95 degrees and outta my head.

The a/c is not working.

I wanna cry.

I'll watch this instead.


Instant Pot.

Pressure cooking joy

I finally made some beans in my Instant Pot. Took 35 or so minutes from a dried bean to mealtime. Impressive. I am trying to make more nutritious foods with less crap in them. Comfort food isn't really helping these days. I just gotta eat smarter and healthier. This cooking device is gonna make things more interesting and easy.

Two hours of pickleball this morning was fun and now time for projects and then a sunset
walk to take in just how beautiful Bisbee is this time of year. I live in paradise.



had the Andy T Band in town last night for a show.

Holy crap it was under attended!


I might need to give up on tryinh to bring music thru Tiny Town. I don't have enough capital to finance shows that cost hundreds of dollars before the show even starts. Andy was sweet and handed me a check to co er some of the loss.. he's a sweetheart like that. But I'm still out of pocket and I may have to admit that I may not be cut out for show promoter status.

I am never thrilled to admit something is not really working out. Being the dreamer I am I just wanna create all kinds of musical goodness. And maybe that needs to just be thru creating mix tapes.

The good news is I got to see Andy and the guys and he had my pal Anson with him so that was a
Real treat. I put Anson up as my first houseguest in the place. We stayed up late talking and drank good cooffe in the morning  with a little home cooked breakfast thrown in for good measure.

Quick visit but packed full of love.

Time with friends is precious.


Sixteen Candles.

I am a complete sucker for ANY John Hughes movie.

I decided that a couple of those teen angst movies would be the perfect companion to clean and organize here at the house today. I am actually still unpacking and putting this place together in between loads of stuff going out of the old house. I never really feel like doing this after work. I lost the whole day of productivity yesterday while up in The Baked Pueblo.

It was yet another gorgeous day here in Tiny Town, but honestly, I was indoors for 98% of it. The yard is still a mess, but I spend more time looking at the chaos inside than out so that is my first priority.

Hooked up the lava lamp and actually brought my fave antique table down and it kinda fits perfectly here in this odd little house. I unpacked and set things up and set things out. A little more art on the walls, more tools, and paint gear put away. I now have a stack of empty boxes to deal with and I am also going to try and get some durable stuff put under the house.

My simple life gives way to a few friends passing thru Bisbee this week... and I have to set up sound and a fix up a room for a show all day Wednesday.  I am so fortunate The Mother Unit is starting to bounce back from all her recent hospital stays and all of the maladies that put her there.

The soundtracks to these John Hughes movies are largely the soundtrack to a bunch of my own youth. I'll probably still be watching these damn things in 10 years still.



At 10:28 a.m. I finally did it.

High Speed and I had a sweet moment in between loads of laundry.

I broke 10 million points.

The projects can begin now. The day has a major milestone.


Turn it. Burn it. Stick a fork in it.

This day is done.
Up at 4:30 am, out the door by 6:30, full day in The Baked Pueblo and now back in Tiny Town decompressing a bit.

Haven't done many turn and burns since monsoon season started for obvious reasons. But now that it's pretty much back to postcard weather here in Bisbee it's worth getting back to.

My worry has my sleep off.. and realistically, I should just stay up later, get more tired and deal with it.  Easier said than done. Project time is in the daylight for me unless it's painting. Maybe some book reading will do the trick? I have 5 books that I need to read.

The Mother Unit could use a few good days in her win column. They seem to be a bit of a crapshoot to obtain. Lots of dumb little things making for difficult days. But her spirits are slowly lifting and I hope to get her laughing more.

Every day is a gift.


As is often the case..

I have been worried.

Lots of things have been happening with The Mother Unit. It's had me distracted and absent from home and when I am home, I am just going through the motions.

Today I hauled my ass out of bed at 5 am and actually hit the ground running on several projects. I had purchased a shelfy/closet thingy a while back and knew it would be a pain but it's needed. It was on my list.

Disassembling the laundry area in its chaotic state was easy.

Then it took me a good while to assemble it.

But really, I dig it.. shelves and two rods for clothes!

And this is kinda how it looks now...

Organized (for me) chaos.

Hell, it only took me damn near all day. I feel good about that. I have painting to do up next, then I gotta check fluid levels in my car and go to the hardware store to return stuff that wasn't right.

I went to a neighbor's to harvest some bamboo... That would be a great plant for me. I'm sweaty, tired, and gonna go play pickleball now that bamboo is mine. And it looks like it'll be pickleball in the rain (and it was... and it was fabulous!)

Now THAT is a productive day!


It's been a little dark.

If there is one thing that is a glaring problem in the world, it's the words thrown at others in real time and on social media.

I have seen so much arguing and anger over politics, racism, Monsanto, animal cruelty, LGBTQ, plastic bags, and so much more.

This all really does add to the heaviness in my little world. Perhaps part of the remedy is getting off social media again... and not engaging in gossip. It's all just so volatile right now. Even in (or especially in?) Bisbee. Big city, little city... doesn't really matter anymore, does it? The angst is palpable.

