losing my marbles.

After coffee and blow drying the heed, I noticed my tiny little steel bb (not a marble) that the acupuncturist had put in my ear was gone... gives me reason enough to slow down and make sure some stretching happens today for the benefit of this injury. I wish I could say it doesn't hurt... but I am moving through the pain as the massage therapist told me to do. I do have a little more range of motion. So any progress is good progress. Still no lifting.  So I can still be classified as a big baby.

Yesterday came the news that one of the guys who was to join us on tour, Brian Gold, was unable to make his flight due to visa issues. I tried to find solutions while en route to NYC. And the options were not good. So we are down one. Which is too bad because the band would have gotten to  play a bunch of songs off of Deoro's Grammy Nominated Album "Kingston Morning" that Brian had sang on.

But we'll get this group out there with a bunch of talent onstage. Dave always brings the best. Excited to see my friends today. Tearful reunions always make for a good day.

Time for stretching. And more coffee.

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