Third World Problem...

This hot tub is DEFINITELY not heating up fast enough!


The band did a killer show in Tacoma today, and we have another here in Tacoma tomorrow as well. None of my Seattle pals are around or available so I will take in the luxury of our accommodations.  This means a hot tub. And a waterfront view..

We are staying at The Wurlizter Manor in Gig Harbor. And by all accounts so far it's grand. And we haven't even seen the Wurlitzer yet! That's tomorrow..

I was a total hammer today. Making the guys get up early, rolling breakfast, and getting into town a full hour early. I wanted time to decompress. I dragged myself away from Cathryn and we got into Tacoma for the show at Blues Vespers with loads of room to relax, and load in and with a little traffuck to boot.  Good day.

Now if only that hot tub would heat up..

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