What's in the future?

There could be a Scion.

I am once again off in search of a different car to give my Acura a needed rest from schlepping me to and from.. from.. well, everywhere.

I am gonna bust ass to get up there and back before getting traffucked.. Or, I'll grab a bite for dinner and wait it out. You never know how it's gonna go down, but 2 cars actually showed up in my search yesterday which I have been looking at for months in anticipation of needing to rest the trusty, crusty old Integra.

I'm excited. I love cars. And this particular is something I wanted badly when they first came out in 2004 and I drove to California to get one with 14K cash in hand... and they didn't have my color. I bought a Mini Cooper shortly after that to console myself.

 I have been online researching these cars even more in depth since last night. I see nothing but good.. I'll deal with higher insurance, (Boo!) but a more comfortable and most likely a more reliable ride (100K less miles..)

Wish me luck.... gonna be a looooooooong day.

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