And then? A mere 28 years after my drunk driving stuff happened.. I had all of my convictions set aside. Legally and officially.

I thought it would be all about being able to tour across Canadian and other international borders when I initially took on cleaning that up. And it turns out that since I have nobody using me as a tour manager these days it's just about cleaning up the wreckage of my past. I can honestly say I am quite pleased and proud of my sweet day.

Tour managing seems to be not where the opportunities are coming from for me. Which seems a little sad as I am quite good at it and I have really evolved into a good human being. It's the music world's loss that I am not being utilized in the job I live with all my heart, but there must be something out there bigger and better for me that I can't see. And so I can just hold my head a little higher and say I am ready for whatever the hell it is I am supposed to be doing to show up so I can kick some ass.

Damn good day!

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