2 days home.

The Mother Unit is holding her own being at home. However... she is probably wishing for some nursing home comfort food about now. The food I am preparing is heavy on the vegetables.. and nothing is fried.  It's all pretty much made by my hand except the thai coconut soup I had for her last night.  I have pre-made her lunch and dinner... and will be off to work soon.

I cannot say any of this has been easy. For either of us. 

I'm hoping the coming days bring more strength to her slowly recovering body.  The fact that her dog came home yesterday will help her too... the dog is the absolute love of her life. And she is totally the one true love that dog has ever had. Seeing them sitting together in the chair does make some of the inner chaos I have going on dissipate.  Things are moving slowly, but it does appear to all be forward motion.

I love forward motion.

Now I just need to keep my own momentum to a decent level too.  I am getting out, hitting AA meetings and having some BFF time.  Lucky I still have a few friends here in Tucson. And, my pal Rod was up here yesterday and he gave up a precious couple hours of his time to snag a quality chat and hang.

Feeling grateful and less scared today. I will take that.

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