I must say...
The few weeks since my 50th have been good ones. And now today, on August 14th 2015... I am 28 years clean and sober. Holy shit! I am very aware of how beautiful my life is with the huge component of recovery in it.

And I wouldn't be here without it.

I have pushed and shoved my way into tour managing, I have traveled to many parts of the world, I have listened to music that has made me cry, and then there is the community that surrounds me that stretches all over the US and beyond. Yeah... that's some gratitude.

Though there isn't much touring on deck, I did just book my flight for my run with Dave Eggar in October. And it looks like I have a porch meeting with The One and Only K.K. on August 31st to discuss a possible trip to belatedly celebrate turning half a century. It's just kinda sweet in general.

The birthday started the sweet gratitude that is just building more with things like having The Mother Unit doing good, my super hilarious and loyal pal Elizabeth, Cathryn's visit, Sunday brunches at Poco, Monday night dinners in Mexico, and so much more.

The hole that is usually there with no touring is being filled with what is right here, right now. I'm sure the missing will return. But for right now, I am gonna bask in my One Day At A Time accomplishment.

Twenty Eight Mother Fucking Years!

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