The new guy.

We got a new guy at the wee co-op. He has a bunch of experience in co-op stuff, and I am super happy to report that he is a hard working decent guy!

I hope he works out, because he is the kind of guy who really has seen some time in the trenches, and he could help the store do things better. Fingers crossed on that one!

My pal Cathryn is still here in AZ. She is bouncing back and forth between Tiny Town and The Baked Pueblo. It's been really sweet to have her around.. not only for the chats and laughs, but making salads, or goat chorizo and sweet potato concoctions for dinner.

This visit has been super special for me. It's helping me to understand/accept/let go of a bunch of the things that have had me a little anxious. As my tour managing calendar stays virtually empty, and I am usually freaking the fuck out by now... I am willing to just be here in the moment and be grateful for what I have, who is in my life, and know that whatever is in store, I will have a fun level head for it when it appears.

At least that is the intent... if "whatever is next" waits too long, holy crap, I could be an over-caffeinated mess by the time I need to step up!

So yeah... still true to form over here.

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