ON the last day.

The days have been long for sure, but the froo-its of our labor are evident all around. Thursday had a well done show, happy attendees, happy headliner and band, and a great crew at new theater telling us we were welcome back anytime. Yesterday had us at a First Friday in downtown Norfolk with a couple thousand people milling about closed streets and wandering by our table and buying some raffle tickets and t-shirts. Today holds the longest day yet, but since I am still kinda adjusting to a 3 hour time difference, it's more that it all feels like it's running together with a 4 am AZ time wake-up, but we will go till about 11 pm AZ time when the last bit of stuff is loaded out and we are safely back and able to eyeball going to bed. Today's weather is also looking like a winner by the time our events start. There are really good hearts here on this crew. I do love my friends here. And my cat. Oh yes... Mr. Kitty Boy.

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