setbacks that suck.

While my blog turns into a bit of a medical report on The Mother Unit, I an keenly aware that I just put up in words whatever is most present in my life.

There was a bad chest xray yesterday that put the kaibosh on mom getting transferred to a cardiac rehab facility. Now there are nuclear cat scans and who knows what other tests as they look deeper into her medical condition.

Of course it freaks me out a bit.. but I gotta just hold my shit together and get some face time with my pal Lizzy for some grounding. This is certainly causing some different thought processes... like what might be coming next?

Like my pal KK told me, I will never really be prepared for any of this. And she also is the one who told me to be thinking of what might happen and what needs to happen in different scenarios.

Took time last night to go downtown to be part of a celebration of my pal Ashley defending her dissertation. Good to get out and be around some folks I love, and to toast the new "Dr Stinnet" in a small but festive gathering at a hip little place on Congress St.

I'll just say this... I'll be hitting some AA meetings for some experience, strength, and hope..

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