Things are starting to look up. At least energetically.

A couple good things cooking for the rest of the week, and regardless of how they turn out at least I feel productive.  I fear that touring is going to be slim for me this year. Maybe it's a premonition? I'd be pleased to be completely mistaken on this.  Plan for the worst, and move gently forward.


That's new. I hope it sticks.

Rain in the forecast and a possibility of getting to Tucson to get my Acura back from the mechanic's.  Should be a quick and easy trip.


Roasted cauli tacos? Yes please!


Let's get the party started?

Not really any party. Nothing like that to start. But there does seem to be some energy shifting around here. Maybe it's just the world waking back up from the holidays? I may not be super busy, but I do have a couple things on the docket. And the 4 Runner I got and re-did with the help of my mechanic may be sold. That's be good! More good energy.. and things moving forward.

And, the gratitude for not being in the middle of a winter blizzard (poor east coasties) and only having to deal with light rain and cold weather but not freezing cold tonight. There are all kinds of reasons to be grateful. I'm reading a book that's giving me some good insight on life, and there is good stuff a few weeks away in the form of getting to see my pals The Andy T Nick Nixon Band, and Folk Alliance.

So that means I am done bitching.


Frozen fingers.

There was indeed a temperature drop over the last several hours.  I cannot seem to get my hands warm at all, and watching my breath as I type is as entertaining as it is slightly unnerving. I can out up with a fair amount of cold in the house. I didn't realize it was gonna get so chilly in the wee house though. It's 44 degrees in the living room. Not "freeze the dish soap cold" but cold by all accounts.

I made black beans with cayenne for bfast, and am waiting for my body to heat up a bit.

I spent the evening down in town at The Quarry listening to a singer songwriter from Phoenix. Talented young lady Named Korbe Canida. She definitely has some pipes, and I actually stuck around for nearly an hour and a half.  I'm just getting my brain wrapped around this genre again for my trip to Folk Alliance next month. And, I am supporting this local venue because I really appreciate the attitude of the young lady running it. There is something to be said for knowing what you want to create, and going head first with gusto! I do love that.

That's also partly why I put The Andy T Nick Nixon Band there for the upcoming 2/12 show in Bisbee. I want to help this young gal Dan out by bringing some quality entertainment... and, also, there was no way in hell that band would have managed a 3 floor walk up load in at Roka.

Know your limits, kids!

I am still freezing. I guess a 110 degree shower might help (for a lot of reasons).


One day at a time.

Cooling trend over here... but nothing serious.  Only expecting a high of 49 today in Tiny Town.

You could say the "cooling trend" has been upon my world since December. Really, the amount of "hard to ask for work" emails and phone calls has been a good lesson. I am not a fan of reaching out to folks who may have some influence in order to be able to do the job I love. I have had zero luck getting anything new started as of yet.Hence the cooling trend...

In the meantime I have picked up a couple shifts at the co-op which is good.

The radio silence from my usual music sources is unnerving, but it has nothing to do with me.. and I just need to power through. I will in fact be fine. I always am.  Must be meant to look around and be present with what is here in front of me right now.

So I will flyer the town today for the upcoming Andy T Nick Nixon show here in Bisbee on Feb 12th, and then I'll do laundry, probably check in on The Mother Unit via phone, and then juice a huge amount of kale that the co-op handed me and get some good green in my gizzards That should get me all the way to lunch time. 


Things I learned today.

From listening to the Bisbee City Council Meeting live, I leaned that Bisbee has a heroin problem.

From Facebook I saw that the Amazing Gretchen Baer got 5k donated by the best damn coffee roaster I know, Seth Appel. That is soooooo sweet!

I saw a picture on twitter where Ruth Bader Ginsburg hugged the POTUS and it was genuine affection.

I saw an ad for a eco-friendly urn that you essentially put your ashes in and it comes with a seed for a tree.. and you put you ashes in this  thing and plant it and you become fertilizer and base for a tree for your uber hippie afterlife.

And related to that, President Obama musta given a helluva great SOTU Address. Because the twitter is blowing up with appreciation and respect.

And the best part of the day was getting home and having my house not be freezing cold. I came into a house that was a steamy 56 degrees! Do you know how many hours it usually takes me to get my house that warm? Long. Damn. Time.

It's not still 56 in here, but it's not bad.

A good day all in all.


Mary Jane!

Looks normal. But it's a 20 dollar lemon bar filled with THC. The Mother Unit is on the Medical Marijuana for sleep and other things. She didn't freak out, and just felt mellow so I think we may have a winner for a good night's sleep.


There is good in this world.


And last night, in our own Tiny Town.. the best of the best showed up to support the arts in Southern Arizona.. and to root for Bisbee's rock star artist, Gretchen Baer with her Paint Your Town project as she competed with the likes of The Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Tucson Eat Yourself, Borderlands Theater,and the Arizona Desert Museum for grant funding. The awards were from $5,000 to $10,000 and all of the finalists were worthy.


My heart burst with joy, I wanted to cry, I screamed (and am a little sore-throated this a.m.) and it just felt so right to see someone who has put so much time and energy into sharing her art with so many people (especially with kids) finally get real recognition for what she's creating and what more she can do! The possibilities

 It's beyond inspiring to be honest.

The fact that the Arizona Arts Commission Art Tank 2015 hosted this event down in Bisbee was a big win for the town in itself. And I gotta say, the folks I talked to from the commission were some damn smart, good people. The vibe was great for the standing room only affair.  And in the end, the little guy (or gal in this case) got the judging panels attention over big, WAAAAAAY more funded, and big city arts organizations. It just felt right. Yes, I'm biased.

And there was an "Audience Choice Award" too... which was a thousand bucks to be given out last night too. We all knew THAT one was in the bag. Duh! But the Big Kahuna Prize was anyone's guess.

I'm not saying that the folks from the Arizona Arts Commission might not have had a hard time leaving the building if they hadn't awarded Gretchen a little something or anything for that matter. There surely would have been disappointment hurled at them. But when they announced she had taken the big prize... I tell ya.. it's a sweet moment I will hold in my heart forever. And the best part?

She earned it. By having an open heart, supplying art supplies to kids out of her own pocket, making herself available for community projects in AZ and in Mexico, and by being her fabulous Gretchen self! She has totally earned the right to stand proud and compete for this grant money with some really big organizations.

I am humbled to know such a talented human being. So excited to watch her take Paint Your Town to rural AZ!!


I had to do it. I had to make kapama. I made some for my mom's bday 2 weeks ago, but only got to have it the one time. Sometimes the craving totally takes over. And, being the food centric gal that I am, it's totally happening. It's warming up the house a bit so it is an added plus. I have been cold all day long. Hate that. This will have the house smelling great and when I get to have a bowl of this tomorrow, I'll be warm on the inside.



Nothing says stay in like this...


The message is clear.  Stay in. Stay warm.

Staying put is hard.


3:12 pm and a 7 degree temperature drop since 3:04.pm.


3:07 pm.