Farmer's Market and Pit Fire Day

The Farmer's Market gig last week went well enough for me to get the hours there again this week. I will get myself caught up eventually. I keep the reminder that I choose to live simply here. I don't want a bunch of stress and chaos.  So doing with very little, as long as it's just enough is a good lesson.

Right after work it'll be time to high tail it to Bisbee to jump in a carpool to Pit Fire out at Cochise College in Douglas. It's a much anticipated event in these parts and it should be pretty freakin' perfect weather-wise.  Workman's Comp claim filled out and mailed off yesterday.  Not looking forward to all of the hoops that I will have to jump through. but it's been 8 weeks since my shoulder got torqued and it is still in bad shape. And at this point I have to get proactive now that I know it's not really going get any better any time soon.

It is my friend Handel Tucker's birthday today. I sent him a quick not saying I would drink extra coffee in his honor. Here is to getting jacked up on the jitter juice for my dear friend Handel!
(Like I wouldn't anyhow? But an extra cup shouldn't spin me outta control too bad...)

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