It's been a jostled start to the week.

The Mother Unit had some tunnel-visiony spells in rapid fire and I left work Monday morning after a call from the Starfish crew telling me they were really worried. We were not that busy at work, and the girls told me they had it covered, so off I went. I took her right from dialysis to St Joe's and she was in the hospital Mon/Tue/Wed with a late afternoon exit from the hospital to get back to Planet Starfish by about 4.

Every test that was needed was seemingly run. To get all of these handled would have taken 9 months if we hadn't had this incident. She may need a pacemaker. We shall see what the monitor she is getting outfitted with says after she does a week with it.

I was super worried she was gonna have a stroke.  I am gonna be right there by her side. She is stuck with me...  Every little thing gives us both a chance to keep meeting in the middle. There seems to be a softening in both of us in this whole process.. and I will definitely take that.


It's all a blur..

Sigur Ros was on Friday..

Elizabeth and I had a great day up in Phx, getting Lou Malnati's pizza, watching Barrett Jackson car auctions, and then getting our minds blown by Sigur Ros. It was an epic trip... one of the best days I have ever had (not working in music). We also hit IKEA and with any luck, I will have my sink/cabinet/ and a new light fixture installed tomorrow after work. Then I get to move the rolling workbench out of the house over the next week.. everything is all over the place.. need to just box stuff up.

Instead of being a boxing dervish, I chose to make homemade mac and cheese for the mother unit.
Green chili?
A little cayenne?
Is it delish?
Not a bad first effort at all..
I kinda want to try to make pickles. Dunno why that is a thing I wanna do all of the sudden, but once I get the stuff boxed away and the booth moved in.. I am gonna make some sweet hots. At least I am gonna try.

This week should be a bit busy as well.. just gonna be grateful I have stuff to do.



I ended up doing a shot of espresso at about 7:30 after going down to listen to The ExBats at Poco...  I also expressed my possible dissatisfaction about too much green in the bathroom.  Some said sleep on it, and see how you feel in the morning, and others echoed my usual sentiment.. ," It's only paint... you can paint it again."

And so I did. At 9pm when I got home, I decided to paint it again. I painted till midnight.  

Thanks for the espresso, Seth. I went to bed at about 1:15. 

There was too much green. I am still not 100% in love with the off-white yellowy-vintage color I chose to contrast. But these two pieces of art do tie in to the room pretty nicely. 

This fuzzy pic below has the old sink and the space where the new mirror is going to go. The new sink is taller and has a dark cabinet and the mirror is dark veneer as well, so I am counting on that to contrast the green nicely. 

And if that contrast fails to excite me... I'll fucking paint it again. 


And directly across the street..

And this happened night before last. 

My loud, day drinking neighbor had her "friend" literally driving his truck into her house wall, fences and carport. 

Not once, but at least 3 times backing up and hitting something new.  Her "friend" then decided he would leave the scene. Probably after he hear me ask her what the fuck was going on... her saying not to worry about it.. and me saying I was going to call the cops. The neighbor asked me not to. 

Are you fucking kidding me?

I totally called the cops, and they decided that the truck, which got stuck could be dealt with at the property owner's leisure. So it was towed away in the morning. She lied big time to the cops.  I stood there shaking my head, and then decided this is none of my business.. really fucking glad I am not a loser anymore.

Drunk, lying, drama queens... 

No thank you. 

Going green

Bathroom 40% painted. Of course it is taking longer than I'd like. I have not painted this place ever.. And it's been "rental white" for a looooong time.  I'll move my David Hockney poster in there, and then the new vanity/sink will go in probably next weekend. My pal Ben is coming in today from Berkeley this evening and we will plot out the project. I am enjoying the project even though it's going slow. 

Took a little time to meet up with my pal Gretchen and go to the new gelato place in town.. she was officially the first customer. She was also the first customer years ago at Poco.. I guess it's a thing. 

Ok.. paint is dry... time for the next coat.



I did handiwork when I got off work early.. I should have been running all over town doing other things, but opted to try to get some things done for me.. here at my house.

Hell, it's National Taco Day... To all who celebrate,

I celebrated with a trip to a local place for Taco Tuesday with my bestie. This special holiday called for me to slow down just a bit and be at home. I put some IKEA stuff together and found mindfulness in the task. I am pretty good at IKEA assembly.. after 2 kitchens, I ought to be.

The tiny house is once again in complete disarray, but it is with a purpose. The big workbench will go out by this weekend, and then I need to get the base of the booth removed so it will fit in the door. After that, it's just a little more playing House Tetris to get stuff out/throw stuff out and find new homes for the stuff that stays.

