.

I am totally committed to helping The Mother Unit and semi-moderately committed to getting my own stuff done in this present moment. I don't have enough time to get my own stuff done in my life right now. So I choose very carefully how to volunteer.

And while I don't actually have an entire free day, the annual MAKE Festival at Central School is happening tomorrow and I will, in fact, be giving my day to be of service. Kids from all over southern AZ come to Bisbee to make art with the artists that have studios at Central School. A day of inspired kids, cool crafts, community at it's best, and weiners... I am selling the weiners. My 4th year cranking out the best hot dogs and veggie dogs we have in Old Bisbee at a charitable event.

It's the little things.


Last day of cool weather.

It's super blustery in Tiny Town this morning.

It's under 50 degrees, windy and partly cloudy down here as the weather gives us what will likely be the last gasp of a morning chill for the next 6 months.

There was a storm moving thru from California later that day but I had lunch outside on a patio with The Mother Unit yesterday and it was pretty damn nice out, considering Tucson has already been up in the mid 90's already. It was a mid-70's mealtime that was fun and delicious. The big part of the fun was that she had french onion soup and the melted stringy cheese made for some good commentary.

We are all caught up on our Walking Dead/Talking Dead episodes and while I am not ready for the season to be done, I am really grateful that The Mother Unit enjoys that one while we hang out. And Portlandia too. We have one episode left to watch for that. She is in super good spirits these days. Her attitude is truly inspiring.

Keeping it simple.
Doing what's in front of me.
Only a little distraction from the tasks inTucson.

I had a moment to play the brand new Batman 66 machine after dropping off paperwork downtown. I have only played this machine one other day. I am pretty pleased to have gotten on the high score list. I know I'll be obliterated off of this list within a week, but nice to get there once.



Long day yesterday.

Street Fair looms this weekend, and we gotta get all the coffee bagged so Seth can sell the shit out of it. I am about 70 lbs (in half lb bags) shy of being done. They haven't roasted it yet.. I did 10 hours yesterday.

I didn't even do any shots of espresso yesterday. There was little time for anything but work. Putting in long hours is not hard.. I really like this job. It's a silly thing to think that bagging coffee would be the thing that enough of a paycheck and a sense of feeling appreciated. Seth is a good man to work for.

Coffee for the win! (Duh.)

I'm feeling grateful for all I've got.


Sunday supper.

It started like this...


A run down to Douglas to Border Taco for caramellos and Fresca.

Then a trip over to Food City for fruits and veggies for those of us on a budget. But no trip to Food City is complete without seeing the bakery cases.

And on the way out... a parking lot carnival/death trap!

Procuring dryer parts and trying to clean up some of the chaos from yesterday made this jaunt down to Douglas a nice respite.


Lava then Laundry

I have never had a lava lamp.

Till now.

At the Bisbee Farmers Market, I got one for $5.00.

This was the easy part of the day.

Then it got heavy.


I had arranged to get manly help to move the stackable washer dryer. Getting it unhooked and out of the wee house was easy. Getting it into the new house was hard. Let's just say that some walls and trim were a bit of a casualty and we actually had to grease the sides of it to get it through the last door into the laundry room.  Bob #2 who was the main dude, was brilliant.

Still gonna need some tinkering. An extension cord for the 220v plug, and an extension for the dryer vent.  Ultimately the plan to scoot it in the cubby to the right in this pic will work, but it's been a difficult process today.

So grateful for strong guy friends with appliance moving equipment. It was pretty much a miracle it got in there.

Waking up tired.

Overwhelm is real.

I stood in all the areas of the new house last night and looked at the configurations of space and thought about the things I want to have fit in these spaces.

Sofa or chairs?
How to do lighting?
Where does the art go?
How to set up a desk/office when there is no desk?
How to configure a yard for the eventual dog?

I will be purging things today.. gotta free up some space emotionally as well as physically.



3 tons.

Some days my ass feels like it's 3 damn tons.

But this day is marked by the fact that I applied 3 tons of gravel to the parking area at the new house. My act that was to play the Starlight Lounge tonight canceled due to injury so I went and got the last bit of gravel needed to finish the job. I ended up needing 3 times as much as I initially thought.

I moved 3 tons of gravel. All by myself.

I haven't had time to be sore.


Win column.

Today was a back-breaking day.. and it was a win.

I did a full day of work, took my pal Ben to lunch to thank him for helping with all of my plumbing issues, and then went and got a 1/2 ton of gravel to start putting it down at the new house for the parking area.

I'll be sore tomorrow..


I took my Tylenol, and drank my turmeric.

And I worked my ass off and it felt good.


Thanks are in order.

My pal Ben came and put in a significant amount of time with my plumbing issues at the old house (that I am still living in) that I have been dealing with since about early December. I now have a new kitchen faucet, and tomorrow will have a functioning bathroom sink as well.

It cost me, but it is worth it to be able to have running water. I have been turning the water on only once or twice a day for dishes/shower/a flush for months now.

I guess this means I might have made an ok pioneer woman?

Nah.. who am I kidding?

So the pain in the ass part of the plumbing problems is basically gone now that the kitchen is not leaking like a sieve. I live in the desert.. wasting water is a bad idea. Plus, it's expensive.

Yay Ben! I am gonna get him a bonus of a growler of local beer as a giant thank you..


The weekend.


Ryanhood and Freddy and Francine!


Freddy and Francine!


Great show, undersold... bummer. I guess not every show can be sold out. But I can't really afford undersold so I guess I need to work more on a smaller guarantee and points if we do well. Next week is payday so I won't freak too hard.

Then after spending Saturday morning with the kids from Freddy and Francine, there was a little time for a meetup with some of my fave dogs in town and their owners then it was last minute Ex Bats show at Poco which went till almost 6:30 pm.

Aaaand the day was entirely a wash on productivity, but high on goodness and fun.

In the midst of putting stuff in boxes and shuffling things around, I moved this out of my bedroom and it's been sitting in the middle of my tiny living room for a week... then it dawned on me.. would this maybe fit under the Jefferson stairs?

The answer is yes! Fan-fucking-tastic!

Ok.. I admit it.. I needed the day off, but now I am gonna move some stuff to the new house. Gotta do something useful.

Postcard weather out there. And maybe a little time in between trips between houses to sit in the sun and soak in a ray or two.