Home is where the miso is.


Aaaaaand... They wouldn't let us on the plane because it had pulled away from the jetway already. It is a rather unpleasant feeling to see the plane you'd like to be on knowing you are fucked. U.S Airways may now be part of American.. But they don't have the service of their new Mothership. I'm peeved. I told the gate agent guy in San Diego they might wanna hold the plane because it was gonna be too close. And that was before I deplaned and saw that instead of the flight being 2 gates over, it was now in a different terminal. One and done for US Airways for me. Never again.

It's a lovely phone screen but really what I am going for here is the time. My connecting flight started boarding 12 minutes ago and it leaves in 18 minutes. I am still taxiing on the runway in Phoenix.. I'd say I have a 50/50 chance of making my flight.

Sometimes it's just how ya feel...

And sometimes it's just the cover of the San Diego Reader.

 Last night was a really sweet evening.. taking one of my besties to Dog Beach, Robertos, walking the Ocean Beach Pier, and just a good all around hang. So good to catch up with KK. I am so lucky to have her, Lizzy and Jeffrey as my super longtime pals. All at least 20 years. with Jeffrey and K.K. being in the 30 years of friendship circle. Crazy long time.

The post-Roberto's food coma gave way to conversation and laughter on the beach... This beach was one of my first fave beaches. Although I have to say West St Beach in Laguna is my soulmate beach.

Other people's bonfires added to the sights and smells of the evening. Feeling grateful and not so desolate in my skinbag. Finding my balance after my meeting-the-ultimate-tour-manager experience. I am left with a sense that,"I can do that." I may never get the chance to, but I will choose to not give up.


Me and KK at (where else)Dog Beach.

KK having Robertos for the first time.

Ahhh.... California!

Gentle vegan lunches with spirited t-shirt wearing locals. Evolution Fast Food never disappoints. Being behind this guy in line was like getting free dessert.


Tender Greens downtown San Diego. Me making my usual face and KK doing dessert.

No time to catch up... just time to go.

I have about 50 minutes of down time to be quiet. My efforts to quiet down and gain perspective have been limited. But as I try and plot my next moves, I want to try to calm the chatter in my head. I am off to grab the power of atty from my pal KK for the sale of her house. I am looking forward to a big salad for dinner from one of my fave San Diego places, Tender Greens. Could be a crazy convergence of KK, Jeffrey and the good Reverend Chili Cilch. My head might explode! I have good joo joo going out to the real estate gods to keep KK's deal in escrow and moving forward. This is a small payback for KK taking such good care of me up in Alaska 2 summers ago. Here's to hope. Here's to being gentle with oneself. Here's to moving forward.


Snow. Seriously..

Miserable looking weather in Chicago. They even have the de-icing crews out. Left VA and it was about 65 and then this! Az should be much nicer than this for sure. But... I wonder how the weather in San Diego is?

No angst over taxes.

I spent years losing my mind over my stupidity and grandiosity around paying (or not paying, in my case) taxes. That was part of what had me not want to make money anymore. All that tax stuff when self employed was really unattractive and I was not that good at facing it with a business mindset. The complete lack of insanity around taxes now that I make next to nothing is pretty sweet. And as that tax day is tomorrow, I am so grateful I had mine done months ago and have no weirdness. Someday I may be faced with self employment tax burdens again, but I will just hand stuff over to the accountant and do it right. All the chaos I created for myself those years ago was not pretty and it was a lesson well learned. This morning had me make my last batch of tacos for my pal Kelly... and we will be heading to the aeropuerto this afternoon with a stop in Norfolk for a nibble before I depart. I hope to get back here in Sept to do a road trip with Kelly to Atlanta to hit up Susan Werner's 5 week run of the musical she wrote which is Bull Durham. That's the hope anyway. Now that there is no touring on the docket at all for the resat of the year, there is time to look at saving up and getting on better footing financially with solid work weeks and just doing what is in front of me. I am still processing having met what I have in my sphere as 'the ultimate tour manager' and with no offers coming at me right now, it feels pretty desolate but loud between my ears. I am just gonna sit with what is rational and reasonable for the next few weeks. What does that even mean? I really don't even know. Time to straighten up the room here at Casa De Marvin and get a shower. I only have a couple hours before heading over to Norfolk..


It's what's for breakfast.