So glad nothing major is on my calendar for a bit.. I need a fucking break.


Getting some heat..

I have now had 3 friends here in Bisbee admonish me for not taking my red corner booth home yet from the consignment place on the traffic circle.

That is 3 different friends in 2 weeks that are pissed that I bought it... and they didn't get to have it.. and that every time they go in there.. they have to see it.

I want it in here.. and yet, this house is like playing Tetris, trying to get stuff in and out and having it fit is a bit maddening.

It's so much more than still owing a bit on my layaway.. Giant things have to be disassembled, and other things have to be made to go away..


Well, at least I can take solace in knowing my friends have good taste in kitchen furniture.




I think I get to breathe a bit this week. Maybe..

I. Am. Really. Wiped. Out.

That trip to Phx was a long haul, and a late night. It's a good thing I had pals on that end to go to and hang with. an ex-husband, a former Bisbee denizen and his partner, and of course... my hosts and real reason for going, my Nashville pals.

I'll be in bed by 9 tonight... I can pretty much promise that.

There will be some planning of house projects and getting ready to undertake the ones that cost no money. Between trees being taken out, new glasses, car insurance, a new battery in my car, getting shorted 100 dollars on a check, and all the driving all over the place... I gotta scale back and bank some money.

In defense of all that spending, my new glasses are pretty cool.

Sometimes a blank stare say it all.

Everything else needed to be done.



Sometimes things just flow.

I have re-entered my life here in Tiny Town with next to no down time except for after 7 pm. I have Edible Baja things to do, emails to return, unpack, laundry, and that hardly begins to address the bunch of stuff in my brain.

Brain contents:
*The Mother Unit.. (she's doing well)
*Heard of a job possibility for my bestie, Elizabeth.
*A good friend's father has cancer.. and it doesn't look good.
*I am still flying pretty high from Americana Fest.
*Work/outside sales calls for OBR coffee/getting back in the groove. Grateful for this job.
*Gratitude for the chance to work Americana Fest.
*Grasping the fact I am driving to Phoenix Saturday.
*The rain and lovely weather.
*The fact that I forgot to bring home fresh coffee beans.
*My visit last night/this morning with Bob and V from The Spring of Palms. Unexpected pass thru Bisbee!
*Not enough sleep.
*Too much coffee today.
*Sigur Ros in a little over 2 wks and another drive to Phx (fuuuck)
*All the new music in my head.
*Craving bhan-mi from Thuy's.. (maybe tomorrow)
*Gratitude for living in Bisbee.
*And I am just happy in this moment that I feel really damn alive.
*All the good and the not so good.. I am present with my gratitude for being on this crazy fucked up planet and being able to try to do some good.

I think sitting in the dark, in front of the computer says it all right about now. Get up, turn on a light, throw a load of laundry in , send some emails, then go to bed.. it's gonna be ok.


And now it begins.

Sitting at Country Boy in Leiper's Fork with The Andy Griffith show on the big tv.. Waiting for my breakfast, going over 1009 things in my brain. 

The rest if my time here is going to speed  up 100 mph from today on. I feel ready. I feel fairly confident. And I am definitely caffeinated. 


Oh yes it is.

An early morning flight is good for two things. 

1. Getting to your deatination with time left in the day. 
2. Not getting a good night's sleep because you have to get up at ass crack:30. As in 3:30. 

I am getting soft and lazy. Maybe I am just getting old?

 I also kinda said a more or less 'NO' to a tour manager gig that was dangled in front of me yesterday. And get this... For an artist who tours nice big venues, has momentum, and is getting radio airplay. I didn't say a definite no. I will meet her in Nashville this week though. 

Off I go on my trip to see how my stage mgr skills really stack up. Grateful I will have friends around me throughout the trip. 

Americana Music Awards

Shawn Colvin!

Bonnie Raitt!!

Jason Isbell!!

Carol and Wendy!

What a treat! 



International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Yes it is!

Will I be talking about lilly livered bastards and scrurvy wenches?  Probably a little, but my brain is consumed with Americana Fest to be honest. That's good... my head is in the game. I have a bunch to do yet.. and basically I will have a bunch to do till next Monday.

The wee blog might be a little more interesting during that time, as I fully intend on getting some good pics to share. And, I am ready to hear a crap ton of great music!

Oh... and did I mention I have tix to the actual Americana Music Awards show at The Ryman?  Holy crap!

In a world where people are putting explosive devices all over NY and NJ, and the upcoming election is making people crazy, I am just gonna put one foot in front of the other and move to the next right thing. And that is going to stage manage a gig I really want to kick ass at. That's kinda all I know at this moment.