Monday Night Dance Party.

The Fabulous Gretchen Baer hosted a dance party at her studio last night for The Cilch Sisters.

A gathering of about 10 people with a big floor to get our shindig on. Sweet, intimate, and the music really worked. I haven't felt moved to dance in a while. Such a gift to just be with a few friends and dance a bit.

There hasn't been too many chances for that lately... Maybe if there were a lot of those chances, it wouldn't be as precious a moment in my mind. Gretchen channels that kind of thing so freely, and it's a great reminder how self expression and just letting go can fuel so much goodness.

Somewhere along the line I started looking at how to be more efficient and just getting things done. That attitude probably evolved from tour managing. Served it's purpose for sure, and is always there when needed. Lightness and love and joy is what is called for now here in Bisbee for me. Work is lighter hearted, my town is a joyous place, and my love for The Mother Unit and my circle of friends (near and far) is fierce. It's a good focus.

One Day At A Time.

Time to dance..


Holiday weekend and some San Diego Cilch!

Cilch ?

Yes.. Cilch.

As in The Reverend Chili Cilch and her amazing sister Jennifer Cilch! The sisters are heading to Tiny Town on Sunday. I am not on holiday, but I can definitely get some Cilch in my world after I get all my stuff done each day. We may have some weather on deck for today and into tomorrow late morning or so.. but then it's back to 50's and 60's. Should be fun... it always is!

On top of everything else, emails are starting to go out from me to some artists/booking agencies looking for some quality music to come thru town. I have to do this right... and slowly try to build this pop-up venue. I got my first poster done and a new ticket template. So I am all set to flyer and get the word out starting today for the 2/28 burlesque with live music show.

Not that there isn't plenty of other stuff on my plate.  I only have 2 short weeks from today to get this show sold out or close to it. I may fall short on a "sold out" on this one, but I am not gonna give up on making a go of this.


What more do you need?

Really, this is all about me.

I had a painful yet super helpful physical therapy visit last night with Bisbee's local PT Goddess.. massive bending, stretching, chiro, needles, cupping, ointments, and then the requisite physio tape. A full hour and a half dedicated to making my shoulder better. Now I get to stretch and keep on track till next week. This is the same gimp side that I had injured moving that 1500 lb. pallet jack a few years back at the co-op. Damn work injuries.. both of these were triggered by jobby movements. 

 My shoulder has black tape on it, and I have cupping hickeys all over my shoulder and back. but I'll take less pain over vanity for sure! I guess I can look for the bright side of this. I have use of my arms and hands, and can still get the jobs around me done.. so realistically, it's time to STFU about it.

I am gonna use this as a fresh start reset to be gentler to myself.  I have lots to do, but I can chip away at it and not lose my mind over not getting it all done RIGHT FUCKING NOW.  Deep breaths..

And then this: Just as I get used to not having any tour managing and next to no travel.. I get a text from my pal Dave asking if I can do a week and a half with him over the summer.  He must have a large crew that he needs a buffer with. He dangled the carrot of FloydFest in the text.. My intrigue is there for sure and I'll inquire about how the coworkers feel about that being added to my travel schedule for 2017. 

So all in all.. everythting moves forward. I keep my head in the sand about politics amidst my own fear of this next administration. All I can do is show up each day and do my best. And I do just that. Fueled by lots of coffee and a deep love for those around me.


Vitamin D.

I actually had time to sit on the porch for 35 minutes and just soak in the beautiful afternoon... I have not taken the time to do that in months. There is always a reason to be good to myself. I just don't always choose that. But it was about 73 degrees out there and I just had to stop for a minute!

Now I am finishing up the laundry and have House of Cards on in the background to catch up on it. I think I am 2 seasons behind. Today there was coffee bagged and delivered, tea procured,  the Culture Pirate poodles (Will and Dolly Bird) lavished with lots of attention, and then a couple of not entirely great games of pinball before settling in to my end-of-week chores. A little vacuuming still to happen, and then the dinner dishes and I should be about 80% ready for this next week.

All signs point to finishing up on a nearly two month "project" at the end of this week. A few more details to handle... but then this not talked about thing The Mother Unit and I have been doing will be pretty much complete. And by next Monday, it's supposed to be done. It will signal big changes on so many levels.. I really have no idea other than we are moving forward and there is hope in my heart it's all really good.

Speaking of good..
I hung out with my pal Elizabeth yesterday. We are all good. Our friendship had a weird week of downtime and now we are back to normal. It's all about perspective. She has absolutely been the best pal I have ever had.. and she will continue that even if she ends up leaving Bisbee. No mention was made of her husband's job interview in another state. And I'll just not talk of her husband.  I am just going to keep my focus on being a good friend. We are both aware of how much our happiness is affected by getting to hang out together.. we did some POCO brunch and sat out in the beauty of Bisbee and laughed.

After this past week and weekend, a few big things on the docket that were a huge stressors are now complete and/or fixed, done, and handled.

Now if I could just get that fucking IKEA sink to stop leaking! Gah!


What did I get myself into?

