A long day. Starting with tending to The Mother Unit's dog, then getting donuts for the nurses (I was taught well) and then getting the skinny on mom at the hospital.

She got put in a Neuro-ICU because it was the only bed available at this particular hospital. Totally swanky!! The nurses were sharp, the room totally top-notch, and I am pleased with the care. She was made comfy in every way... (hello morphine!) and after the drugs kicked in I split.

 I did the turn and burn to Bisbee. I am glad I did. It was an uplifting afternoon that was the perfect tonic for my feeling worried about my mom. Go right into this and have a much fun as I can, and then head back to the hospital in Tucson before dinner.

The day for The Mother Unit had an endoscopy that found a stomach bleed that was then remedied. Upon my return to the hospital after the Burly Q, she looked pinker, and just so much more like herself. She is on the mend... maybe only a couple days up here tending to things for her and then making sure she is ok at home alone. She totally understood that I had something I had to do... and that I'd be back in not that long of a time period.

Am I a good daughter??
Shit... I dunno. I know I love the hell out of her. And I know I feel like I did some good today in my tiny town as well as I was there for my mom.

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