Still cold.

The sun went behind the mountain and it got damn cold real fast... what is this shit?? I have pals here in town who had frozen pipes still at 1pm.. I am being pretty damn diligent about shutting off the water before bed and draining the lines. One good plumbing disaster could blow my financial safety cushion (that barely exists..)

Winter? Meh..

It was kinda nice today here in Bisbee though. Looks like it got to about 58 degrees and sunny with some good pals on the schedule to have a little hang time with. That made up the bulk of the day. No word from the co-op.. so I am guessing another week with no work is on my immediate horizon. I will make plans as of tomorrow with what the next week will hold. But it could entail a little road trip to see a friend. The trip needs to happen before the end of January, so...

At least I have things to look forward to.  My brain is racing with what I need to do to try and cook up some work. Time for emails and phone calls.

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