After some very busy and productive days with The Mother Unit up in The Baked Pueblo, I have now returned home to a harsh reality.

I had Edible Baja drop off the majority of Bisbee's share of new issues to me over at the workplace. I am trying to help keep them stocked and not hoarded by a person who takes them and inserts something for her event without compensating the magazine for that insert privilege.

In my moment of trying to right a wrong, I created a lot more for myself to do on top of trying to get more ads and maintain the ones that are already in there.

So, as usual... I am well intentioned. I am doing this to show Bisbee in a stupendous light. This town is so damn cool, I can hardly stand it! I want folks to know!

Aaaaannnnd.... I just bitchslapped myself upside the head by how much more I will need to do. I may have made a mistake in trying it this way.

I guess time will tell. This is so like me though. For better or worse, I will learn something from this. I prefer not to totally fail, but I just might on this one.

Judas Priest!


7:33 for the win.

It's a morning filled with massive coffee consumption. Pouring over a list of to-do/to-bring for The Mother Unit as well as all of the things I need to follow up on here on top of that.

Coffee is my one true friend. Ever faithful. Always helpful.

There is so much to do over the next several weeks. Things are shifting, Mercury is in retrograde, my back is signaling my stress level, and I just gotta gently move forward to get everything done.

Gently is not exactly my usual way.

Getting up-ended by my weird disagreement with my pal Elizabeth made me stop and look at how I am really doing. The truth is, I am actually doing pretty well but I am getting much more protective of my time spent on or with folks I really don't jive with. She and I will get back to our good place. And, she may up and move away if her husband gets a job elsewhere which he is interviewing for.. He has become a good mirror for me. It's always through difficulty that that kind of shit comes into focus.  I have incentive to make sure I clean up my stuff with my pal asap.

The day ahead is already spinning fast, and there is only one more cup of coffee to be had. Must be time to move.


To sum up the last week... here it is.

This joy is so apparent. I gotta use this big old smile as my balance point. This woman... The Mother Unit, is doing so well right now. There is great cause for gratitude these days. This was a shot from her birthday margarita moment. I know that drink made her super happy and perfectly warm and fuzzy to cap off her birthday. I felt like I did her proud on her day. Full strength cocktail and all!

Last night for New Year's Eve I had a stupendous dinner at Cafe Roka with my pals Robert and Constance then we walked over to The Quarry for The Mission Creeps and a good many of my favorite locals hanging out enjoying the festivities. The music was good, the midnight thing happened, and after a couple more songs we split and walked around a bit in town and I was home in bed by 1a.m..

These kids are so sweet! I adore them!


How this week went down. And then.. 2017.

The Mother Unit said that her birthday celebration on Wednesday was one of the best days.

Everything fell into place and she felt totally loved and appreciated! She also had a surprise visit from several of the ladies from her old Square Table group on Tuesday.  Nothing could have been better for her than to have her peers show up and shower her with love. So much goodness!

The rest of the week has been a bit of a blur of coffee and trying to keep the wee house semi-tidy for the prospect of a pinball session on Sunday with my pals who own D and D Pinball in Tucson. There is a breakfast meeting with me and the bestie.. we are hoping for a quick run to Douglas to give ourselves the "meat sweats" with some delicious carne asada and other meaty treats. And a late a.m. update: this ended up with us having the first serious disagreement ever and we drove back to Bisbee in silence..  Over something I perceived as horribly rude that her husband said to me a few weeks ago. Major bummer. MAJOR! I may have just lost my bestie... she will totally have to side with her husband. She is amazingly and honorably loyal that way. I am just gonna take deep breaths and try not to freak the fuck out.

Tonight has me and my outta towners (D&D kids) dining at Roka at 8pm and then getting over to The Quarry to see The Mission Creeps... Rain should be done by late morning, and it'll be cold but ok out there.

All in all, the day should be relatively calm till later. The town is filling up as of yesterday. Today should be kinda seriously touristy. A good day for revenue here in town! Always a good thing..



Yesterday my bestie, Elizabeth turned 50.


The Mother Unit turns 83.

Every birthday with The Mother Unit is a gift. This year she will spend the bulk of the time I am up here in dialysis.

Yes. It's different.
But she so sets the tone for making the most of it, you can't help but love and support her. We laugh more than ever these days. Our lightness with each other makes our time together super sweet. And her pals rallied around her yesterday to go celebrate with her at The Starfishy!

It's gonna be a good day... I can feel it.


On the verge.

  1. 1.
    an edge or border.

    "they came down to the verge of the lake"

  1. 1.
    approach (something) closely; be close or similar to (something).

    "despair verging on the suicidal"

    synonyms:approach, border on, come close/near to, be tantamount to;

Well... nothing like a little lesson first thing in the morning! I have two big birthdays I really care about this week. The Mother Unit on Wed and the bestie Elizabeth tomorrow. It'll be 83 for The One And Only Mom... and 50 for Elizabeth. So fortunate to have both of these women in my life teaching me how to be a better person. The lessons I get from just choosing to be present are astounding.

