Who are you kidding?

Perhaps you remember this?

Me in my one community service role here in Bisbee.

No, it's not court ordered.

It is odd for me to be doing anything like this. Who the hell am I to chime in on stuff concerning the arts in Bisbee?

Odd as it may be, Tiny Town has an Arts Commission that has chosen to let me sit up there and give my opinion, ask questions, and help make decisions on things art and culture related to Bisbee. Last night Ed Briggs sat on the other end of a phone from NYC as he phoned in his votes and opinions which made me miss him a bit less.

And last night I was shoved into the role of Vice Chair for this group. I was the only one who was present that hadn't done it..totally outta left field. When they stated they would now ask for nominations, one of my counterparts drew an arrow pointing at me.

And I drew a response of "No effin' way!"

And then I got nominated, it got seconded and it was kinda done.

The thought of needing to lead a meeting in an official capacity for this freaks me out.... the Chairwoman better never need to not be present. There will be hell to pay.

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