No time for sentiment indeed. Goodbye cold . No sadness to see you releasing your hold on me. Only other thing I can see going away is my co-op job. And rightfully so. Hope not, but horoscopes are for entertainment purposes so I will just focus on feeling better.


Chicken Soup or bust.

I am making homemade chicken soup...  gotta be good for something.  And, is it or is it not supposed to be the miracle cure?

Yes, I believe it is.

Bringing myself the cure!  Yes please.


This'll make me feel better...


You can feel it.

You know that feeling.

After being around a large group of people.. having late nights, and hugs and handshakes.. then you get home and that scratch starts in the back of your throat?  And you hear from your friends you were just with that they have sinus infections.. and you think, "I can beat this! I'm not gonna get sick."

And then you find out you were wrong.

Zinc, vitamin C, netty pot, and probably some sort of over the counter will be deployed to try to fight what is welling up inside me. Well, at least I have the time to be sick.

I woke at 6am and had an hour long business call to the east coast. And then a flurry of texts and emails following and now with a good couple hours of work behind me at all of 9:38 am... I am gonna go lay down. Because I am a big baby when it comes to being sick. Waaaa....


The redeeming thing about Jerry Bob's... Poblano green sauce. Not dining here but accompanying The Mother Unit and the bestie Elizabeth to brekkie.


De-icing de-lay.

Oh Texas... Racing the incoming ice storm now to get away from DFW before this city gets dangerously slippery. Obviously, the mannequins are dangerous enough.


Long days into wee hours.

It's definitely been what I expected! Yay! No weirdness, nothing but great stuff from Mpress and a shit-ton of good music everywhere I turn.

Big win!

BBQ, no exposure to the outside cold elements really, and a steady stream of my own coffee has made this trip a really good one. I'm on the last super late night. I have a couple people I wanna hear tonight, and I am looking forward to this evening very much. Rachael Sage and Meredith Tarr have truly been delightful as always, and I really do appreciate that they continue to call to have me come help.

Nothing but good.

Yes. This.

I am in fact getting enough sleep. I am drinking enough coffee. And I have eaten decent food procured from an actual store. So by all accounts I am doing well. Seen a few old , most notably Natalia Zukerman and made a couple new ones. There has been much good music heard. And as always the MPress crew has curates some stellar talent for their showcase room. They so have their finger in the pulse of this thing! So lucky to be a little part of this team. Gratitude abounds this day.


Good day at the office!


Yes... Yes it is!

Hanging with The King.

Kansas City at night..

And day