Always a good reminder.

Funny how expectations commonly tend to cause upset. My upset today is not huge, but I am aware of how my expectations of touring in July were something I was looking forward to.

It's not gonna happen... and know what? While I am disappointed I don't get to be on a run when my pal Anson is with the band, this means I get to have my 50th birthday with a chosen group instead of being out there working. So it's gonna be ok.

The sad part is, it should probably happen, or at least start in Tucson so The Mother Unit can partake. It can go forward from there. And since the bday is on a Wed, that makes it interesting too.

But seriously.... 50!

My time in Silver City had me thinking about getting older, and what might be next after tour managing. Conversations with people there were fresh and big-hearted with lots of happiness throughout. It's an older population kinda like Bisbee, but it's a bigger town with a college so it has a few more businesses and more people from all over.

No, I am not moving to Silver City, but I can see being in partnership with some of the folks there to try and get a viable route for musicians/shows/performers.

I did talk to a nice guy who danced the entire time the band played and he told me about how he was re-doing houses there and making money. Kinda like me re-doing cars, but on a bigger scale. He had a calm gentle way about him. As lots of the folks we hung out with up there did... and it turns out he was from Santa Barbara CA and chose Silver City because of it's good climate and easy lifestyle away from the rat race. It's just like how I feel about Bisbee. I just need some opportunity. Maybe the feedback I got from an intuitive friend saying I needed to create what I want in Bisbee is valid. Instead of saying there is no opportunity there for me, I need to truly create it. Should be interesting.

Only 2 more shows for this run Flagstaff and Wichita.  Then it's off to ABQ for a couple days with Dave Eggar. And that will be interesting for sure! Then, it looks like I am home for most of the summer!


Maybe I can get some small shows thru town in the meantime. Maybe I need a bday show in Bisbee for my 50th?  Hmmm.....

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