Here come "The Feels" on this lovely Monday.

House is kinda clean.

Laundry is pretty much done.

Packing for Chicago in a few.

And what I have now is a sense of gratitude mixed with a touch of longing.  I can hear the phrase (and song from Ray Lamontagne) "Be Here Now" in my head.

I gots me a case of The Feels.  Wanting just a bit more of a couple things and yet so aware of how fortunate I am  in this moment.

I. Am. So. Human.

So lucky to be here in Bisbee on this bright sunny morning to do all of the next right things. That is about as present as I can get.

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Anonymous said...

If you're headed for Chicago hope you make it to the Susan Werner show at City winery on Friday. I have a ticket you can use if you need one.