I can't stand the sound bytes I hear from the country's supposed leadership... and I wince at the hate spewed in all directions. I am not a protestor, I am not really smart enough to have political debates with people. But know this time in my life feels like all we are doing is driving huge wedges between our fellow humans.

My heart is heavy this morning...

Doesn't help that The Mother Unit is still hella weak. I don't know how to cheer her up right now. All I can do is be here and be present. There is little joy at this second, but that means I need to get out and make something good happen. Ugh... feels hard.



I ditched work today to go spring The Mother Unit from a less than desirable rehab nursing home this morning. It had to be done. She was not being tended to.

It's hard enough that she feels weak and awful.. but then not getting basic care is plain old not right. It's times like this where it's incredibly hard for me to be almost 2 hours away.

She is wiped out... leaving her today at Starfish after waking her from a nap, I just thanked my lucky stars that she is back there and then felt bad for waking the woman who rarely gets a good night's sleep. My friends assure me I will find some grace in how I deal with all of this. I hope so for my mom's sake. She deserves a break about now.

I didn't sleep that well last night either. Well, I was sleeping good and then my pal texted me at 3:40 am to send me a picture of my cat. How can I be angry when there is a pic of Marvin?

That's my Mr. Kitteh Boy!


30 years is a long time.

These last few weeks have been a little (ok totally..) chaotic with The Mother Unit flopping in and out and now back in the hospital. The emotional part is pretty major, the time needed in Tucson is not to be downplayed, and the overall intensity is pretty big.


I still made it to 30 years clean and sober today. I worked a long day, cooked dinner for my friends who are spending a few days here over Pirate Weekend, and we just decompressed with a movie. Darn good to laugh a bit and just let some folks support me and be easy.

I made it to 30 years sober in spite of myself... I doubt I was ever really planning on not using substances for this amount of time. But truly taking it one day at a time made all the difference.

These days that kind of simplicity is serving me pretty well as I reel in my panic and fear sometimes on an hourly basis.

There is a lot of good in this world still and I'm glad I am around to see it. Being a bit of a Pollyanna is maybe not such a bad thing when all you really want is to brighten the day up for those around you.


Just when you least expect it.

The Mother Unit is having a bit of a tough time.

While she has been in and out of the hospital enough to qualify for a buy 5 get one free punch card, her flopping back in on Friday with yet another batch of problems is frustrating for her. She's tired and worn out.

There is only love and support for her at every turn from me and everyone else. She could certainly do with a little bit of luck to get better and have an easier time of it. I am going to be light and funny and try to keep her laughing. That'll be some of the best medicine. Couple that with some medical marijuana edibles and I hope she will find a little respite from all the stress and worries.

Just rolled back into Tiny Town and am doing laundry for the week. Chores don't stop unfortunately. I'll be back up there sooner than later. And she needs rest not visitors. Sending out all the love and good ess I got for her. So much love.



Little chances to take time with friends throughout the days.. that's what makes for a good day.

From connecting with a pal who is struggling emotionally to dinner with my pal Rod in Mexico, the day was special as I got a little more regrouped from last week's sting supporting The Mother Unit in the hospital. Of course then I neglected to call her to see how her day went.


But getting home after 8:30 made it too late to check in so I'll do that call this morning. My missing handyman has resurfaced somewhat and I am just glad he's ok. He's a delicate, talented, smart man. I will be getting together with him this afternoon to settle up my bill with him for what he
has done so far and certainly hope he will consider more in the future when I get caught up from the much larger project than I had budgeted for.

I have a small cushion in the bank, but of course a water heater has failed and an alternator belt on my car is on the horizon so it's important to be careful. Well, if nothing else it's an adventure.

I'm traversing this path somewhat quietly these days.

No hoopla.. just looking forward to do each next right thing.


It's not easy.

As The Mother Unit is getting all the care she needs in the hospital, I returned to Bisbee to finish out the work week to restore the calm to my workplace. It wasn't chaos without me, but they would really like me to be there for scheduled shifts. And we are pretty busy. We got 5 tons of green coffee beans delivered and the shop is very floor to ceiling with the goods.

I am hoping she makes the progress needed to get released in the next couple of days. She hates the hospital almost as much as I do. All I can do in this moment is stay present with her from wherever I am.

When I got. Ack to Bisbee yesterday morning it was very humid and almost Florida moist but the rains have done wonders for the green things at the house. The grape vines are going bonkers and the trees really did need more water than I was giving them. There is construction debris all over and my dude has kinda disappeared and so I am left to get this all wrapped up on my own I guess for now. I can do a dump run after work today and try to make the yard less of  a hazard.

Is a trip back up to The Baked Pueblo in the cards for the weekend?


I just want The Mother Unit outta the hospital.

I was supposed to be flying to Seattle today to meet up with K.K. to go see Lady Gaga but my time off was kinda spent. Bummer for sure. But I love my mom and I needed to be there.

CLl your family and tell them you love them.. time is fleeting.