No Clue.


I have absolutely no clue what I am walking into for this trip to ABQ.  No. Clue. Whatesoever.

And yet, I'll be packing and flying off later today.  I guess it's about flying towards creative energy. Dave Eggar definitely has that. And a film festival environment is creative as well... There is little other information given to me. But I am a trusting person. Sometimes that is a foolish decision, but I think this quick trip will be a nice reunion with Dave after about a year and a half of not seeing him, and a chance to hopefully help out on whatever it is he wanted my energy there for.

There is little doubt that this Dave Eggar is a brilliant mo' fo'... and it is sweet that he called. So I will look for tearful reunions with him and another pal who is living in ABQ (a quick bfast tomorrow..) and some slightly cooler weather with temps in the low 90's.

All else after that?

I have no clue.

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