Brewery Gulch, Bisbee AZ.

Strolling up The Gulch last night with my pal Ben last night and the Mimosa Market just looked so sweet... I had to snap a pic. I don't get up there too often. Working at a co-op makes the need for shopping a bunch easier in general.

I am enjoying being back at the co-op... I take great pride in making it neat and orderly. I am super focused on doing everything in my path around the store, and am also enjoying my time being closer to home to battle "Big Damn Bug Season" here in Tiny Town. Beetles and spiders so far, no centipedes or scorpions yet.. and those fucking wasps flying in the house have not been seen since the two I killed a couple days ago.

 House wasps. Just say NO!

I am getting ready to clean the sleeping loft for my pal Cathryn to come stay for a few.. that should be a fun visit. Good food, good company. I'll take it.

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