Vitamin D.

One of my friends kinda gave me some shit about being a little tan. It happened last night. I kinda like the emotional lift from vitamin D and getting a little sun on my body from the inside out. It;s also one of the reasons I love my silly little house here. The porch is my special place to listen to music and just appreciate the wild beauty that surrounds me in Bisbee. Even as the house cools off for the winter ok... freezes out..and the indoor temps often rival the outside till I put the heat on (which I haven't yet..)this house fits me in so many ways. My only want is a yard so I could have a dog. The good news is that my broke ass couldn't afford another mouth to feed so timing has a way of falling into place if you let it. I am letting it. Keeping it super simple over here in Bisbee...

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