And now it begins.

Sitting at Country Boy in Leiper's Fork with The Andy Griffith show on the big tv.. Waiting for my breakfast, going over 1009 things in my brain. 

The rest if my time here is going to speed  up 100 mph from today on. I feel ready. I feel fairly confident. And I am definitely caffeinated. 


Oh yes it is.

An early morning flight is good for two things. 

1. Getting to your deatination with time left in the day. 
2. Not getting a good night's sleep because you have to get up at ass crack:30. As in 3:30. 

I am getting soft and lazy. Maybe I am just getting old?

 I also kinda said a more or less 'NO' to a tour manager gig that was dangled in front of me yesterday. And get this... For an artist who tours nice big venues, has momentum, and is getting radio airplay. I didn't say a definite no. I will meet her in Nashville this week though. 

Off I go on my trip to see how my stage mgr skills really stack up. Grateful I will have friends around me throughout the trip. 

Americana Music Awards

Shawn Colvin!

Bonnie Raitt!!

Jason Isbell!!

Carol and Wendy!

What a treat! 



International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Yes it is!

Will I be talking about lilly livered bastards and scrurvy wenches?  Probably a little, but my brain is consumed with Americana Fest to be honest. That's good... my head is in the game. I have a bunch to do yet.. and basically I will have a bunch to do till next Monday.

The wee blog might be a little more interesting during that time, as I fully intend on getting some good pics to share. And, I am ready to hear a crap ton of great music!

Oh... and did I mention I have tix to the actual Americana Music Awards show at The Ryman?  Holy crap!

In a world where people are putting explosive devices all over NY and NJ, and the upcoming election is making people crazy, I am just gonna put one foot in front of the other and move to the next right thing. And that is going to stage manage a gig I really want to kick ass at. That's kinda all I know at this moment.


Music like this...

The unexpected nature of Americana..

Tami Neilson from New Zealand.

Not only does she have the goods, but she responds to show advancing emails quickly! I love her already!

Get it together!

Staying home and focusing on the rest of the emails I need to send out for next week. Laundry, packing, and then more emails..

No shoppe watching. I just gotta focus on me and my to-do list.

Shit is getting real.


50 Degree Morning.

50 degrees.. Fall is here in Bisbee.

I found a buyer for my large rolling workbench that has lived in my kitchen as a desk/flat surface/sometime eating area. Right now it is covered with crap that needs to find a new home, but soon it will be living at Old Bisbee Roasters as a workspace. That won't happen till the end of the month, but getting it a new home was a big part of the puzzle in the shifting of energy/functional nature of my kitchen. The shifting energy here at home is keeping me on my toes.

Everything feels completely overwhelming, but it's all good..  after talking to the production mgr at my venue for Americana Fest, I feel better about the flow of what needs to happen. I just have no downtime here at home before I go to do anything.  I might have to ditch opening up Culture Pirate on Sunday to be able to get ready for the trip.

Did I mention it's 50 degrees out there? There is no open door..(too cold!) and this means it's gonna be total Chamber of Commerce Weather down here in Tiny Town. And, I gotta say it feels really good to have an internet connection that is not a struggle. I feel like I am in a new era of being good to myself. That works!


Creating a shift.

I am getting furniture moved around...

And getting some out.

The tiny house is shifting it's energy. The tiny house denizen also had to suck it up and get her own damn internet after years of sharing passwords with my 2 closest neighbors. One of my neighbors died... and the other is just far enough away that the interwebs were not really useable.  So I am up and running on my own.

Getting the gigs for next week advanced is what prompted this drastic move.

Productivity before budget is my moto!


57 degrees with a chance of too much Honduras.

It's simply lovely outside this morning.

Crispness starting to be in the air, and a definite need for slippers, lest the toes get cold. And, at Old Bisbee Roasters, they brought out the Honduras El Jaguar on Friday, and it is freakin' delicious! I don't have the refined definitions for the tasting wheel... but holy shit it's good!

It was a good weekend... The Run Boy Run show went very well, and even though I had several no-shows (who didn't pre-pay) we still had a nice full event. I ran into some of the folks who just plain forgot, and told them that the band thanked them for the gas money..

This week is some major Mother Unit stuff and a whole bunch of Americana Fest stuff.. this is my last week before going to Nashville. Sometimes I feel like I don't have enough going on in my life and that I am just getting bored.

This is not one of those times.

Will never be perfect at it all, but holy crap I am trying to just get stuff done and checked off the list. And you know what helps with that?


And lots of it this morning.


A Friday for the record.

Last night was great. 

Super long day, but beyond worth it. I think all of those in attendance felt the magical vibe for the Run Boy Run show. 

I mean...


I am tired, and I am watching my pal's shop again this weekend, so no down time for me. I haven't gone 100 mph in a good while. Perhaps being off the road/tour is making me lazy and less sharp. And now that I have a little taste of relaxing, I kinda miss it when I don't get some. 

I dunno what this next week will hold besides lots of phonecalls and emails reiterating there is no soundcheck, only line checks for Americana Fest. All the artists and their reps want a full soundcheck for their performance. And it's just not gonna happen. 


I am gearing up for my gig mentally. I want this all to run smoothly. 


Chilly Thursday Morning Toes.

It is still quite moist outside.

And the damp air is making the air flowing in the front door a tad cooler than usual. I also have to accept that it's September. And it will cool off. Time to get the house reconfigured for the colder months. That means moving the tv off of the heater.. I do believe it might be 59 degrees out on the porch this morning. That makes for a little chill for the bare feet.

Tropical Storm Newton made driving back to Tiny Town a bit miserable for the first hour, but once I hit Tombstone, it was actually clear. Pitch black, but clear. That part of the drive signals a mere 20 more minutes till I am home.

Today is gonna be a bit of an overwhelm with haircut, first meeting of the Bisbee Women's Club for the season, work, and then a chiropractic appt I have been needing for a while. I have put off Chiro stuff since it's in Sierra Vista. And I haven't really had a bunch of extra cash to do stuff like that. But the truth is that my body hurts and I know it's out of alignment. And with my big Run Boy Run show happening tomorrow, and knowing there will be some gear lugging, I should really be "well adjusted".

Gotta pony up and get my new eye exam/glasses too..
There is a decline in my ability to see clearly (not a metaphor) and I have to own up to my aging process and get that handled. Won't have the new glasses/contacts before the Nashville trip, but I will at least have the exam. When I get back from that stage mgr gig, I will have a couple hundred dollars in my pocket (after paying my "volunteer roadies") so it's a good thing.

Living simply... barreling through my fear.. drinking coffee.

With chilly toes. Kinda yummy.


And then there was Hurricane Newton.

I took off outta Tiny Town last night.

There is lots of rain predicted with Hurricane Newton passing over Southern Az , and I just didn't want to be driving in the worst of it. It looks like Bisbee is gonna take a good hit on this one. Happy my house is fairly safe... with that tree issue now removed, I may have the residual issues with some water coming in the house, but I have a towel down and no longer have to worry about the branches falling or taking out any wires.

A super jam packed day for me up here. And I get to do it all in the rain. This must be what it's like in Juneau.


And so it begins.

The slew of emails has gone from a trickle to a barrage for the Americana Fest. I have my work cut out from me for sure. Wish I was more familiar with the venue, but I will be soon enough.

I just need to get my Run Boy Run show here in Tiny Town behind me on Friday, then I can just jam on all that I have to do to get ready for Nashville.

It's gonna kick my ass...  it's gonna be great, but a shit-ton of hard work starting now.

Light your lucky candles for me!