Wrap up day.

Coffee. And lots of it. Then it's a whirlwind of trying to pull it all together over here at my pal's house by 5pm so I can go meet up with folks to go to the Roseanne Cash show tonight. It's just a bunch of little loose ends. And then there will be a couple hours tomorrow to just get one more thing checked off the list. I'm glad I go to do this to throw a few dollars in the ol' checking acct. I think I am actually gonna be on the sched at the wee co-op over the next couple of weeks too. It's good to be feeling like I am eeking out a living as I get ready to go meet up with The Tour Manager Supreme. She has told me on multiple occasions I am not getting paid enough. And somewhere in between that and hearing the words spoken to me late last year about thrive vs. survive, I know that I just need to keep pushing.


Anonymous said...

You probably mean Rosanne Cash but are spelling challenged. Just FYI, she's not too fond of people misspelling her name, more like tired of it. You mind not find it cute if your name was continuously spelled wrong.

Tour Wonk said...

I caught myself doing that same misspelling over and over... it was just an typing pattern thing. Thanks for pointing it out!