I told my ex husband some sad news.

By now most of the music world has heard of Linda Ronstadt's news that she has Parkinson's and can no longer sing. I had sent an email to my ex husband yesterday, and I was the first one to tell him this news. He has and always will be a huge fan of hers.

All he typed back was " devastated"

Shit... who isn't? That is some major sadness.  Those of us  in the Tucson area (where I lived for a gazillion years) always felt a certain sense of pride for Linda Ronstadt (along with her and I sharing the same birthdate). At one point, we had the same hair salon, and ate not only at the same mexican place (Rosa's), but she was a regular (take out) at FEAST where I too was a fixture. I would hear of her appearances at all of these places.

And now, after not hearing anything... we hear this.  Super sad.

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