What's in the box?

Not my box... but it's something my buddy Sam had shipped here for the wee blues tour Andy and the guys are doing. Sam is the bass player. Andy shipped cd's here too.. I never thought about becoming a shipping depot.

I think the 4Runner is sold... and it's gonna go to a really good home. If this goes through, it will have been a not terribly bad investment in a fix and flip car. I will make a couple hundred bucks when it's all over. Nowhere near what I had hoped, but something is better than nothing. Thankful to have had people I love on the team to help me with this.

I do kinda wish I woulda been able to keep it. And I did have it fixed up to the specs I would have wanted if I were gonna keep it. And there is no doubt that I did want it.

Best 4Runner I have ever had.. and I have had a few.

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