Survive vs. Thrive.

Here we have a look at what the stars have to say for me this morning.

I have thoughts around this but they are simple.

As I get ready to do some work, I'm grateful to have any cash flow. And, what the hell is extravagance these days? And what is wasteful?

Last week had me getting to an actual movie at a theater, and I got groceries. This week holds no chance of extravagance but it does hold work. TIme for nose to grindstone, kickass for MPress Records, and get the job done in a fashion that has them happy they had me on the crew. We all win that way.

It's crazy here in the wee house this morning since I am just now packing 2 hours prior to driving up. There was fun times here this weekend, and you couldn't have asked for better weather. I gave a good friend an earful for his seemingly poor choice in sex partner, I listened to live music, I bonded with a couple folks here in town, and I sat on my porch and grabbed a solid dose of vitamin D.

Coffee is done.
Flight checked in.
Bag is half packed.
And I have music going at a semi- respectable level.

I feel pretty lucky these days regardless of income. I think a good portion of thriving is an inside job.

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