Same state as AFP. How do I not go?

I am an hour and a half from where and Amanda Fucking Palmer show is happening tonight. I am tired, we have had 3 ass kicking days with the Sea Level Festival. But... How do I not go to this?? There are a few tickets available, and I am trying to weight the despair of not going vs the late drive and most likely going alone factors. I am a tortured soul.. kinda. Really, I am grateful for how great this festival went. Even though we ran late, we got out of the building before our hard curfew of 11 pm. At the after party I sat with two highlarious and I convinced them to do a New Year's style countdown for Easter... loudly in a bar. We thought it was great, folks wondered WTF we were doing, and when we screamed "Happy Easter!" I do believe we offended some dude who came up and said "You don't countdown to Easter!" I beg to differ. We just did. Blasphemers Unite! Wanna take a guess on if I make it to the Amanda Fucking Palmer show? Even I don't know!

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