It all still looks like this over here.

Marvin. Sleeping. Happy. Spoiled.

I'm good with that.


Morning beach walk buddies Kelly and Kasia. Beautiful time with good friends.

Then I got to bbq a bit with my pal Roz and it was stellar.

Next up is an evening gathering. Busy social calendar! What the hell?


Right at home.

Second day in VA. It's just old home week over here.. me, my cat, my friends, and good food and coffee. The weather is unseasonably PERFECT! Played with a leaf blower for the first time in my life, and that would be the new experience for the day. It's all low key and low stress as I decompress from the last several weeks.

Really good head-space surprisingly. I wonder if I'm fooling myself, or if I really do see this whole situation fairly clearly? I didn't fail, I just wasn't right for the job. I am not taking this personally. At least I haven't yet..

I have a bevvy of things on the upcoming docket. More touring with The Andy T. Nick Nixon Band, already booked for SXSW in March with my pals from MPress Records, and the good possibility of having some recently reconnected friends come to AZ for Thanksgiving with me and The Mother Unit. Somewhere in there I need to look at what job is hopefully still waiting for me at home, and with any luck I get to be the gal I love to be and help bring music to people while trying to make a difference.

Thanks to those of you who have reached out to support me. You are my true heart and soul. I don't have any hard feelings about not being on the most recent tour anymore. I was not the person for the job. No matter how badly I wanted to be, that was the plain truth.

I do the same thing in relationships by the way... keep trying till there ain't no tryin' to do.

Time to go to The Food Lion and get some groceries for kapama,  lentil hummus, and something we are calling fauxboolie. Tablouli made with cauliflower instead of bulgar. I have been off gluten for almost 5 weeks, and I don't mind it at all.

All roads lead to discovery. If that's how you choose to see it.


That tiny little gap.

And it went a little something like this..

Crossing over into MD again, it was a picture perfect afternoon. 

And my last with this band. 

The plain truth is this. They needed a really seasoned pro who had been at a much higher level than where I have been operating from for the last 10 years. I simply didn't know how to operate on this level. Hard to say it. Absolutely. But I was not serving them. I busted my ass but they needed a Tour Manager Supreme .. Not a lower level decent tour manager like me. 

I am disappointed I couldn't get it right as fast as would have been needed to stay on.. But I have been trying to catch up since I signed on. Great experience. Great band, and no hard feelings. More of a sense of disappointment as we all liked each other. 

Off to nuzzle in the fur of my cat Marvin while I process this.  Gotta look forward to what I can do to make my skills wen better. 

I did the best I possibly could with the skills I have. And I wanted it bad. But I guess I wasn't ready. Fuck ...

Hopefully I will get to keep growing as a tour manager and have opportunities to  do bigger tours. But for right now I will look to this beautiful morning in Bethesda and be grateful for the opportunity I was given to work with this kickass band. And they do kickass. 


Change in plans.


In and out. NYC was a really good show and my pal Amanda Ruzza hauled over to see me. Loved Iridium and all the staff, stellar sound, and good food. I did not partake in late night pizza. Today is the Boston area. Tearful reunion with my very dear friend Carlyn. It's gonna be an asskicker of a day. The schedule will get screwed up and we will all get to drop back and punt.


Iridium NYC.

Woodrow Wilson rest stop on the way to NYC. Always reminds me of Trina Susan and Jane. Hit the ground running and make every second count today. It's a stressy one!


After a bit of traffuck.. And then some more traffuck we are just outside of Quantico. We still have to get south of Baltimore but the long travel day has an end in sight in a couple hours. We are 11 hours into our drive. What's another couple hours?


Made up for the super rough night in St Pete. Gainesville felt magical and sweet. Janiva had the crowd hanging on every word.. It was a really great crew at the venue too. All around a stellar evening that took the sting out of the night before. What a roller coaster ride! Now it's a 1000 plus mile drive to NYC. Stopping just north of Baltimore to slumber then roll into the city for a 3pm load in at Iridium. Today feels like I have the focus and things are getting done. One day at a time is all I've got.


I. Hate. Walmart.

I have no idea why people shop there. This band new band I am traveling with loves Walmart. And after a gig when we have a 13 hr drive, Walmart is even less appealing. Do ya feel me?