Oh Friday..

The time in The Baked Pueblo was forward moving. Productivity was on the table for sure. The dinner meet-up with my pal Tania super fun and a heart felt connect. The time with The Mother Unit was marred with a couple of dry tacos I picked up (dammit!) but I am always happy when she is holding kinda steady and in good spirits. I grabbed some repurposed insulating material I had been holding onto and brought it down to Tiny Town as I have a buddy who is gonna jump under the wee house and tack it up as a vapor barrier. I have 4 large garbage bags full of this stuff and I have wanted this done for 3 plus years. Finally! Yes!

And the meeting with the lawyer moved 'the wreckage of my past' seemingly a little closer to the past. It'll be a process, but it's officially begun and I feel like I am doing a good thing for my future.  The future is looking like it's getting an infusion of fun here in Bisbee... I have my pals Tanja and Brian moving over here from Sierra Vista, and there is a possibility my bestie Elizabeth and her hubby will move this way too.

I highly recommend being here for a bunch of reasons. But you never know how folks are really gonna be able to adjust. And the job situation is always precarious. Commuting to Sierra Vista is a bummer, but coming after work home to Bisbee is a treat. Always.

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