The bags.

I prolly have some bags under my eyes...

But the bags I really speak of, are the gazillions I filled with coffee yesterday to get ready for the street fair in Tucson next weekend. The boss says this is his last street fair. He has done them for 20 years. I am gonna bet he will be missed.

I worked pretty much all day, with a lunch break with the bestie thrown in just because. When all was said and done, I had nearly 700 small bags and another 300 1 lb. bags done and ready. That there is some mindfulness in caffeinated motion.

Now it's time to focus on promoting the Rachael Sage show I have here next Saturday... I think there are about 3o or so tickets left, so I am not quite where I'd like to be, but I will get there.

I did take the chance to grab my pals Thom and Jackie and go to Cafe Roka last night where my leftovers were wrapped in what I would come to call ,"The Magical Bisbee Rabbicorn" foil blob. It was actually supposed to be a unicorn, but when it sat flat, it looked like a cross between a bunny and a unicorn.. or a narwhal with ears on land.

Am I right?



I owed some greek food to a friend.

Last night I cooked up my one (and only) favorite greek food dishes that I can make. I usually do it with chicken.. this time I did lamb.  I hope it comes out good. I owed it  because a BWC member made me some pastitsio. She used pungent cheese that was a bit out of my palate and it was really dry.. so I was not in love with it, but I did promise the trade.

I have a very good memory of how the pastitsio of my childhood tasted.. this was not even close. But when you have a chef from Greece at a restaurant making the food, at what was then (the 70's) the best Greek place in Hollywood.. you get spoiled. I am a total snob when it comes to good food.

 I scored some baklava though. The Mother Unit will LOVE that! So at least there is that.  I feel bad that I didn't like the pastitsio. I guess I need to start learning how to make it myself so I can tweak the recipe. I don't even know where to begin. My kapama recipe was handwritten for me by my godmother Irene.


After what seemed like a year...

I have gotten my binky back. 

My happy place has been restored. 

The birds are singing in the trees. 

Love shines bright everywhere. 

My High Speed flipper rebuild is complete and I can play pinball again! 
Still an odd thing here or there with the multi-ball, but at least I can play. The flippers are fantastic! The playfield is fast as hell! 

I have missed this so much in my every day routine. Such a good stress reliever/happy-maker/decompressor. 

All feels better in this world. 

It's cold here in Tiny Town. Not frozen tundra cold but between the wind and lower temps, it is time to locate the layered winter clothing. 

It's also going to be time to start turning off the water at night as of Wednesday night. C-c-coooooold!


Finally 50.

Not that I was looking forward to it, but the tiny house is 50 degrees inside.  This signals a time when I really should consider lighting the pilot on the ventless gas heater. I am only 2 cups in, so I am not prepared for this task just yet.

My volunteer shift for the Bisbee Women's Club Home Tour and Chair Auction starts at 9 am at the Serbian Hall in Warren.. I should make sure I know where that is. Warren is a foreign land to me... with the exception of a couple places.

I left all the turkey leftovers in The Baked Pueblo on Thursday... and I fear it may be close to turning  bad when I get back. Which would be a bummer, because I love turkey sandwiches. 


More coffee.. some breakfast.. the rest will fall into place I bet.


Thankful? Yes. Ready for Bisbee Home Tour Weekend? No.

Yesterday had me bringing food and smiles to  The Mother Unit and her pal Sandy.

Today is playing catch up at work (a hundred or so extra lbs. of coffee perhaps?) and then going right to The Serbian Hall in Warren to do a volunteer slot for the Bisbee Women's Club Annual Home Tour and Chair Auction. And then all day Saturday volunteering for that as well. The later part of the day has me docenting a house with Elizabeth, so that should be our own extra brand of fun.

There is a full weekend to continue the kitchen painting next weekend... and there was progress made in getting the place pulled together over here at the wee house before I scooted up to The Baked Pueblo yesterday, and I even did a pile for brush and bulky collection at my mom's house.

There is still much to do all around. Everywhere it seems. Boredom is being held at bay for sure.


Little Green Peas.

The one thing I forgot...

The Little Green Peas.  Damn... store in The Baked Pueblo will remedy that. But damn all the same.

