Foodie Pressure!


Literally with cob webs on my fingers from just having reached behind a speaker to jiggle a wire, I am here to tell you that the pie was a decent little morsel.  The rest of the meal I had only time crunch stress over.

I made it to The Mother Unit's a wee bit later than planned, and our meal was tasty but the time for visiting was limited.  I got the ultimate compliment from her mid-meal which is,"Good." My heart was happy.  As soon as I finished the dishes and sat down, I looked at my phone and there was a text from my next stop asking what my e.t.a was.

Shit. No rest for the overbooked.

I arrived to see my dear friend Ashley home for the holiday from Bowling Green KY, her wife (my massage therapist) Tania, who is so happy to have Ashley home.. and a house full of gorgeous gay men!


But there is also foodie pressure if those guys are cooking. You know what I'm taking about. It's gonna look good... and taste faaaaabulous! I agonized over how I should have made my own crust for my pie like substance. I guess I do not like to fail. As much as I tell myself I will learn from these things, the truth is I want to do it right. Whatever it is.

I nibbled a couple dinner type things but no full plate for me as I had just eaten. Then we all took a nice long walk which was great! As the group wandered back for pie time, I tried not to worry about my shortcomings as a non-baker. And everyone I had just met was now my new fave guy, and it was all going so well.

But that fucking pie! It had me worried! I made one last disclaimer... and they all dug in. I waited. And they all said it was terrific!

Whaaaaat? Even with a crust from Food City?

I am not gonna go all pie crazy and start trying to make the perfect crust etc. But I was up against gay boy sweet potato pies as well as gay boy homemade pumpkin. I held my own.. and was home and cleaning the house till 11:30.

Good day.

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