Rain and fall weather for a day.

We are getting a little bit of that rain.. should clear up by tomorrow for the big Customer Appreciation Day Party shindig. I hope so, I have straw bales to lug out there and they are heavy enough without getting wet!

I am falling behind on all the things I have to do... but I am glad I put off flyering the town with Run Boy Run posters with this weather. I will do it tomorrow after work. I think I have a houseguest coming down for Halloweenus... and I sure hope he can deal with just clean sheets and not a lot of house primping. I have not had the time or gumption to make the house shine. Plus, I think I have to do a major revamp in the tiny house because I think I have a big piece moving in.

I have made payment arrangements to get my soulmate.. the Williams High Speed machine, sold to me by D and D pinball in Tucson. In my 50th year,  so much good has happened. And I have been showered with love by so many of my friends... and this machine has been my soulmate for about 30 years. She needs some love too..

Holy. Shit.

The only place it can go is in the kitchen.. which means the kitchen giant desk has to go... which means I have a bunch of stuff to make go away (to The Mother Unit's casa) and a major adjustment to all of that. It won't happen immediately as I have a bit of money to come up with, but it's actually very well priced, and I happen to know it's never been in better condition.  I play it almost every month and sometimes I play it several times a month. And once it gets here, I will be giving myself carpal tunnel in about 2 weeks and staying up late with this thing and having coffee and pinball mornings with music and sheer joy!

I cannot wait!

I guess this means I need to get some longer hours at the job.. because I tell ya what... I really do need this kind of joy. I can feel the excitement already!

Maybe I should consider the promotion they just offered me? Hmmm....

Nah. Then I'd be tied to the place. That can't be good. And it would squash my goodness. I love the job... I just don't wanna be there 40-50 hours a week. Actually, 3 ten hour shifts sounds kinda perfect. I gotta work on that.

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