Whirlwind of fabulous.

Back in The Baked Pueblo.

Almost 70 degrees throughout the day between Phx and Tucson.  AZ is pretty ok for winter time suntanning. @ meals at Gallo Blanco started the day off perfectly. And now it all winds down with gratitude for my pal Tania and for my pal Elizabeth. I have traveled well with both of these ladies.

Tania and I pulled off a helluva long weekend to NYC.  And Elizabeth hauled my carcass from dropping off the car at Tania's downtown to The Mother Unit's casita. There is good stuff swirling around my friends, and it's inspiring to be around these positive, funny women.

My next goal is to figure out how to help Elizabeth open her own store... it would be the perfect vehicle for both of us to get rid of our excess stuff, and it would most likely be exactly what she is looking for in a job.  Support the people you love in doing what they have passion for... and the universe should do you the favor of responding accordingly... right?

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