Cloudy with a chance of productivity.

Deep in the project zone at my pal Robin's. I like that I am earning a couple bucks over here while also getting a huge dose of live music. The deeds are at the midway point and today promises a bunch of tedious logging of items to be donated to Goodwill. It's just gotta get done. I will be at it thru Saturday but the satisfaction I am getting from getting things checked off the list is great. And that music.. already under the belt are Sarah Jarosz and Amanda Fucking Palmer, then I just scored a ticket to Roseanne Cash. And may still see Shawn Colvin and my pal Rachael Sage. Total music heaven!\ It's cloudy out, and kinda rainy and foggy. It's the perfect weather for kicking ass indoors. What's funny is I have retro tv on in the background... several Golden Girls episodes have rolled by and now The Love Boat. All the tv is in the middle floor of the house while I am bouncing between 1st and 3rd floor. I am catching bad jokes and canned laughter and I traverse the stairs and come out of the elevator moving things between floors. Fun!

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Rosanne Cash please.