Casting a wide net.

In keeping with all of the good energy over here, I have made a point to put my intentions to do music stuff out there. I am not content with just working at the co-op.  I have put myself out there and even had a text chat with the Tour Manager Supreme! I will get to see her in November when she comes through with Patty Griffin. That brings me big joy!

I have a curious number of musicians calling me to get a gig in Bisbee and that fits the bill with doing music too. I think I am gonna have a few good shows to promote around here soon! Maybe the word is getting out for real? I am still working on getting a space to do music in.. that net is getting cast in a few directions to see if I can catch something. Fingers crossed on that.

All I know is I am going hard and fast with keeping it all together in a good way. Time with The Mother Unit, time walking and eating better, time with friends, and actually getting out and about to see and do things in town have proven to be just what I need right now.

I gotta say, 50 feels damn good today. But that's really just a function of playing all out and being present with people.

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