It totally feels awful to have had to have the tree next to my house taken down yesterday. 

I has been pushing the wee house fir years.. and jut this year buckled the floor by the front door. I knew I would have to do something. 

Halfway thru the process, it looked like this:

My house is on the right.. Totally obscured by the tree parts from the most likely 100 year old tree that that is now gone. 

Looking at where it was makes me almost ill to think that something so beautiful and majestic had to be destroyed because of all the consequences of it pushing the house. 

I will need to take some time to come to grips with this reality. I had no idea it would feel so awful to have had to do this. 

There are still issues to deal with to try and get the places the floor has buckled and raised up and some ceiling and wall issues.. And probably the  wall it was immediately pushing on too.. But that will have to wait for the stump killer to decimate the remains and then get my contractor under there. 

That should give me time to get me emotions around the tree vs house with the tree and the beauty of nature losing big. 

I certainly don't feel good or victorious about this in any way shape or form. 


Late Night Shift.

This is NOT a work related post. 

I tore the tiny house apart after realizing I could put my multi-colored lockers that had been here:

In my super tiny laundry room ..
Like this:

Of course this started earlier in the day.. But then it took me hours to ponder what to keep, what to pitch and then to survey the decimation and the next step. The lockers will be food pantry/office storage. 
I decided to move my sweet vintage pie safe out of the house and that was my small appliance storage/food pantry. Plus, after I ditch the giant workbench in the kitchen for the L-shaped booth (that I am slowly getting paid off) I will have to figure out tool storage as well. 

So, after all of those get emptied out.. I look around and basically say, "Fuck My Life!! Too much stuff!!" And throw my hands up in the air and see that it's after 11pm and I should give up and go to bed. I had bagged up 2 bags of trash, and have stuff to take to the Naco Thrift. 

I get to tackle my other set of lockers in the house today after work.. I need three cubbies for dvd's. And then I'll have more stuff to donate. Gotta roll with the willingness to purge while it's there. That's gonna be one lucky thrift store..


The Iffy Combination.

The coffee was great.. (duh!)

The pinball game was fast and furious, but somewhat low scoring.

The sounds of Pema Chodron flowing through the tiny house...


What was I thinking?

You cannot get full of Pema's goodness while hoping to hit that last red target so you can hopefully get to multi-ball on High Speed.

I learned this today.

Nope, So I turned off the pinball and went fully into Pema while I finished my morning ritual of coffee drinking.

Pema is telling me to "Go into my fear..."

As a wanna-be enlightened-ish person, there is a whole bunch of wisdom to dip my toes into. And sometimes I can even sit quietly in some form of meditation. But I truly have no practice. And that's just where it is for now.

My biggest fear has revolved around The Mother Unit. And with her so totally taken care of, my fears have shifted elsewhere. I don't have many in my face immediately, but by allowing myself to hear that facing/turning into my fear is the way to go is in fact very comforting.

Right now my biggest fear is the festival stage managing gig in Nashville next month. I know how to do the job.. I need to show up and do it. It's that simple.

I am reminded about several conversations I have had with various artists I have worked with who got handed record deals, then they got shelved.. They all felt like they were finally getting the big deal and this would make it all better. Each of them said that they never really got that much further (and then the deal deal was dead..) and that they learned to just keep doing the job of writing/touring etc even though they thought they hit the jackpot by getting the deal.

Is this gig the end all be all? Nope. This gig is another awesome thing to put on a resume. I might meet some good folks. And will definitely get to see some good friends.

And that thought process is what happens when you mix pinball and Pema.



My pal Ray from Bisbee is up here cleaning The Mother Unit's carpet. It's working nicely, so she will be pleased. Her little do did a serious number on the carpet! 

I got to have a nice chat with my pal Rockie, who is up in Seattle yesterday. Good to catch up and even better that she is doing really well in her life. I love that. 

The day is kinda flying by and I am about an hour away from picking The Mother Unit up from dialysis. A Costco run after I drop her off, then hightailing it back to Tiny Town. A thrilling life .. 



Holy Crap!

The gnat/no-seeum swarms around here are out of control! Events getting cancelled out-of-doors, everyone all chewed up, I don't remember it being this bad last year. Get inside asap!

Hope it passes soon.. but I guess going to The Baked Pueblo will be a respite? Maybe? I am hoping that the carpets at The Mother Unit's get cleaned tomorrow in between all the other usual stuff going on.. Little steps forward on that project.

Little steps forward on a few things.. progress not perfection. Works for me.



And today I have 29 years clean an sober.


Yes. 66.

66 what, you ask?

66 degrees. inside my tiny house. I can't get my house this warm in winter, but I guess I can get it this cool in summer. I can live with that.

I did volunteer work yesterday then grabbed the bestie and went for bahn mi sandwiches at Thuy's Noodle House here in Tiny Town. The sandwich of all sandwiches here. Stellar. Nothing comes close in the sandwich realm here.

