Super Fall.

The leaves aren't hitting the ground.
The colors haven't really shifted yet.
And this morning there is a cool breeze blowing through the tiny house causing the canoe lamp to twist and turn and the fabric on the front window to billow a touch. It's overcast for now..

I have the Annie Lennox video on, and it's paired perfectly with the morning coffee ritual. My pal, The One... The Only... Gretchen Baer is coming by this morning to scoop me up to take me to Mexico to do some Border Bedazzling with the United World College folks. Should be a blast! I love watching Gretchen paint. I love watching art in motion. I am spiritually uplifted when I get to see painting or music created. Just a fact.

I'm feeling the time pinch though... with the upcoming trip. I put a fair amount on my plate and I will be spending Monday on the phone and sending emails to get details for things needed before mid month. But for this very moment.. it's coffee and Annie Lennox.

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