First attempt.

I am undertaking my first attempt at something. It's odd I have never attempted this before. I am well versed in wonderful things, and yet how have I managed to not do this before?  It's weird, really..  but all of that is about to change. I am gonna give it a shot. I might fail. But, then again, I might do it fairly well.

Yes. I have to come out of the closet as an over 50 year old woman who has never made potato salad.

Wow.. I had no idea the relief I'd feel from finally saying that out loud! This is all spawned by my belated birthday lunch with The Mother Unit yesterday where she had some not that good potato salad with her meal. It was an odd realization that I have never concocted this particular staple of summer picnic foods. I do make a killer cole slaw for sure.

Actually... it should be a good first stab at this as I have all the ingredients here and I can let it marinate while I am at wok.

But I just realized what is even more odd is that The Mother Unit did not give me a birthday card.. first time in a long while. But she can't shop for stuff, so I guess this is the new reality. Certainly doesn't mean she loves me any less.. in fact, I am hoping that our mother-daughter friendship/family bond just continues to deepen till the end of time. She is doing well. That's pretty much all I need today.


Oh, Hello.

House is cleaner... not spotless.

Laundry is done.

Getting a bid for tree removal hopefully tomorrow.

Making a list of stuff to get rid of.

And gosh darn, I am drinking a bunch of good coffee.

The reality of living in a small town when you are under-employed has it's down sides/realities. It's reeeeeeally quiet sometimes. And getting out to find cheap things to do is not always an option. Actually, my gratitude for no screaming drunk neighbor, or barking dogs etc, is up front and center. I think my drunk neighbor got a job at a bar on The Gulch, so she is out serving the booze and not just putting it away all day long.

I am settling into the job quite nicely. It's the slow season, so at some point I may get a few more hours which will hopefully get me a little more cash. I don't need much, but I do need a little bit more.
All in all this first week of my 51st year should be super quiet. I anticipate a bit more to do in the coming weeks with the Americana Fest thingy amping up. Shit... that is gonna be so freakin' awesome!

All I know is that there is a watermelon Eegee with my name on it up there.


Damn fine day.


That was a birthday alright!

Capped off with dinner at Cafe Roka with my pal Elizabeth. So good Holy crap!

Feeling loved.

I'll take it.


By the time you read this...

By the time you read this, it will be all over.

I will have put the 50th year of my life behind me.

One of the best ever.

What made it so good?

Choosing powerfully.
Allowing things to flow.
Letting go.

I did things that I never thought I'd get to/have to do.

And I learned..

And now on this first morning of my 51st year, I have no idea how I can top 50, but I tell ya what, being all about the love and surrounding myself with the good folks I get to have in my world, and letting my shindig-loving/odd side shine again... just makes trying to makes trying to top 50 sound like so much fun!

I will take authentic, fat, happy, profane, broke, married to a pinball machine over popular, skinny, wealthy, look good, say what people want to hear any day.

Deal me in for 51!

And seal the deal with a watermelon Eegee!!

Photo taken prior to the bday...
but.. Eegee's with The Mother Unit!



Ho.. Leeee..Shit!

I totally just scored the stage manager gig at 3rd and Lindsley for Americana Fest in Nashville for late September!!!


I love that this energy is helping me usher in my 51st year. It's sooo something to look forward to. It helps me to feel absolutely worth something in the music biz... even though I am a bit removed at this point.

The Safety Dance got rescheduled for another time... Poco kinda dropped the ball. No merkins to be distributed this evening.

Oh well... at least there has been a large watermelon Eegee consumed, a good chat with The Mother Unit this morning, and all is well over here.


I got your Hobby Lobby right here!

Making merkins. 

Does Hobby Lovby give classes on that?

I think not. 



I will be crafting merkins this weekend.

Yup... merkins.

