Flushy Mc Flusherson in the house!


Brewery Gulch, Bisbee AZ.

Strolling up The Gulch last night with my pal Ben last night and the Mimosa Market just looked so sweet... I had to snap a pic. I don't get up there too often. Working at a co-op makes the need for shopping a bunch easier in general.

I am enjoying being back at the co-op... I take great pride in making it neat and orderly. I am super focused on doing everything in my path around the store, and am also enjoying my time being closer to home to battle "Big Damn Bug Season" here in Tiny Town. Beetles and spiders so far, no centipedes or scorpions yet.. and those fucking wasps flying in the house have not been seen since the two I killed a couple days ago.

 House wasps. Just say NO!

I am getting ready to clean the sleeping loft for my pal Cathryn to come stay for a few.. that should be a fun visit. Good food, good company. I'll take it.


So Bad.

Watching Sharknado 3 with The Mother Unit... It's an absolute piece of crap. No surprise there... but I did manage to cook a stellar green chili cheese extravaganza for her for bfast while listening to the bad movie. When there is a 4th and 5th installation of this bad movie, I'm sure it'll get dvr'd but I think I'll pass.. it's just not even remotely good. The first one was the one one worth watching. And then came the commercial for "Lavalantula..." Yes. Really.


Monsoon Season.

Coming back from The Baked Pueblo yesterday I saw this beauty of a storm that was hammering Sierra Vista. It had essentially obscured a large portion of those mountains. That is the kind of storm you don't want to get caught out in! The Mother Unit is happy with her tv, and my mitzvah for the week is done.


T.V. 911!

Judas Priest!

I got a sad call that had The Mother Unit telling me her television had died... this is akin to losing a beloved family member in her world. The hierarchy of the family is The Mother Unit, her dog, then me then the t.v... then everyone else.

I knew this meant I was going to be making an unscheduled trip to The Baked Pueblo on Sunday. I held true to my brunch invite, the weather held , and I got to one of my favorite pawn shops in Tucson 3 minutes before they closed. Scored a nice Vizio HDTV thingy and talked the dude down in the process. I felt pretty good about myself till I showed up, plugged shit in and there was...

No. Sound.


Lot's of profanity, frustration, and general dismay. I finally fidgeted with it enough to find sound by putting the t.v. on channel 3.


Not having t.v. for a few (10 plus) years with cable has left me downright stupid on things like that. But we got it, and the crisis has been averted. Thank you Sweet Jeebus!

And I can pretty much guarantee I just spent about 300-400 less than if I had gone to Costco. Now that it's all setup, and there is sound, and The Mother Unit is happily channel surfing again, I will pat myself on the back, finish my watermelon Eegee and thank my lucky stars the damn thing works!


Day an night I celebrated entering my 50th year. Perhaps one of my best days with people I love. First year I have been around AZ for a birthday for about the last 3-4 years. Watermelon Eegee's, stripper movies with The Mother Unit, I just.. am so grateful. Everything. It's also a really good thing I have a decent bunch of hours at a job that is pretty ok right now. There is about 60% physical labor and the rest is just moving around a lot and thinking things through. That works. At least for now.



After a couple days laying low with a scratched eyeball, I finally was able to get out and get the supplies to make some kapama. I'll have it on the stove for another couple hours. It's all in
preparation for my 50th bday dinner with my mom up in The Baked Pueblo this week. 

50.  Wow. Ok. 

The day is planned with a massage, then I should be grabbing The Mother Unit and my Baked Pueblo Bestie, Elizabeth and taking them to a movie. A day with my posse. A true reason to celebrate being with two of the most important people in my world. 

And the kapama? It's 90% organic and local ingredients. That is way different than the origins of this very sacred ( to me ) recipe. 

The one thing that'll still need to be trashy is the sprinkle cheese. My godmother Irene always used the trashy sprinkle cheese. I do it to honor her as well.. She is always with me in my heart when kapama is cooking or being served. 


Bisbee says goodbye to the Men of the Frontier dolls..

From the De-Cilching of Bisbee meeting...

Bisbee Morning.

It's 64 degrees out there... doors open, and lovely.

It's 80 degrees in Phoenix right now and 74 in Tucson. This is one of the great benefits of living here in Tiny Town.  And while the town was full of 'Murica-loving frat boys thru the weekend, it was nice and quiet when I wandered down to visit with The Cilch Sisters around 8.

In fact, it was all locals.. and slightly cold warranting a light hoodie.  They don't get that in Phoenix till probably late October.. dunno how those folks deal with it.

I said goodbye to Chili and Jen this morning... it's been a super fun time with those Cilch gals.

Lots of love for them.


Yeah... This hapened this weekend. Only for/with Cilch Sisters..


Amazing sunset!

Fire in the sky.
Nothing burning but the beautiful colors and the monsoon clouds.


Jones the barn cat looking out over the berry fields. Most of the tents got broken down and carted away yesterday. Very little remnants out there from The Jam now. It was a helluva time!


One more rain shower and we should be done. Setting up stalled out a little, but we are throwing a big party in about 2 hours.