Well then.

Back in Tiny Town after last night and today finishing up a shit ton of stuff I set in motion. Thank you's, green chairs, shopping for eating day next week, connecting with old friends, looking at cars for my pal Gretchen, being offered a chance to help a friend market a product, supporting more friends, making good on promises, and more.

I wanted to leave Tucson by noon, but didn't get to roll out of town till 4. I did however get it all done. That feels good. And the act I scouted last night to come down to Bisbee was a winner. I'll venture out into town tomorrow to ask the preferred venue if they are interested and hopefully it goes forward.

Things to look forward to. That's better than nothing! 

It's chilly down here but I am home for a few days and I have some ideas. Look out!


Bad movies and bumping on the heat.

Home is where you put on "Blades of Glory" and roast up a sweet potato ! 

First night with heat on. Poor Buffalo NY. But it's cooling off here in Tiny Town. It was all tshirt and shorts in Tucson, which is pretty excellent. But it's not home.



Here comes the scramble!

Getting ready to venture out to to get this 4 Runner thing going.  I will get this done. I stand to make some cash if I can pull off this initial part so I can't let up. I am determined. Seeing my buddy Kurt kinda salivating at the price, I know I am doing good... and if it goes south, he can take over if I have to bail.

I gotta say, this is something to look forward to... the excitement of the scramble to make something happen with virtually nothing.  I am fairly good at this. And dammit, I need stuff to do. So here we go!



I got a line on a decent 4 Runner. I have got to secure 1200 to purchase this so I can get it.

I am in talks to get this money so I can do this deal. I need to do this deal. It's a screaming good deal on a 4 Runner. I told the dude I'd do this deal, and I will one way or another. I may need a few extra dollars to make this happen... so this means I better get working on something. Here is my new challenge to make some cash fast. Let's see how I do...


Thank you Delta Airlines.

Early bird catches the ________?

The flight. That's what I'm catching. Back to Tiny Town and find out if I am gonna actually get on the schedule or not for work at the wee co-op. I am kinda back thru the end of the year with one small 4 day trip planned mid Dec. I hope they schedule me, but most folks are in making money for xmas mode so I won't be shocked if there is nothing for me... or if they just hired to fill in the gaps I was working in. Go with the flow, put out the word, do what I can, but most of all, make it fantastic. Those are my mantras. Lunching with The Mother Unit before scooting back to Bisbee.. I feel a salad from Goodness in my future. And all my flights were on time and easy. Delta rocks. 


Harmonic Convergence of FABULOUS!

Two beings I care for deeply. United in one picture. My pal Susan Werner and my toothless cat, Marvin. Just before she hit the stage for her 2 show stint at Harris Creek Acoustic. 

So good to see her and Jane. Been a damn long time since we were in the same place. Susan absolutely killed it for the shows... ( of fucking course she did!) and Jane was spot on fantastic taking care of everything a tour manager should.

Some excellence in motion with those two. Good to catch up a bit, and so good to do that all here in VA where my community of friends gathers for all the right reasons to make this world a better place. I saw every one of my good friends here, and got moments with all of them.  

The days prior were filled with getting the house and menu ready for the big night, and I was put to good use. And yet I still managed to get lots of time with my cat on my lap, A great trip east for sure.


On the horizon.

Literally.. The horizon. From the flight over to VA. With the Susan Werner show now behind me, and  no touring for the rest of the year.. I look towards the blank canvas that is the rest of the year and hope for health and happiness.

Good to see Susan and Jane. Really good. 


Blackout! Whole neighborhood! Right in the middle of everything.. No more chopping, no setting up of sound. Just candles and chili and cornbread.

Back in the cold country.

Stuff is all good over here. Cat is happy, and so am I as the morning coffee flows and the house is not yet torn apart for the big Suziepalooza tomorrow. There will be a bunch of cooking and prepping for more cooking early today and then tonight we start pulling the house apart to set up chairs and sound.  


Potato Taco Png Pong Party! Elizabeth whipping out some tasty tacos! Ping Pong yet to fire up.


End of our week. Studio time with the Andy T. Nick Nixon Band is wrapping up and here is Anson giving it one last listen.

My mornings with Anson.

Here is one of the big perks to this trip..

 I get to hang with my friend Anson and have coffee and talk about life.

We all need friends we can do that with. And he and I have only known each other a couple of years, but I have to say he feels like a genuine close friend. I can't say that about too many guys in my life. I have met some extraordinary guys but true friendship... the kind that is authentically reciprocated is a little more rare.

I get really great moments with this guy.  Such a treat! And my time with Andy is always a definite heart-filled-with-joy thing.  And it's nice to see them working together to put out a quality product. I have a good feeling about this next year for these guys.  And of course, I hope I get to tag along whenever I can (whenever they'll have me..) but more than anything it's gotta feel good to be happy about the product you are putting out and having folks outside the circle tell you it's a good thing ya got going.