First gig on the run done.

The band did a great gig in San Carlos at the Devil's Canyon Brewery last night. A couple hundred people came out to celebrate the grand opening of this new space for these folks who apparently make a fine batch of beer. I know the root beer was probably the best I ever had. No lie. Some of the nicest folks there (staff and patrons) and the weather was incredible! Lovely...

It's off the the big anchor gig tonight in San Francisco at Biscuits and Blues. I will get to see my pal Ben too.. He's gonna pop over for the show. Love that guy! So, it's the last minute scrambling before loading on the bus and grabbing a bite and driving into the city.

Should be good!

So far, I do see where I can help (and do help) and there is definitely some room to make a difference.  We shall see how it all shakes out.  Wish me luck.

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