Cooked turkey till almost 10:30 pm last night. My love for The Mother Unit runs late and deep.. she'll have her free-range meal. And her fave pal at the Starfishy will join in. Most likely a short and sweet gathering with a promise of watching Harold and Maude and this past Sunday's Walking Dead. Sounds pretty perfect.

I have no words of wisdom.. all I have is gratitude for this day and time spent with my mom. And coffee... I'm grateful for coffee.


Hold The Door.

I watched the episode of GoT with "Hold The Door.." last night.

Tears. Again.

Such a heart-wrenching episode. I gotta cook tonight.. I will have more GoT on in the background. Time to get back to it all. The coffee awaits.

Fall temps, blue skies and good things on the horizon.




I have Season 4 of Game of Thrones on in the background. Funny how you pick up all the silly little things by replaying shows. I had gotten seasons 1-5 a while back, and just received season 6 this week. And while I couldn't bear to watch The Red Wedding scene, I have moved through it in sequence. Sometimes watching, and sometimes just listening. Today is a listening day..

I'll be starting to prep the walls of the kitchen for a little painty-painty today. I hope I don't hate it with new color. More coffee will fuel the progress I'm sure. We have a delicious Brazilian coffee in the shoppe and it is a really smooth well rounded cup for sure.

The extreme discomfort from treating my face for skin cancer has finally subsided and I feel like I can really focus on house projects today. I even put the kibosh on hanging with the bestie, so I could get some stuff done around here.

Here is to brighter and better each day.


Fall temps.

We got wind.

The temps are dropping.

Freeze warnings tonight across AZ.

Yup it's Fall. 

And not yet below 50 degrees in the wee house, which means I have had no need to light the pilot on the heat source. Ok, maybe tonight I will get it fired up just in case. Should drain the cooler and cover that baby up for another cold season. Might get that handled today. If not, there is always tomorrow. I have NO PLANS for this weekend. That means I will prolly paint my kitchen. 

That there is a project that does not require 5 trips to the hardware store.. 



The wait was over.

I got to see Darlingside at Club Congress last night, and they did not disappoint.

With talent like that, the only thing that could have made it not good was if the sound was off.. but it wasn't. These guys are the best of the best at harmonies and being multi-instrumental top notch artists. Sweet, funny, smart, and engaging as hell.

I got in a little pinball before the gig, and made some plans for a flipper rebuild on High Speed.. then dragged my pals who own the pinball place to Darlingside along with me.

I brought the band some coffee, and they were super appreciative. Free coffee always sounds great. And once they try this wonderful coffee, hopefully they realize it's truly the good stuff! I reiterated that I would have them in Bisbee eventually.. oh yes.. it will happen. It just may be a year or three.


The beauty of Bisbee.

Cool crisp mornings.. and even though it's barely 55 degrees inside the house, it's nearly 70 outside.

Sounds perfect. It kinda is perfect.

The weekend had/still has lots of music everywhere in Tiny Town, and the locals came out in force.  Last night was super fun and I hung out with my old boss from the co-op. Today brings good energy, and sunshine to my heart and soul.  Life is pretty sweet when you wake up in a town as cool as Bisbee.


Yes, this day.

Screw projects...

I am gonna take in some live music.

After doing volunteer work all morning, I decided to go see the Exbats down in town.. which then had me hearing the band after them, then hearing about so and so who was playing elsewhere...

Paint prep cancelled for the weekend.

I left my car in town... walked home, am gonna grab a jacket then head back down for the duration. I figure I will get home about midnight-ish.

A good long day. And lots of friends out and about.



Let it fester.

Know what is no fun?

Skin cancer.

Skin cancer is seriously no fun. What makes it bearable? Efudix. That's a cream that is liquid chemo and it bubbles the bad stuff out of your bad spots. But, you look like you got in a bad scuffle with something that had very ill intentions towards you.  It only mangles the parts where you really have the cancer.

My nose is becoming tattered.

All those years of beach time, topless jeep rides, and Arizona sun have made their mark. Again.

I have done this a few times and I always get a spot here or there. And it's usually on my face. Good thing I am not vain.

I put in a 11 hour day today. In order to get the time to go to the Bisbee Women's Club I went in at 7.. went to the meeting at 11 and went back to work till 6. I need more of that.

Or I guess I can paint my kitchen.. and I guess I could start prepping that tomorrow after work. Why the hell not? I have paint... and the workbench is gone. May as well.