Rainy Days and Fridays.

I can honestly say that after all these years in Tiny Town, I have not been in Bisbee for a full monsoon season.. ever.

Until now.

 I am here.. daily.. loving the cooler temperatures, the sound of thunder, and fully appreciating how stunningly green the desert is and how lush it is in this area. While Seattle strings together a record number of 90 plus degree days, Bisbee is the best kept climate secret in these parts. Yes, it's cold in the winter... usually. And yes, my DAWN dish soap does freeze nearly every year inside my kitchen under my sink.  But.. it wouldn't be nearly as miserable cold in the house if I heated my house overnight to a degree instead of turning off the heat and the water, while I stay warm sleeping under an electric blanket.

Bisbee is doing ok by me these days.

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