Old school bonding.

Friends over for pinball? 



A fun afternoon gathering after lunch for a raucous pinball session. Lots of laughter, and good joo joo. What a gift. 

There is a kitchen cleanup/cleanout project underway so now the wee house is torn apart again. Oh well. A spotless house has never been my thing anyway. 

But the purge is beginning. And it's long overdue.  


There was no dodging the very large rock that cracked my windshield and sent shards of glass all over the dash, the seats and my arms and legs! 


It hit my car so hard, I thought it was a bullet! Scared the crap out of me!  And it is essentially a pulverized bunch of crushed glass I could put my thumb through.  

Lucky me, I paid my car insurance ontime and have glass coverage. I get a new windshield Friday. 

Nope... No dodging that. 

There was no way to dodge news of my neighbor behind me having passed away last week in California.. shit.. Her boyfriend called this afternoon with that news. 

On my walk thru Tiny Town tonight, I sent out a bunch of good joo joo to my friend Cammy.. So sad. I knew she was not well.. She hasn't been well for years.

And if course, now the house will get sold and all in the span of a year I will
have gone from nice and quiet, no loud dogs, and mostly vacant houses to now having people who drink on the front patio,loudly and late..directly across the street, a loud dog over behind next to
cammy'a and god knows who will buy Cammy's.. 

Judas Priest! There goes the neighborhood!  Nowhere to run.. Nowhere to hide... From the noise. 

The Mother Unit's hood has two houses that blast music.. I only really did that for parties. Now I am sounding like the old lady on the block.. 


No way to dodge that either.

Rest in peace, Cammy. Your good taste, quirkiness, and brilliant mind will be missed. 

So busy we forgot.. I forgot at least

Yesterday was a doozy!

We got the official ok from the insurance company, and the relief is HUGE for me.I can imagine The Mother Unit is quite happy and relieved as well.

Our day was filled with errands and moments of celebration at the news. The day and mood so light and good, that when I was just driving away from Starfish, Mom calls and says,"We forgot to watch Game of Thrones!" I was fine telling her we can watch it next time...  I was absolutely happy with our day as it was.

I'm in talks with a pal of mine here for a tiny, little, low pay job... dunno if I can work out the schedule yet. But, it would mean free coffee beans. And that would be a good thing.

I am just doing what is in front of me... Next week may also be the CDL written exam. I will have to find a vehicle for the driving test...



This makes my day! 

The insurance will cover The Mother Unit staying at Starfish!! She is happy, and I am relieved. I know how happy and safe she feels there. And I know that my gizzards have been in a bit of a knot with worry about what would happen if they denied coverage. 

I am gonna take a deep breath in and then exhale all that stress.  

It's my bestie boy, Jeffrey's birthday today.. An early call to him started the day with lots of laughter and love. His husband bought them a condo in San Diego for his bday. I looked it up online and it's swanky.

Glad those guys are doing so well again. The collapse of the financial market really set them back.. But now they are back on top. 


Not even hot... yet.

A long day... but not even 100 degrees here so... BONUS!

And I am still up and not tired. That's gonna make for sleepy me in the morning. But, that's ok. I have a 9:30 am meet-up with The Mother Unit for a dr appt schlep.

The day was semi-productive. I rolled in a bit later than the time I usually do, so it was a rough start right off the bat. We still waited at dialysis. After the time with the mom,  I got to see my life coach pal and get a little pat on the back for how I am being proactive with the resume and thinking outside the box. I hope my good energy doesn't get crushed immediately... I could benefit from a good run of energy and luck.

Fingers crossed... doing what seems to be the next right things.

Get to see Game of Thrones as my tv bonding time with The Mother Unit tomorrow. And I think I will be making a late afternoon trek back home. Have an invite to gather with friends tomorrow evening at 5 pm here in The Baked Pueblo, but I can grab time with these pals next week or in Nashville when they go back to Bowling Green KY, where they live now.

I did put out a text to my sweet friend, Mama June about the possibility of her making a chess pie for me when I am in Franklin.. so that my Bowling Green pals can drive down, spend time and have a delish dessert made by someone who knows how to do it right. She said she'd love to make one for me. I have good friends.

I am finishing watching "Meet Joe Black" on the television... and I can probably think about going in and trying to get some sleep. Maybe I'll be more tired when I lay down? Dunno... maybe not.  Guess I'll give it a shot..

Hell, I didn't even have late coffee!


Bacon on the run.

This is Bacon. Bulldog extraordinaire. 

That's Bisbee down there. And this is the view from up by Juniper Flats. 

An evening walk with a bulldog and friends was an unexpected pleasure. 

Another day in Shangri-La. 

Days go by.

Well, at least I am getting lots of time with friends, long evening walks, lots of coffee, and plenty of pinball.  I'm nearly 3 weeks into the self-imposed unemployment.. and as each week has gone by, I just keep telling myself not to freak the fuck out. It's not gonna change anything anyhow. Gotta get zen on that shit..

I gotta thank the woman who runs the care home for this one..

I'll find something to do for work... somewhere.


Slag Heap Sunset!

After this delicious sunset over the slag heap in Warren last night.. I took the carload of merry men to Mexico for a night of great conversation, and of course.. tacos. All of these guys older than me, much more well traveled and worldly.. and all with great knowledge and taste in music. My kind of guys!

