After a couple days laying low with a scratched eyeball, I finally was able to get out and get the supplies to make some kapama. I'll have it on the stove for another couple hours. It's all in
preparation for my 50th bday dinner with my mom up in The Baked Pueblo this week. 

50.  Wow. Ok. 

The day is planned with a massage, then I should be grabbing The Mother Unit and my Baked Pueblo Bestie, Elizabeth and taking them to a movie. A day with my posse. A true reason to celebrate being with two of the most important people in my world. 

And the kapama? It's 90% organic and local ingredients. That is way different than the origins of this very sacred ( to me ) recipe. 

The one thing that'll still need to be trashy is the sprinkle cheese. My godmother Irene always used the trashy sprinkle cheese. I do it to honor her as well.. She is always with me in my heart when kapama is cooking or being served. 

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