From Spring to Winter.

All the weird weather be damned!

I went from Spring-like temps in Kansas City back to Winter in Bisbee.. glad I didn't come home sick. I was hella tired, but that's easy to fix. I did a solid 9 hours of sleep and I feel pretty much brand new! The Mother Unit didn't get a perky visit, but we had fun watching Walking Dead, Talking Dead and Portlandia before I drove (in my own zombie-like state) back to Bisbee.

I have a week and a half to get some more moving done after work.. I hope to make a small dent. I miss my bestie, so Taco Tuesday has to happen. My tiny house is a mess.. but it's great to be back in Tiny Town and I am ready to bag some coffee.

Fueling myself on some delicious coffee and some lentil soup with hot sauce. Crazy combo... but it's here and it's doing the job. And, I am hopefully less than 24hours from getting to announce another show at The Starlight Lounge for March.

Forward motion all around.


Sleep in, dammit.

Getting sleep is key to sanity at Folk Alliance for me.

I have set alarms for waaaaaay later in a morning than I would ever sleep in for anytime or anywhere.. but it's necessary to survive here.

The sounds flooding through the halls day and night are intoxicating. So much talent.. It's really almost unfathomable. Took my pal Susan to the airport yesterday and bid her a goodbye and thanked her for Summer Camp in the Winter @Folk Alliance. We haven't hung like that in a gazillion years. My heart is happy... 

And that's a good thing.

Because today is the long haul ass kicker day where no sleep will be had, and I will essentially go to the airport after all the showcases finish in our room tonight. 


But it's gonna hella worth it.

My icing on the cake...

See you in Bisbee, Susan Werner..


This is how it is..

I am in a sweet spot.

Things are going well, the fun is abundant, and I got an old friend to share my hotel room to save money and up my fun quotient.  It's like silly camp at times and heartfelt awesome camp at others... lots of respect for this one.

And, she bought dinner at Q39 tonight for us, which meant I got to eat there twice on this trip. Bonus! The music has been very good, and Susan Werner's official showcase is tonight and I am always pretty thrilled to see her live. I worked her booking agent over today about letting her do Bisbee... I am gonna have to save my shekels for that one but it's on my bucket list. I have only crossed one thing off my bucket list, and it's time to really make some stuff happen so I can cross more off of it.

Was only up till about 2:30 am and slept in till 8:30, so if I can get close to that the next couple days, Folk Alliance will probably be a good one.


I get kinda pumped up when...

I like entertainment.

I like music.

I like hearing stories about music and entertainment.

Today I fired a flare at a legendary tour manager named Phil Kaufman, known as The Mangler about coming to Bisbee to do some storytelling.  It was sparked by something I saw on social media from Phil, and I immediately got in contact with him to see what the deal was... and it was an old flyer he was recirculating.

Several people mentioned they would love to hear the stories... I was not the only one hungry to hear of his time with Gram Parsons or Emmylou Harris or a multitude of other artists.. I was let down easy by Phil. He doesn't really want t do shit on the road. He wants his awesome golden years in Nashville.. I don't blame him. I heard several road stories that time we had pie at a meat and three in Nashville a couple years ago with my pals Reckless Johnny Wales and his partner in crime Denise.

I would love to hear lots more of those stories. Damn.


All the angles..

These guys...
These two men have taught me so much over the years about how to be a good houseguest and how to be the best host. We have known each other thru my days when I made money.. and then when the market and my real estate career were no more. They have loved me no matter what my job choices were. Though, I am pretty sure tour managing was sooooo tedious a job to them.

And now on the eve of them getting ready to leave for Mexico on vacation, and me starting work at Folk Alliance.. we gear up to say goodbye and look to the future times when we can laugh, and cook,  and do fun things. They will be back in Laguna Beach in a few years.. that's really good news for me. I'll get to see them more often.

So my semi-downtime gives way to provisioning for the conference, and last minute communications before diving into the big folk bubble.

I am making dinner tonight for the guys. and I am the driver for the airport run in the morning. It's always good for my heart to have time with old friends like this. Time is fleeting. Love what you can while you can. Every moment is beyond precious..


Flat but fun.

Oh man... Kansas is flat.

I am happy that I came a little before Folk Alliance so I could spend time with my pals and also make a sales call on Whole Foods for the coffee job. I should hear back on the coffee in a couple of days from the specialty buyer.

Everything has gone well. I hope to be rested up in a big way to get my ass kicked by FA 2017. I have a couple bags of coffee left so I will have plenty to share with the friends I have in folk. And if nobody wants coffee, then I can just drink it all myself.

Me and the boys have hot some very good restaurants over the last couple days, and today we hit Q39 which is my fave BBQ place in Kansas City. I won't have to go out to eat at all as I have done enough of that now in the few short days I have been here.

The company is fabulous, the bedding is opulent, the weather is agreeable, and all things seem good all around. I have no idea what is happening in Bisbee, but today that's fine. Be here now.