This mornin brings wind and slightly cooler temps as well as less irritation in my eyes so the swamp cooler will have it's moment today to be fully fired up. I estimate 2 more trips to the hardware store and 4 paragraphs of expletives before I am done.. But I am gonna get that damn thing done. 

Tomorrow is Mother Unit Monday.. I look forward to seeing her every week.  Our time is brief though. She is mostly at dialysis and I am just killing time till I pick her back up. And then it's bill pay and small talk after we get back to Starfish Base Camp. (That makes it sound so much cooler!)

She sounds in good spirits and I can't ask for much more in this world but for her to be as ok as possible each day. She worries too much.. I am trying not to worry. 

Each moment is a gift. 

Just like a sunset over a slag heap. 


15 minutes, and I'm 2 cups in.

A nice early wakeup. And a very caffeine filled one at that. I do like it that way.

Even though my eye is still bugging me a lot, I have to work on my swamp cooler this morning as the temperatures are indeed climbing here, I dunno if Tucson hit 100 yesterday or not, but we had mid 80/s which means time for cooling to be accessible. It's only gonna get warmer.

Summer is upon us. there is little really going on down here this past week other than me poking around for job possibilities when I am not sitting in the dark park of my house with my eye watering. It makes me look tired.. and it hurts. So, until it gets a bunch better, I am prolly just gonna give it a rest and stay out of the sun/outdoors for the most part.

The Mother Unit and I should know the status of her ins. claim within the next 4 weeks, and I am kinda in limbo to a certain extent till that goes one way or another. Maybe I am taking this all too seriously..  but this is the only mother I've got and she needs to be safe, comfortable and happy. In other words... just before I go to work The Blackberry Jam in Franklin in June, we will know the initial status of the claim.

I have convinced a couple pals from Bisbee who have family in Franklin to come to The Jam... which will be fun to have more melding of good people in magical places.

Bisbee still feels magical to me all these years later.


Phone it in.

Blackberry Jam board mtg today... finalizing food truck lineup, and going over publicity etc. We haven't done as many of these this year as the last few, but it may just be that we are getting better at pulling this event together?

I got a good scratch on my eye... and it's irritated as hell. I would kinda like to be wearing a patch like a pirate because it hurts in the light quite bad. But I will soldier on like any good pirate would. Ever since I started using the contacts I switched to, my eyes have been super susceptible to scratches and debris being uber irritating. No fun.. someday when I can afford new glasses and contacts I am gonna get away from these contacts.

I'm off to talk to someone about some work possibilities. Just putting one foot in front of the next to keep moving at least a little forward.


The Day Of The Mother.

I did The Mother Unit a sold yesterday on Mother's Day.

One word..


She was in good spirits, with a good appetite for our planned takeout meal of mediterranean food. I don't get to do much for her these days, but I can truck in delicious food.  I also managed to figure out the problem with her Kindle. I think I may have chalked up a gold star on the daughter report card.

At least I hope I did..

I told her she was my favorite mother of all time.. she told me I was her favorite daughter. Then I said I knew Elizabeth was her favorite, but that was ok with me.

I am waiting for the battle with the insurance company on her claim... I know my black or white thinking is a detriment to me in this case, but she really does feel safer and is totally cared for at this place.

And at the same time.. I gotta be ready for whatever is next.  One Day At A Time...


Who are these people?

On the walk last night I ran into fellow Bisbee denizen, Gordon. I see him all the time walking his dog. Nice guy, nice dog. And it wasn't till las night the we had a chance to connect on that human/look you in the eye/authentic level. 

I suggested we sit and talk so we went to a local watering hole where we chatted about our lives in Bisbee, where we came from, travel,and what's the current news in the moment. What a delightful man! A smile all the way to his deep insides. I don't have any gay men I hang with here ever since my pal Richard left. So a connection to a light hearted queer guy made my dyke heart happy. We made a taco date for lunch today. 

Hello Mexico!

Then neighbor Andy wandered up to the bar and we all shared some laughs. She is basically 2.5 houses away. We have lots in common and I have found her a good calming resource for talking things through about how to be the best daughter for The Mother Unit in these times of health dips and dives. As a retired nurse, her words about oxygen, COPD, altitude, attitude, and comfort helped me greatly let go of my inner struggle with wanting my mom to move to Bisbee so I could be there to help her. And really... My mom didn't want me to help her as proven by her being at Starfish and being very safe and taken care of 24/7 by professionals. 

Andy and i have a cortadito date on the porch this morning. Week one of no job, and I talked to 3 different businesses about employment, and didn't isolate in my wee house. 

Plus that whole high score thing on the pinball machine.. 

Not a bad week. 


It finally happened.

Today is the day I officially wiped whoever "SSR" was off the 3rd highest score on High Speed. A true day to celebrate! 
For me, anyhow. 

I think I'll commemorate this day withan evening  walk and some groovy mixtape playlist on the ipod. It's cool out. And kinda windy. I guess that'sperfect pinball   weather. Must be.. I feel perfectly happy with my silly accomplishment. 

It took me 3 plus months to get all the high scores. Getting that unkown person out of my high score que was a true challenge. 

This week has had me playing about 10 games of pinball each day. Not many, considering I could play 100. But I have been in town talking to folks and putting it out there that I am looking for work. So pinball is the treat for doing all of those next right things.  

Buying High Speed is possibly one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Yes, it's absolutely absurd to have a pinball machine in such a wee house. And holy shit, it is nobody's business but mine!