On Wednesday at Poco, we are doing a wee dance party thingy I have named,"The Safety Dance."  I am co-hosting with the lovely Jackie, and with my trusty BFF Elizabeth at my side. I have no idea how a statement like," First 20 people at the event get free Safety Merkins!" will go over.. but whatever! It's just another dumb idea I have that makes me smile, so I am good with it.

In keeping it simple in Bisbee life, I am loving the perk of grabbing coffee from work. The Burundi is sublime! One of the best coffees I have ever had. And after the week we just had over there at the shoppe,  I can say that not only is the coffee good, but so are the people that work there. The roaster wanted to break down.. and Seth and Michael sleuthed  out the problems and pampered the machine back to health with the help of some Fed-Ex'd parts.

And then when I delivered coffee over to the SV Co-op yesterday, I felt like I had found my way out of the sadness and disappointment that it didn't work out there... good to see some friends there, but do not miss being there. The "new job sheen" on the coffee gig is welcome.

One Day At A Time I am doing this thing..



With my travels far behind me now, I am hyper focused on doing the new job the very best I can. There are little things to learn, and the things I have not been taught, are seemingly few and far between. I did kinda just get thrown in there to do the job.. and now the little things that can kinda fuck shit up a bit are being explained and taught to me.

I pride myself on being a good worker and a good employee... and there will be a great benefit to me seeing the other aspects of how this coffee company works.  There is plenty to learn.. and this place is easy to work at.  I am kinda salaried at a certain wage that is based on about a 20 hour work week. It will be enough to keep me afloat. I'd rather be working longer days and have more days off.. but that is not happening so I am adjusting to that. If ever a huge tour was going to show up on my doorstep... the cruel joke would have that tour happen now. Just when I have a decent job in Old Bisbee. And then I'd have to choose.

But then again, that may never happen.. so I can just take it all one day at a time and be super grateful I live where I live, and I have a job I like.

Gratitude goes a long way.  Every time.


And being tired does me no favors..

I slept in.

I was a loopy bitch by the end of my work day yesterday. Still a little tired today, slightly out of it. How do I know that? I got the newest, highest score on High Speed this morning and spaced entering my initials.. damn.

I have been vacuuming and dusting today. Sparked by finding a scorpion in the kitchen sink. I know I really don't wanna know how many might be in the house.. but shit, I get creeped out when I do find 'em. Blech!

The town is bursting at the seams with people in red white and blue..  a few confederate flag wearers too. Oh, 'Murica..

I got my new banana plant (from the farm in Franklin) in a pot with Buddy Christ watching over it. I hope it survives. I am gonna name it Chiquita if it takes.  Fingers crossed.

Here's to being home, employed, relatively healthy, and caffeinated. I feel lucky and grateful.


Doyle and Debbie.

I gathered a gaggle of gals together and went out to see Doyle and Debbie last night. Laughed till I cried.. repeatedly. It's just that good. Said goodbye to my pal Tania who went back to Bowling Green after bfast and now am just killing anlittle time while I wait to go to dinner with Kathy and Andy from The Andy T. Band. 

A nap is in order and some preliminary packing/gathering. Easy day.. Hope the travel day tomorrow is easy too. 


All is damn near quiet.

On the breakfast table this morning were Fritos. 

In fact, not your ordinary Fritos, but smoked Fritos. Yes. Smoked. They are delicious. 

We kept it all pretty low key around the farm today because we  were all wiped out from yesterday. It was horrible hot and a day that went from 7:00 am till midnight for us. 

I did little to help  this afternoon to break down the last tables tents and chairs as I scheduled a lunch date and missed the bulk of the schlep. And now I have friend dates thru the day I leave. Yay!

And a damn fine time was had..


Working from a different locale.

I  am soooo working from thempool today! Watching for a trailer to be delivered.. Hard work!

Prior to that was brekkie at Country boy with Sherry, Carol, and Mama June.


Double fisted Cholula style!

The bestie last weekend. Good times in the summer secret places in Bisbee.. Soon the pics from my jaunt to TN will be spalshed all over the wee blog.