Weather for Bisbee 62 degrees, cloudy some showers and delicious breezes.  I think the weather has some people slowing down out there. Maybe lingering a little longer over the cup of coffee.  It's really nice and still..

Groaning and grumbling through all my stretches this morning with Massive Attack playing "Small Time Shot Away" in the back ground. One of my all-time fave songs.

The coffee here is stout as hell this morning. I have about an hour till I meet up with a pal and maybe my neighbor behind me for a bfast outing.  That would be fun if my neighbor came along. I leave her be while she's here. She has a big job in So Cal and needs the down time. But that doesn't stop me from asking her to join.

In other news... as in something actually interesting...

Diana Nyad is close to reaching the Florida Keys on her last attempt to swim from Cuba to The Keys. It's 103 miles in jellyfish and shark infested waters. She is doing it without a shark cage.

Nothing short of an unstoppable, amazing , superhero,  swimming goddess!!!

Oh... and she's 64.

Go Diana Go!!!!

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