There was some pinball, some Kid's In The Hall, some Fresca, some key lime pie.. and a bunch of laughter. It's Pirate Weekend here in Bisbee, and while I do love me some piratty fun, I saw no real events that tripped my trigger so I stayed in and did some cooking. I have pretty much taken to cooking either Sat night or Sun morning and I give my neighbor Andy a few portions since she hates to cook.. it's my good deed for the week. She seems to not care what it is,  she only wants to reheat something she didn't have to prepare. She does a bunch of good in town too... lots of volunteering and she is a retired hospice nurse so her heart and soul are in a saintly place as far as I can tell.

I am getting some reservations for the Run Boy Run show here so I am glad folks are still interested in what I am bringing through town. It's gonna be pretty sweet in a house concert environment.. lucky I have friends that will host one of those here and there.

Well, as I sit here under my Peacock Alley soft-as-hell throw, I guess it's time to do some laundry and then wander into town. It will be about that time to sit on the stoop at Culture Pirate and visit dogs.


Morning rain.

I am doing some mega caffeinating, along with some cooking this morning. I decided I prolly need more potato salad around here on a more consistent basis. so, there ya have it.. more of that coming up.

I finished up my fun weekend with my pals from Tucson by taking them to Border Taco in Douglas, then back up here to play some pinball. Robert had said he missed the ol' High Speed being in the shop, and we went till almost 11 p.m. ! And the strangest thing, one of the flippers acted up in a big way, and (holy fuck) was I glad the guy who sold me the machine was here to pop up the pinball hood and give it a tinker! Fixed it... and then he said he'd be happy to come down in a couple weeks and giver her a nice lil spa day.

Talk about a high score!

And really, I had a blast with them down here. We have fun things in common like pinball, but Constance is also a realtor so we have that common language as well. I don't miss selling real estate.. but it's fun to hear how it's going. And apparently, it's going quite well up there.

So, it rained pretty good at about 4 a.m. and there are still rumblings of thunder out there. It's 60 degrees on the porch. Seriously delicious. And soon potato salad crafting. And probably a game of pinball with the new euro siren setting. I think that's gonna be fun.


Time to tourist this tiny town.

Mine Tour!

BRATS Fundraiser!

House cleaning!

My pals from Tucson.. Robert and Constance down for a long weekend. We are doing it all, dammit!


Tearful reunion.

Me and my buddy Anson. Finally gettin a wee hang in The Baked Pueblo. 

Love this guy so damn much. 

If ever there was a time for good coffee... it's now.

There are times when the coffee feels needed.

Today is one of those times. The 3 shots of espresso I had later in the day yesterday made for a bit later of a night than planned. And the day on deck has a long list of to-do's.

I am a bit tired, and that can be fended off with the morning coffee ritual. The fact that I am drinking a super fresh Kenya roast is a real benefit. The folks at the shop tell me that there has not been a Kenya there for over a year. And lemme tell ya, it's freakin'  delish! Another winner in the coffee column.

After work, I should be having a tearful reunion with my pal Anson tonight up in The Baked Pueblo as he tours through with a blues outfit. Gonna be a really long day. More afternoon espresso will be had. Pretty much guaranteed at this point.


Break in the weather..

There was a break in the rainy forecast.

So I made a break for The Baked Pueblo. The monsoons have been pretty fierce, and it's over 100 miles for me to do my trek. Tracking the storms to make it a safer journey is a must this time of year.

I was around Bisbee for all of monsoon season last year for the first time after living here for many years. It's great, but buggy and the roads are kinda hydro-planey between Bisbee and Benson.We had flash flood warnings all over, so to be up here safely... and with virtually no rain hampering the drive gives me cause for gratitude.

My eyes are tired, and one is kinda irritated... so I guess it's time for eye drops and bed.


Did I say Willcox or Bust?

I think I did say, "Willcox or Bust."

If this Paint By Numbers gives you any indication of the quality of our trip... well, you do the figurin'.

Now that I have been there, I think it would be a little more fair to say, "Willcox WAS a bust!"

We went out to the pick it yourself place... TOTALLY PICKED OUT! We ended up getting peaches from California that they were selling in a shaded area near the beckoning exit. I told Elizabeth to just peel the stickers off and tell her husband that we had a banner day. 

Then it was time to do some thrift shopping.. One of our fave things to do when we are out in the world. And, we do the best we can to find bad/dumb/silly hats and then take a damn photo. I hear there may be a besties calendar coming out since we have so many classic thrift store hat photos in the vault.

We both felt like this one represented perhaps a more "challenged at happiness/lacking in life skills" look.

Then it was off to the Friends of Marty Robbins Museum.

A mere $2.00 per person got us some affordable history time.

Obviously a very loved guy.. the museum is run solely on donations from admission and items they sell. 

Bottom line was that it was a fun day.. but not so much about the destination as it was yet another excursion with my pal. Long drive on a hot and sweaty day, and a new brekkie place discovered in the middle of nowhere (Pearce/Sunizona) about half the way to Willcox. I also didn't know so much corn was being grown out there or that there was a massive cattle operation thatta way. So I learned a little bit.

And when all is said and done, what am I left with?

My Marty Robbins comb...

And another day out and about with the bestie.