Coworker found.

A huge relief.
And fortunately not dead. I will have to rephrase.. now "former coworker."

Big changes at work. I hate that I am off to Kansas City and not there to help in this weird transition, but I am committed to do something. I know how my boss really doesn't like that I leave sometimes. I asked him point blank if I needed to find a new job. He said no.. but that he really wished I didn't travel for music stuff.

I love my job there.. and as always.. music work is so important to me that I can't just shut out my passion for working anywhere around music for a 20 hour a week job.  I am not too old to tour and schlep gear. Some days I feel kinda punky and weak, but truth be told, I still have it in me.

My opportunities are fewer. And eventually they will all be gone. I gotta ride that wave while I can. I have 4 events on the calendar. I don't take vacations.. I leave to go work my ass off.

And in doing that work, I feed my soul.


This day was not beautiful...

In fact, not only was this day kinda cloudy and cold.. something far worse happened.

One of my coworkers has gone missing. She was last seen on Saturday around 4pm, and nobody has heard from her since. Her dog left alone, house was unlocked.. she was last seen on her motorcycle.

Lots of speculation. All I know is I am holding out hope that she just needed to flee to work out some heavy stuff she has going on. Light a candle for her.. she is a good soul and a super bright light.

I hope she is ok.

Of all the things..


There are times when productivity feels really good. And there are times when a 70-something degree day makes being out amongst your friends more important than getting things on the checklist done.

Probably a good calming lead-in to getting ready for my Folk Alliance trip. I was tired going into the weekend. Now I feel refreshed.

Little things make all the difference..

Or maybe it's just that I am easily distracted?

Meh.. whatever. Coffee is super tasty this morning and it's going to be another beautiful day here in Tiny Town.


Big heavy red thing.

The new house went from this..

To this..

The light is really sweet.. and that booth is a piece of art.

Slowly but surely..


It's all sinking in.

The day up in Tucson yesterday was Chamber of Commerce perfection.  It was nearly 80 degrees, all my errands got run, The Mother Unit and I had a super surprise late lunch, and then a Portlandia episode to finish our day together.

There is a lot of laughter between us these days, which is so good for my heart! Everything is feeling pretty damn good these days.

There are still fixy things going on...
A retaining wall is being poured tomorrow and will be pretty much done and all wood forms down by next week. I'll need some railroad ties to make the parking area work better and divert mud from going down the stairs. And I need to do a little more painting. Then I can get the booth in (shit... I hope it really fits) and then get some kitchen stuff over there.

The move will happen slowly, but I am wrapping my head around it. I have less on my plate this weekend, so I can actually get some stuff done. That will feel good. I also need to expedite this move so I can be with my High Speed pinball machine again.. visiting is one thing, living with it it the best.

Coffee and pinball on a Saturday morning is a sweet thing.


A whole lotta something.

Stress cold.

Setup days at Starlight Lounge Friday after wk and Saturday.

And then some of this..

Then this..

The shows went very well, and the poor advance ticket sales that caused me stress in the end worked out. I need to remember that walk-up traffic is going to happen at these. I was relieved after the first show filled up.

Still have a cold, but at least the show went well. All of the performers were spot on fantastic, and the burlesque ladies stayed and the new house. It's virtually empty except for a blow up mattress and a folding chair and an ottoman. And of course there are coffee accoutrements as well.

And then Sunday..

It was the moving day for High Speed. The back headpiece had to be unwired and removed, and then reassembled. I was a little freaked. Not like how I can't really watch people get blood drawn freaked, but close.


Robert totally handled it! With a smile even!

It's playing fast and fabulous! And I owe my neighbor Matt a pizza for helping with the heavy lifting. And last night since the pinball hookup took longer than expected.. I didn't get to go grab pizza with Matt so I opted to take Rod up on an invite to have dinner at Roka with Sailor and Felicia (Unexploded Phonographs) who were instrumental in getting The Starlight Lounge pulled together for the show as well as providing the sweet, sultry music for the event.

Now I am sitting on my couch staring at the space where High Speed used to be. And the house looks much more normal, but I miss it.

I may not be 100% in energy or health, but I am grateful the weekend went well.


5 a.m. Burundi.

23 degrees out there. Brrr....

Up before the alarm went off.

Mind racing with all I have to do for Saturday's show and how I'm gonna get housing performers and a couple friends set up at the new casita and my house.

I have been living in wee house chaos for weeks. Getting ready for this transition to a different home has been a very eye opening adventure so far.. I think I will be getting rid of lots more stuff in the very near future.

My pals from the pinball shop are coming for the Starlight Lounge show, and there is a plan to move the pinball machine to the new house Sunday morning. It's really happening. I'm moving. Where my High Speed Machine goes, I go. Funny how that is the thing that makes it real and has me realizing the time has come to really pack and get these moving plans together. Starting Sunday, shit's gonna get real.