It's always there.

You know how your past is always kinda "just there" waiting to creep in and reming you of all the bad and dumb things you did? Well, last summer I had my past come up in a big way in the form of travel to Canada with my drink driving stuff that was on my record from back in 1987.  That was not what caused me to not finish that ill-fated tour with that female artist... but it was an issue. I have been to Canada 4 times in the last 10 years and have never been turned back. Last year had me aware that if I wanted to tour manage on any kind of a larger scale, I needed to get a court to file paperwork admonishing me of past dastardly drunken deeds.

I have an appointment with a lawyer on Thursday to start proceedings to set aside all of my legal stuff and get paperwork to prove it, which will be the appropriate paperwork for me to have should a bigger artist/tour want me to work with them.

Acting as if over here.

I gotta just keep doing the next right thing. I may have next to nothing on my schedule now, but maybe that is happening because I needed to be open to/for what's next! I am gonna keep my positive joo joo flowing and just plug away. I have a feeling that the next couple months are really gonna fly by and next thing you know it'll be frozen Dawn dish soap and time for fleece pullovers and scarves.

It was a perfect night as I walked up and over Clawson St and down through town and back to the wee house. Got to scratch and hug a couple sweet dog friends of mine... ( damn, I need a dog) there was a light breeze, not humid, not hot, and the town was all a buzz with the Bisbee Blues Festival at City Park. Looked packed out and that is damn good news for our town. Having that many people around means the business owners should be generating some revenue!

I have been rocking the entire evening thru ipod/earbuds since the walk and beyond. I guess that cooking dinner with no 'sound of sizzle' was not the best idea as I did over crisp some sweet potatoes in a pan, but they were still delicious. 

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes things clear out on our schedule because we need space to work on ourselves and our own things. I know what you mean about travel to Canada. I once couldn't get to the Edmonton Folk Festival because I was traveling with some who had a DUI on their driving record. It's a good thing to get get taken care of.