T.V. 911!

Judas Priest!

I got a sad call that had The Mother Unit telling me her television had died... this is akin to losing a beloved family member in her world. The hierarchy of the family is The Mother Unit, her dog, then me then the t.v... then everyone else.

I knew this meant I was going to be making an unscheduled trip to The Baked Pueblo on Sunday. I held true to my brunch invite, the weather held , and I got to one of my favorite pawn shops in Tucson 3 minutes before they closed. Scored a nice Vizio HDTV thingy and talked the dude down in the process. I felt pretty good about myself till I showed up, plugged shit in and there was...

No. Sound.


Lot's of profanity, frustration, and general dismay. I finally fidgeted with it enough to find sound by putting the t.v. on channel 3.


Not having t.v. for a few (10 plus) years with cable has left me downright stupid on things like that. But we got it, and the crisis has been averted. Thank you Sweet Jeebus!

And I can pretty much guarantee I just spent about 300-400 less than if I had gone to Costco. Now that it's all setup, and there is sound, and The Mother Unit is happily channel surfing again, I will pat myself on the back, finish my watermelon Eegee and thank my lucky stars the damn thing works!

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