Time with My True Soulmate.

Love... It's a crazy thing. And when you have loved one for so long, it's always interesting when you come back together. Today proved to be a day of seeing my oldest love on the planet.

 The Williams High Speed Pinball Machine.

I have played this luscious machine for nearly 30 years. That she resides in Tucson at the fabulous D and D Pinball off of 4th Avenue is a real gift to me. I get there when I can. She and I didn't really get along too well today, but she always welcomes me back for more. I like that.

She is pretty, but getting a little worn down. But I love her unconditionally. And I always will.

I did much better having a moment with The AC/DC machine and then The Walking Dead Machine. Me and High Speed had a day where we really didn't jive. And that's ok. Because I am looking for the grey areas and looking for what's next for me to get my energy into. It's not always gonna be all multi-ball madness. What a great way to look at life!

I get K.K. for the quickest visit ever and after that it's all about me and The Mother Unit and work. Ok, maybe not entirely that small of a world. Maybe I'll throw in a little Dia De Los Muertos Fashion Show on Saturday to make things muy caliente!

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