Bisbee Film Festival.

I took the day off at work to meet with the U of A Hansen Film Institute folks down here in Bisbee yesterday. I am being contracted to work with them as one of the people on the ground  here in Tiny Town. The Film Fest last year ended up in a bit of chaos and was kinda controversial and while I stay away from drama, I do really want to help out with this. I want to put a positive local face and motion forward for something that I think can bring good artistic energy to our town. Anything we can do to have more open-minded thinkers and creators here is a very good thing.

And now... at 5:38 in the morning.. I am downing the last of the morning jitter juice in preparations of leaving for work. I have plans to bring The Mother Unit some food after work,and I have a bday gathering with my pal Tania that concludes with some pinball. All good to get me relaxed and happy for my meeting with the lawyer tomorrow...

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