Did you realize that New Years has already passed?


If you are a Pastafarian (Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster), you celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day on September 19th which is our Christmas. Then, the week after is the New Year's. So, I celebrated the New Year by going to bed early to be rested for work... no big change from my usual NYE stuff anymore.

And there was the Blood Moon last night, and Mercury is in retrograde.. all I know is I lost my birthday check from The Mother Unit (fuuuuuuck!!) and things are a lil' screwy, but I am ok! The wee house is still disemboweled from the search for the check, and The Mother Unit is making herself wonky over it.. but well... shit... it sucks. But I am just gonna hold my head up and move forward.

I can't blame anything or anyone. I just need to keep looking in between workdays and the things in front of me. That includes maintaining my sanity and being good to myself by connecting with people, eating well, and getting exercise walking all over this here Tiny Town. I think some new shoes are in order for all the walking. Gotta take care of the peds. It really is the little things.

I have a meeting tonight to solidify a venue for the fantastic band,  Run Boy Run to play down here in Bisbee. This is a band I have longed to present them here and it looks like it's gonna happen. This brings me joy. More music please.

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