Still in paradise.

This is the best time of year in Bisbee... it is stunning! Great weather, the light is lovely, and the town is repopulating after the usual summer exodus.

I have some some hours at the co-op and am grateful for that. My pal Gretchen is currently hating the word grateful. Sadly, nothing in the thesaurus really matches the word where I need it so it stays.

Changing up some plans, slowing down to conserve resources, and looking to this day for some hours at the wee co-op, including working the truck (physical activity!) and getting to do tasks I like.  Strangely, I am working Sunday which will be an extreme changeup as I will be up front for 9 hours. I fully expect to be brain dead within 2 hours, but yet I am still grateful for the hours. Maybe they are seeing if I am trainable to that position? I feel pretty 'meh' about working up in the front..  but keeping my head above water is a good thing. So I will STFU and conjure all the goodness I can muster! I do like the majority of customers we have.. so that's a plus!

And I voted.

Civic duty handled. Early voting rocks. I dunno why everyone doesn't do it. I can see were the Bisbee Post Office may lack some customer service (including losing all of the mail that I should have gotten while I put my mail on hold over the summer) but they get the ballots to you. Small town living does bring the post office and the library to a more prominent place in daily life. But that slowing down is also one of the things that makes life here so sweet.

Yup... I got gratitude.
(sorry GB)


Years and years if pining for a Gretchen Baer on the wall of the wee beach house.. It's finally starting. Love that my pal has the time an semi-gumption to do this project.


Sublime coffee.

Wandering into town for lunch at the newly re-opened POCO yesterday had a great feeling of gratitude and delicious gathering. Lots of the regulars were there, and it felt good to be out on the patio just chatting and having good food.

Upon leaving, I gave my coffee guy Seth a big hello and he handed me a bag of coffee. He said that he knew I'd appreciate it. and he was literally giving me a free bag of coffee. Now, I NEVER say no to this guy's coffee... it's always great. And then I see the label and it's a Guatemalan Antigua Bella Carmona.

Nobody has ever roasted a better Guat than Seth and his crew...  seriously.

Then he tells me it's the best Guat he's EVER gotten!

And this morning as I took my first sip at 5:50 am, I say that he was absolutely 100% right.

Best. Guat. Ever.


Feeling a part of my community this morning. And feeling perfectly caffeinated by this fine man's coffee. Trust me, if you want a good cup, don't hesitate. It will be gone soon, it's just that good. That there below is the link to my roaster's webby.  get a couple pounds and treat the hell outta yourself.



What I have learned in the last week or so...

Friends make the difference.

Getting the chance to get out there and do 'the job' with people I love really helped me get back on track. Top that off with the fact that I got to hang with loving supportive pals in Franklin before and after that tour and I realize I did so much right after the tour that was a bad fit.

I immediately went to a good place to decompress in VA, (toothless cat and one of my besties)  then I got back up and dusted myself off and I let the people who know and appreciate me lift me back up while off on the tour to the King Biscuit Blues Festival in Arkansas. Quality time with people I respect, who are authentic made all the difference. Having them say they sense my 'being off' and then wanting to support me in moving through it, was so helpful.  Most of 'em have been in the music biz a bunch of years, and it was all good feedback and truly came from the heart. Hanging with my pal on the golf course was a huge gift! And getting silly texts from that saxaphone player has helped too...

It never hurts to hear that my pals in the Nashville area want me around more. There was so much good in everything we did. We even fit in a board meeting for The Blackberry Jam. I spit-balled a bunch of ideas at my fellow board members with love and respect for the local community and I think a few stuck nicely.

Here is to looking forward and not giving up.


I have seen this in person. Oh Alabama..


No rain. That's all we wanted and we got it. Happy.



That ain't no fog machine! That is smoke from the greasy fair food. I think at this point from the way it smells we can call it " The Cajun Scented Fog" and that's no lie.


Giant casino food court and brown water. Sounds frightening. The silver lining is that I am waiting for my golf date to join me then we will fuel up then go out and he can golf and I can make him laugh with my shitty non-golf skills for three hours in the hot sun just a few miles from the Mississippi River in Tunica. Should be interesting.


Back at it.. King Biscuit Blues Festival! I think I am golfing with one of these guys tomorrow.

This Mike Farris cd is quite something! Met him a couple years back when he was our headliner for the Blackberry Jam. He blew me away then.. And this cd is truly a masterpiece. The musicianship is flawless and the feeling is undeniable. Wow!


Tomorrow is full moon but you'd hardly know it.


I went to a positively stellar AA meeting in Franklin TN today. They talked about principles over personalities. And I gotta say, I walked away a better human being after listening to all of that experience strength and hope.  My day to hang with my pal Carol has been super fun and it's so good to catch up with her on a heart and mind level.

Now it's time to work..


A salad dressing that heals.

I am making my pal Cathryn's famous Fred's Dressing this afternoon. I have salad fixin's but no suitable dressing, and this is truly one of the best.  I loved doing salad nights with Cathryn. That woman had a flair for all things delicious. It's also a treat that I can make that has a deeper feeling than just food satisfying me.  There is love and history there. Many years of history.

Some great, and some not so great (S.S. Smelly Cat) but now that is all behind me and I can see so much more of the big picture. And it really boils down to love and community.