The Beautiful 4Runner is for sale!

The 4Runner hits the airwaves today for sale. I am seriously hoping for a quick deal. It would have been so nice if it had gone to my pal here in Bisbee, but it'll go... it's sooooo nice! I wish I could keep it. I don't make enough money to have 2 cars anymore. It's a big tease to have it out there sitting... waiting for someone (like me...) to drive it.

But that is not why I got it. I got it to sell it. Lord knows I had my guy over-fix it. I had so much done to it. I was even admonished for wanting it done to the Nth degree by the mechanic. But when it comes down to it, I just wanted the car to be done right and be a kickass 4Runner that catches people's eye.

We shall see.

Fingers crossed and looking forward to a sunny day.

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