This last week of 2016 will be full of goodness if it all goes anywhere near to the plan. It's still bone chilling cold out of doors at 8:23 am... a mere 24 degrees as I continue packing and now primping the house a bit for my overnight company.

I left the house for an entire hour yesterday to pop over to a neighbor's house after he delivered toffee to my porch and then he came over for the next two days and invited me to come hang with him and his wife and french bulldog ("Piggy"). Well, I have a soft spot for that dog for sure... and they brought sweets. I made time to go over. Good people. Sweet, rowdy dog. I sluffed off other invites and really did what I needed to do. Now I feel like I made some progress and hopefully the tightening in my back will relax a bit. If not, that's what stretching every couple hours and Tylenol are for.

 Still snow out there.. but it's sunny and beautiful. Oh Bisbee... you know how to bring the smiles!


Three days. Forty things to do. And company coming.

Nothing says get your shit together like knowing you are gong to have company.

I got a pal who is strangely in Tucson for the week while his mom does an Air BnB over the holiday. Got to see him on Wed., and he is hopefully coming down to Tiny Town Monday. That means, "Get yo shit together, Layton!" The big project here is called packing boxes. and general clean up. Plus, K.K.'s Disco Slumber Lounge needs a primp for an overnight guest.

I think it's kinda cold out.. nah, I just checked..  it's a balmy 42 degrees out there. That's not really that cold for Bisbee in winter. And while we are expecting some weather and temperature drops and maybe snow, right now it's palatable! Dishes ready to be done, laundry in the washer, and empty boxes begging for attention.

Working on a show for late January at The Starlight Lounge, that's exciting! Got word that I might be needed on VA in either March or April for Sea Level, and already booked for mid-Feb for Folk Alliance then of course a little Nashville with Blackberry Jam in June and hopefully Americana Fest in Sept. So I am not scratching and clawing to hang onto music stuff.. I get to participate and am part of a team instead of being a force of one. I'm hoping my working hard and extreme gratitude for my job at the coffee roaster is apparent. And I hope they know I will always bust ass when I am around. And on now rare occasions, I need to go bust ass for someone else.

The biggest concern is making sure The Mother Unit has what she needs.. and even though I occasionally falter at remembering all of it and executing all the tasks, I eventually get them done. And overall she and I are working very well at being family and loving and supporting each other. I lucked out... I had a conversation yesterday with a friend who was telling me about her stubborn 90 plus year old parents and how her father refuses to hear the truth about how they need to be in a facility with profession round the clock care.  Yeah.. I lucked out big time.


A day out of whack, which a cherry on top.

Another day going in super early to catch up on all of the coffee doings that needed done. The roaster stayed till 10:30 last night to get me enough coffee to give it a good shove towards getting it all done.  I did over 12 hours yesterday, and we got caught up with over 700 lbs shipped out Monday/Tues.  Crazy!

But our coffee is sooo good, I wouldn't have it any other way.

And, I left my wallet in Bisbee. And realized that just after I was able to get an appt. to get a starter and oil change done on my car tomorrow morning.  Oops. That'll get worked out, but I felt pretty dumb. Mercury is in retrograde, so I guess you can just say shit happens.

I'm a bit wiped out, but lemme tell ya... I got to be with The Mother Unit when she watched Harold and Maude for the first time tonight. Screw being tired! Getting to see my fave movie of all time with her was fun! She enjoyed it. I always enjoy it.

Of course, now I am seriously tired. It's what, 9:30 pm? Geez.



The wind has been thrashing Tiny Town all night long. I thank my lucky stars for earplugs! I got a big ol' handful of 3M earplugs from a coal miner pal in Norton, VA a few years ago and they are better than the ones I got from NASA.  Who knew? Then again, blasting vs. wind tunnels... different kind of nasty noise.

I hit up the Community Montessori School Annual Party last night. Won a 4 pack of Old Bisbee Roasters Coffee in the raffle..

cricket.. cricket..

Yes. Really.

Gave it to my pal Jen who needed a gift for her mom. It was like that time I won a guitar in a raffle... I knew I'd win.. and I knew what I'd win. Sometimes it's just like that.

Of course I'd win the coffee from where I work. Duh!

It was a sweet gathering. Some of my favorite people were there. It's a good thing to have kids getting a good start to edu-macation. And most of my favorite small kids in town have gone there.

I have been slammed at work, and I love that. But it's given me no time or energy to do more outside of work. Going in early, staying late, working weekends.. getting it done. The holiday season totally impacts us. But what better gift than coffee? Ok, maybe money.. but really, good coffee is perhaps the best thing if you don't give cash.

My brain is a little frazzled, but I just need to keep doing what is in front of me. I hate being bored, (I created this chaos..) so I have this time where too much is going on and I need to suck it up and deal with it. Making time for social things has fallen lower on the priority scale, but that was one of the reasons I went to the event last night.

The wind is howling.. and the tiny house is expanding and contracting with each large gust. Not only can I hear that, I can feel it. Ahhh... basically cardboard house living!