Haywire in Tiny Town.

Weird day yesterday.

No banking in the a.m. due to computer stuff at my bank.. AZ and NM branches locked out. Hope my pennies are still there when the dust settles!

Car died when I went to the hardware store. "Hello, AAA?" Alternator up next. (fuck!)

And... Andy and the guys got in a day early! So they actually stayed in Bisbee and we grabbed dinner!

It's some kind of Mercury-Retrograde-Alternate-Universe over here.

And, I should be arranging things to pack as I am gonna be outta here after tomorrow for a couple days. Instead I am planning out a half-assed gate for the entry to the porch. Ok then! I should be talking to Suby Construction about some stuff going on with part of a non-structural retaining wall/skirting made of concrete.. but that is too much to deal with right now.

After I get back I will deal with that. I have actually noticed a little more "spring" in the floor in the laundry room... wonder how far of a drop it is? I wish I was kidding.

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