May look like a cluster fuck, but..

This is a reconfigured kitchen area for me.. It took me the better part of the afternoon to move things (including the stove) and different rolling cabinet thingies. For a small house I have a remarkable amount of large things on wheels. I feel good about where things are and I have a couple more hours of stuff to do to get things put back and tidy. I washed everything including all the pots, and plates as well as the walls. I was a slow moving tornado of "make it different" today. I do like to deep clean after I get back from a longer away time. This project was the perfect thing for today. Now after this I am gonna do some tackling of bathroom beautification on the shoestring budget. The need for a new toilet has me wanting to do more than just the minimum. I have done nothing in there since I moved in.  I have a week and a half before I pop over to Nashville for The Blackberry Jam.

Day 4 of the cleanse... I am still standing. 

Looks like I am cleaning my house and my gizzards at the same time.

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