Roseanne Cash.

Last night had a very large group of the circle of friends I have here in Hampton going to the Roseanne Cash show. Not only was the hug and smile quota met, but the show was really good. Music, sound, lighting, the total production was there. I would highly recommend seeing her. The median age in the audience was about 59. A worthy GRAMMY recipient indeed..


Anonymous said...

Rosanne is great. Too bad you don't respect her enough to spell her name correctly. I guess artist respect must not be high on your list of tour manager qualities.

Tour Mistress Of The Darkness said...

Hey "Anonymous",

Too bad you yourself don't respect other people enough to sign your posts. Didn't your mother teach you that the #1 rule of communication on the Internet is Wheaton's Law, i.e. "Don't Be A Dick"? Go upstairs and ask her about it. I'll wait.

I work with an artist whose name is misspelled a dozen times every day before breakfast. We politely ask that it be fixed when it matters, and shrug and let it go when it doesn't. I'm sure Ms. Cash does the same. We all have our "damn you, Autocorrect!" moments.