Welcome back to AZ! Headed to Phx. Lordy, it's hot!!


The boys are tearing it up to a room of true fans here at Iva Lee's. feeling rather grateful.

Post load in pre sound check accomplishment. My Mother Unit would be so proud.


Larry at the keys.. Tearing that mo' fo' down!

The Trusty Troubador..

Nick Nixon waiting for The Funderbus to get him curbside...

We are in Southern California and I took the opportunity to get in a hang with my pal Syd who is Mia Dyson's producer/drummer. So good to see him and we are still talking about having a few of those guys come to Bisbee for a writing/recording workshop. Sounds good to me!

Gigs tonight and Friday with Saturday off then Iva Lee's in San Clemente on Sunday. We head to Palm Desert after that for a different kind of event. I got the band an in-store at a real live record store called Record Alley where a woman who I grew up with works. I haven't seen her for 14 years, and her mother (my godmother) was a major figure in my younger years... and one of The Mother Unit's best pals..I am looking forward to being around actual vinyl records on top of having the band show what they have got! Much thanks to Eleni Austin for being willing to get us in there!


Back of the bus! Hanging out super low key in the back of the bus Lovely day in Atacadero! We roll towards Ventura today for another day off.


We had some fun in Occidental. Here is Mr Andy Y biting the wee head off a candy turtle that was on the Frogger themed cupcakes we had. We are rolling out of the Northern CA area today headed for Hermosa Beach.


Dance floor. Occidental.

Thinking of my pal KK as we have brunch in Santa Rosa... A disco ball to add ambience to the meal is never a bad thing.


Traffucked on our way back to Santa Rosa. We are inching our way towards Rio Nido Roadhouse for a damn fine party.


I just love this shot..

The guys onstage at San Francisco's Biscuits and Blues. Love this venue!

Ok then! San Francisco welcomes us for the big Andy T Nick Nixon Band cd release show! Traffucked but happy!