Looooong 36 hours.

Left for Phoenix yesterday around 10:00 am.. spent the day up there doing things like going to IKEA, having delicious vegan lunch, going to a "Little People Bar" (where there were no little people), going to a biker bar, and then going to the Sleater Kinney show. Sounds like a lot, right?

Let's add the phone call at about 5pm from the Mother Unit... that said she had passed out and was gonna get a ride to the ER. 


She's still there. I may or may not get to make my trip to Nashville on Sat. I am ok with that. But just in case, I hightailed it over to Bisbee on a mega turn and burn to pack and hope I got it all, just in case I do get to go. I have a feeling if anything it's just gonna delay my departure...(costing me money for the non refundable flight....  fuuuuuuuck).

I am really tired.. I need a nap. Maybe right about now.

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