Attack of the living dead sweet and sour chicken sauce!


Double laptop travel planning. Chicago. Booked. Damn we are good!

Post lunch porch meeting with monsoon action.

Welcome back KK!


Time with My True Soulmate.

Love... It's a crazy thing. And when you have loved one for so long, it's always interesting when you come back together. Today proved to be a day of seeing my oldest love on the planet.

 The Williams High Speed Pinball Machine.

I have played this luscious machine for nearly 30 years. That she resides in Tucson at the fabulous D and D Pinball off of 4th Avenue is a real gift to me. I get there when I can. She and I didn't really get along too well today, but she always welcomes me back for more. I like that.

She is pretty, but getting a little worn down. But I love her unconditionally. And I always will.

I did much better having a moment with The AC/DC machine and then The Walking Dead Machine. Me and High Speed had a day where we really didn't jive. And that's ok. Because I am looking for the grey areas and looking for what's next for me to get my energy into. It's not always gonna be all multi-ball madness. What a great way to look at life!

I get K.K. for the quickest visit ever and after that it's all about me and The Mother Unit and work. Ok, maybe not entirely that small of a world. Maybe I'll throw in a little Dia De Los Muertos Fashion Show on Saturday to make things muy caliente!


What else do you do at 5:52 am when you are stopped at the construction site waiting for the pilot car?

Slap up a lil' sumpn' about how lovely it is in Bisbee!



There I go... thinking again.

While sitting in the extremely low light of the world's only canoe lamp.. I was thinking about The Mother Unit's health, KK upcoming visit, and how to bring music to Bisbee and not having to use my own money to make that happen. I had a sweet playlist going thru the headphones and I was stretched out on the couch just gazing off into the darkness of the loft. I did that for about 2 hours before I finally packed it in and went to bed. That's a lot of thinkin'. I might have sprained my brain.

My mind went every which way. From sadness and anxiety to excitement and everything in-between.  One thing is for sure though, I am feeling strong and clear today. 

The next 2 work days are gonna be ass kickers with Customer Appreciation Day happening tomorrow the truck this morning is gonna be huge.  Ok then. Here we go!


Beauty abounds... in stencil form

Night walk in Bisbee..

Take me back.

In the Wayback Machine there was a time when Mr. Layton had his first art opening and all the pretty people were there.

And these were the days when we were at lavish parties in Laguna Beach and we were young, decadent, and nowhere near as awesome as we are today.

Here's to growing up, sometimes quickly.. sometimes slowly.

There ya have it!


Bisbee tonight before the rain..


A shrine.. In a restaurant/market. I offered up some good joo joo in thanks for all of the incredible women who are in my life who have shown up bi time for me since my 50th. One more incoming next week. The One and Only KK is gonna stop by Tiny Town and sleep in the now infamous,"KK's Disco Slumber Lounge" next week for one of her 22 hour visits. I will take any KK I can get.

The Big Africa Art Shindig!