I always pay attention when Mercury does it's chaos dance.

 And maybe that's one of the contributing things that had the check go missing. I found the check... but it was more likely the clutter on my desk, the distraction of visitors and having too much in my brain at the time. That check was tucked away in my advancing book alongside a bunch of Dave Eggar info. Now still waiting on word if I can deposit it or if I need to wait 3 months.

At least it's been found and nobody else is enjoying my 50th Birthday Extravaganza!

 I am working hard to earn and save. I have approached my soon to be fellow Bisbee resident (and bestie) Elizabeth about opening up a wee shop with some of our treasures we have collected. Since we both have an eye for cool stuff, it could go over well. And if it did, she would have income and so would I and maybe if it really took off, I could stay in Bisbee more and not have to drive to Sierra Vista as often for work at the co-op.

I have decided that bringing money in again is ok, so I gotta let that joo joo flow.

I'd buy cool shit from this lady.

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