Rose Cousins.


So, I heard Rose Cousins do a cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind" at Folk Alliance. Just her on a grand piano.. it was truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. I grabbed her new ep "Stray Birds" and it's delicious.

I have hit repeat a few times, as well as let the whole thing play through... I highly recommend it.

There was fun times on Old Bisbee last night as my pal Sande Zeig came to town with Vicky Westover from the U of A Hanson Film Institute for a special screening of Sande's documentary Apache 8  at The Bisbee Royale Theater. So good to see Sande, watch a good film, and get a few moments to hang before and after and kinda catch up. She's always been this great human being I have never gotten to hang with enough. We both made a promise to keep in better touch.

Still snotty but definitely up and about the last couple days. 10 days till the next trip so I have a couple projects to tackle here at the wee house including plumbing issues, another run to drop off things to donate, possibly some light porch repair and some major de-spidering of said porch ( I should give under the bed a good vacuuming too). Maybe even some fake tree repositioning. I need another fake palm tree or two.. It's just not beach enough over here. I did score a trashed little surfboard last week when I went to look at a Lexus (that was also trashed..) and I am gonna see if I can get one of my artist friends to make it into a Bisbee Beach House address thingy for my shack.

Sweet music, things I wanna do, and finally feeling up to doing it all equals a good day ahead.

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