The roller coaster.

It's been a rough last few days.

And last night Bisbee gathered to mourn the loss of our heartbeat of sweet music Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl. The whole town is dazed. It's unimaginable that they are both gone. So sad. And yet here is life slapping us all in the face giving us yet another opportunity to come together and show the love we have in our hearts.

I am jumping on the opportunity to go to New Mexico with my friends Ben and Colleen to go hear Kris Delmhorst on Friday. I need some sweet music to go right to my soul and soothe this unrest. Music does heal...

Send your good vibes to Bisbee. We need it. 

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Alex said...

I found a moving memorial to them I reposted on my music blog this morning: http://weirdlyfierce.com/read-this-moving-memorial-for-derrick-amy-ross-a-loving-couple-two-unique-individuals-and-to-me-the-epitome-of-what-a-loving-relationship-should-be/